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Bluesmurf Cat Tree Satellite

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Brand: Bluesmurf / Type: Cat Equipment

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2012 17:08
      Very helpful



      There are better options available

      Firstly please note that the picture Dooyoo has above has absolutely nothing to do with this product! I requested this cat activity centre to be added to the catalogue and for some reason that is the picture that has appeared. So just to clarify, this review is concerning the Satellite Cat Tree/Activity Centre.

      ==Why did I buy it?==
      As soon as I knew I was getting a kitten I knew he would need an activity centre to keep him entertained. For those of you who are unsure an activity centre usually is a large cat toy which includes boxes to sleep in, scratching posts and the occasional toy.

      Well as soon as I began looking at the activity centres online I knew which one my boy had to have - The Count Catula Castle. Trouble was, the RRP was £399 and although I could find it for £149.99 this was still a little out of my price range considering I am not currently working due to illness.

      I found a few very reasonably priced centres for around the £50 mark but we ended up with the baby boy more quickly than imagined so we then of course ended up spending lots of money on the here and now! To tide him over until I had some extra cash I decided to get him a smaller one, after all he was only a baby so he didn't need a huge one just yet.

      After looking around online I decided to purchase the Satellite Activity Centre. I bought it from That's my Style where it is priced at around £27 but it can be found elsewhere online and it is usually around this price.

      ==So what do I get?==
      The activity centre consists of a cube box which has a circular hole cut into the front as a sort of hideout. On top of this there is a scratching pole and either side of this there are two scratching boards tilting diagonally from the edge of the box to the top of the scratching pole. On top of the scratching pole there is a ring with a dangling pom pom. The centre is around 3 foot in height and a foot both wide and deep. Therefore it is not a huge activity centre but for the price it is a decent size I think.

      Of course you have to put the centre together yourself which to be honest is a little bit difficult when you have an excitable kitten around your feet who doesn't understand it needs to be put together, he just wants to play!

      It is relatively simple to put together, all the screws are provided so you just need a phillips screwdriver. I was doing it and getting on just fine but when my partner got home I decided he could do the rest as I do find putting things together boring after 5 minutes!  It took around half an hour to put together but this was with Dukes help so I imagine it would take considerably less time without his assistance.  

      The first things Duke wanted to use were the scratching pole and boards. He enjoyed using these and then he began to bat the pom pom around in the ring at the top.

      He has always been a little wary of the 'cave', I'm not sure why, I think he likes to have more than one escape route because he won't go in his special sleeping bag I bought him either, however he is quite happy to nap in his tunnel.

      The cave is a good size and it is around a foot square. Recently Duke has slept in it a few times and he fits in it just fine. I imagine most cats would be ok in here but I can tell this time next year there's no way Duke will fit as being a persian cross he is already turning out to be big! The inside of the cave is done out in a chocolate coloured faux fur which makes it lovely and dark and cosy.

      The outside of the activity centre is a tan colour and also is all covered in faux fur (apart from the scratching boards/pole). There is enough room on top of the box for Duke to sit and scratch or bat the pom pom.

      One of his favourite things to do is jump through the hoop at the top! He also likes to chill out there for a few minutes sometimes!

      Duke enjoys his centre and he does use it daily for scratching. However, its certainly not one of his favourite toys but to be fair he is beginning to get a little big for it now (he will be getting a new one as soon as I hit the £40 amazon voucher mark - sadly I don't think I can afford Count Catula :'( ).

      Sizewise I think this is perfect for kittens and would be fine for smaller cats who don't necessarily want something that they can climb up and go in etc.

      ==So has Duke managed to destroy it?==
      Yes and no! It is still an activity centre but it does require some maintenance. The pom pom fell off after a few weeks of having it, then a scratching board became loose at one end and the ring at the top worked itself loose. Therefore I have needed to regularly repair it!

      ==Does Duke recommend it?==
      I think Duke would recommend this for kittens and smaller cats who don't want an all singing and all dancing centre.

      He especially likes the scratching aspect and he likes the fact that there are three to choose from. The ring is also a firm favourite which is nice as you don't often see these on activity centres.

      ==Do I recommend it?==
      For the price I would suggest spending a little more and getting something a bit more substantial. This is simply because we have had this three months and already he needs a new one because he's getting a bit big.

      I also don't think it is a brilliant quality and really with kitties around you don't want the risk of loose screws etc.

      However, Duke does like it and it goes nicely with my decor(!) So I think its ok. I'm undecided if I would recommend it because of the quality but it is a good option for a first activity centre.

      A reasonably priced centre which is a good option to begin with if you are unsure if your cat would like an activity centre. However, it is of quite poor quality and as a result of this it will need maintenance.


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