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Asda Tiger Anti-bacterial Cat Litter

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2014 14:04
      Very helpful


      • "Everything really!"


      • "None really!"

      Good enough for my little tigress!

      The one thing I buy weekly is cat litter for my lovely but rather stinky in the loo department cat, Myrtle. I chop and change what I buy and use often due to price and offers and the suchlike.

      The other week I was in Asda and remembered that I really needed some cat litter before we ran out. Myrtle is incredibly fussy and the toilet (she has a proper portaloo) really can't have any poo in it and she really doesn't appreciate damp paws (neither do my floors!) so as you can imagine we do get through an awful lot of the stuff!

      The Packaging:

      This cat litter comes in a light cardboard bag with white handles and basically its mainly a blue coloured bag and on that we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and there is a picture of a cat on there and a small picture of the cat litter and we are told that it is 8 Litres in size and then on the back of it we are told a bit about the product and so on and contact details for Asda are clearly given.This isn't a resealable bag but then saying that many bags that contain product such as this are not so I simply fold over the section I have opened and clip it with a freezer bag to try stop the cat litter leaking out!

      The Cat Litter Itself:

      Well the cat little itself is what it is, small little pieces of what I think is clay and grey in colour with little blue bits of that also scattered throughout it. It pours easily out of the bag and I was impressed that it wasn't all that dusty though some dust was in the air of course.

      It has no scent to it and as soon as I changed Myrtys cat litter tray she used it (this is usual) and she seemed quite happy to do so. As she came out of the cat loo, as usual a bit of litter was on her paws and left on my carpet but hey like I say this is usual!

      >So Myrtles been quite happily using it but what do I think?

      Well I've been rather pleased with it. I spot check her loo every day, removing poop as soon as I see it and if anywhere ever gets saturated I use a scoop and get rid of it and top it back up till the whole thing needs cleaning. I do find this when this gets wet that it does get really clumpy and hard to get out of the her loo but again I can't really moan about that cos even the rather expensive cat litters that I have used in the past that promise not to do that....usually do!

      What I did find with this is that it was absorbent and that it didn't smell as bad when I cleaned it out as usual. For me the smell in the loo is never apparent though. Myrtle has a door and a lid anyway plus a filter in her toilet that gets rid of the odour to my nasal passages but of course that doesn't help Myrtle if its smelly in there and I noticed that she got more use out of a tray of this than a lot of other cat litters I have used, in fact we got almost to a week without a full change when usually I have to change it fully every 3 days.

      All in all I am pleased with this and with the amount of time it lasts us making it rather economical for us. I don't like to think of my precious girl having to go do her business in a stinky toilet and this, I feel does help so yep we will be buying this again in the future without a shadow of a doubt!

      Only available from Asda stores costing £3.18 a bag.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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