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Bob Martin Clumping Cat Litter

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Brand: Bob Martin / Animals Equipment Type: Cat Equipment

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2012 12:12
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      A good quality cat litter

      I absolutely adore my cat and to me nothing is too good for him which is just as well because he is incredibly fussy and turns his nose up at loads of things. One thing which he is particularly fussy over is his cat litter tray which has to be cleaned daily or he won't use it. He is also particular with which type of cat litter he will use and some that I have bought he will just refuse to enter the tray and instead will do his business elsewhere. As you can imagine this freaks me out a little so I am always on the lookout for some magical litter which will help absorb and stop smells all whilst making sure that Dashiel will actually use it.

      I bought this Bob Martin clumping litter from an online pet shop whilst browsing one day. It caught my eye as there were a few positive reviews on it. It was quite expensive in comparison with the cat litter I normally buy but it did come in a big 20ltrs bag so in the end it did work out quite good value for money. The price I paid for it was £8.99 though apparently this was a special offer and its usual price would be £9.99.

      When the litter arrived and I used it for the first time I noticed straight away that it wasn't as dusty as some of the other litter I have used and once I had poured some in it settled down almost straight away without letting off a cloud of dust.
      The next thing I noticed was that it is actually lightly scented which I could smell within seconds of pouring it in the tray. This initially worried me as I know how fussy Dashiel is and I thought I would have problems with him using it once he got a whiff of the perfume. Luckily the smell of the litter didn't seem to bother him and I even noticed him sniffing it a few times as if he actually enjoyed the smell.

      As to how well the litter worked I thought it did quite a reasonable job. The litter clumps around the pee so it makes it easier to remove. I have bought clumping litter before and wasn't very impressed with it but this was much better and actually only clumped where the pee was as opposed to just forming a massive clump. This meant that I could just remove the peed on litter and leave the fresh stuff that was surrounding it. Dashiel didn't seem to have a problem with using this litter again and I actually got away without having to completely change the litter for nearly 3 days before he took a strop and refused to use it.

      I also liked the fact that the litter contains anti-bacterial qualities in it which help to kill any germs which from a litter tray you can imagine there would be a few. I am weary on using chemicals when it comes to Dashiel as I always imagine that the pet industry isn't held up to the same standards as products for humans would be and I don't want to be unknowingly poisoning him. The anti-bacterial agents in this have been approved by some EU regulatory body so I felt a little better about using something with chemicals in his litter tray.

      The litter is also supposed to trap odours and for this again I think it did a good job. Because it is scented I could actually smell the scent when I went in the room and I didn't notice any particularly nasty odours escaping the tray though to be completely honest I am really good at removing any mess in the tray so horrible smells never really get a chance to build up.

      I found that I genuinely did use less of this litter than other cheaper brands I have used which was because the clumping action was so good it meant less waste and because the clumping action kept any mess away from the fresh litter it meant that it could last longer between changes so I think that in the end I probably saved money buying this.

      I only bought this litter the once as I tried to find something more natural that did just as good a job but as I have been unsuccessful in finding one that's just as good I am going to purchase some again.


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