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Cat Dangler Pole Bird

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Brand: Cat Dangler / Type: Cat Toys

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2012 08:44
      Very helpful



      Absolutely fantastic cat toy and well worth the price tag

      Spending time on online pet forums I had learned of a product called 'Da Bird' which seemed to be loved by cats and even cats who werent usually fussed by toys loved this as it imitates the sounds of a real bird. Duke likes just about any toy he has but he is always keen to get a few more but the cheapest I could find 'Da Bird' was for around £10 which currently I just dont have for what I saw as some feathers on a pole! However, I then saw that Zooplus did their own variety which I immediately thought wouldnt be as good but after hearing rave reviews from one person about it I decided to buy one when I next placed my order, I was even more pleased when I learned it was just £1.99 - if this was going to be a hit then it was an absolute bargain and if Duke isnt too fussed it was only a couple of pounds so it really didnt matter.

      So why choose this toy over any other dangle type toys? There are 3 reasons why these seem to be so popular with cats:
      1). The feathers and the way they are bound is designed to imitate a real bird
      2). The feathers imitate the sounds a real bird would make whilst flying
      3). The extra long dangle pole allows you to move the 'bird' in a more natural way

      Duke is quite fond of feathers and as soon as I started to get this out of the packet he was interested. It was already assembled and ready to go so we were playing within a couple of minutes.

      The dangle pole is around double the length of your standard cat dangle toy pole and it is slightly thinner yet still strong. This allows some flexibility in the movement of the 'bird' and therefore the 'bird' can 'fly' up and down at the same time as going round or along. At the end of the pole there is a long piece of elastic which holds onto the 'bird'. The elastic is around 50cm in length and is quite stretchy. This is fab for two reasons, firstly, it allows the 'bird' to dance about a bit more realistically and secondly it is safer for your fluffbaby as it provides less chance to get caught in it. There are then 3 long feathers attached to the end of the elastic. Ours are brown and purple with black speckles but I'm not sure if they come in other colours. It is just a 'you get what your sent' toy so you cannot pick colours but for the price I wouldnt expect to and the colours we have are fairly unisex anyway so me and Duke aren't worried.

      Duke loves to play with this and he plays both with me or on his own! I enjoy playing with him with this toy because it is much more realistic for him which satisfies his hunting instinct. In addition to this, it is a very simple toy to get to move about and attract the cats attention. You only need a slight flick of your wrist and the 'bird' is dancing about.

      Initially I did wonder how on earth it would sound like a real bird but I now know it is the way that the feathers are bonded - when these are moving it sounds like a bird is flying past, because of the proximity of the feathers to one another it sounds very realistic as a bird flying past the cats head which of course immediately grabs their attention and their instincts kick in making them want to catch the bird.

      I can easily play with Duke using this toy for half an hour. During this time I dont find myself getting bored, my hands and arms starting to ache or Duke getting bored. He loves to hide and then pounce out to catch it and you can see that he feels a real sense of achievement when he catches it.

      Duke does also play with this on his own! He often picks the feathers up in his mouth and either proceeds to bite and kick the 'bird' or he trots around with the 'bird' in his mouth and the pole dragging behind! This helps to highlight how light the pole is as he is only 6 months and he is quite comfortable dragging it around.

      We have had our 'bird' a few weeks now and it has probably been played with for around an hour a day most days. The feathers are beginning to look a little tired but they are still all being held in place well and it certainly doesnt look like it is going to start falling apart anytime soon.

      I am so pleased I found this product. Duke loves it and he enjoys playing with it which provides me with peace of mind as I know he has had a decent amount of exercise per day. It has a wonderful longevity and Duke definitely see's this as one of his favourite toys. For the price, if the feathers fall out I'm not at all worried but they dont look like they are going anywhere soon so I am absolutely satisfied with this product and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any cat owner, even if your pet isnt too keen on playing, this is more than likely to grab their attention.


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  • Product Details

    This cat dangler pole with feathers imitates the flight characteristics and sounds of your cat's prey especially long pole. Fun guaranteed!

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