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Cat Walk Cat Scratching Post

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Cat Walk / Type: Scratching Post

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    2 Reviews
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      09.10.2010 21:07
      Very helpful



      Excellent product

      I bought this scratching post for my cat about 18 months ago, and it is looking a bit worn now, but my cat loves it, I could never take it away from her! I bought it in pets at home for around £15, and it was already built up, so there was no need to put it together.

      The base of the scratching post is shaped like a paw, and attached to the top of the post is two toys on the end of string. One toy is just a ball, and the other one is a ball with some feathers attached to it. The first thing my cat does every morning is go straight to this scratching post, she uses it to have a good stretch on and to scratch her claws on. She uses this a good few times a day, it is something all cats must have!

      My cat used to try and scratch her claws on the carpets, the curtains and our sofa! She was plucking everything, which is why I bought her this. She has tried clawing the sofa a few times but I told her off and kept taking her to the post and she soon learnt that's what she should use! I haven't caught her trying to claw my sofa or carpets for over a year now, so I definitely recommend one of these if your cat does this.

      Our scratching post looks really worn now, as it is so plucked. I think I will treat her to a new one soon as this one now looks a mess! It is very good quality though, and it never tips over when she is using it. She loves playing with the toys, and sometimes she just likes to curl up and sleep on the base of it.

      I highly recommend this cat scratching post, it has lasted us 18 months so far and I will definitely be purchasing another one of these.


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        21.01.2010 11:58
        Very helpful



        I love the fact that my cats are now very active and are having lots of fun!!

        I have 2 cats who are usually very good and do not scratch the furniture but over the last few weeks both of them keep having a go at my sofa. I think they are doing this because neither of them have been going out much lately due to the cold weather so they are missing their hunts for mice and birds.

        I was in Pets at Home last week and decided to look for a scratching post for them.
        There was quite a good range of scratching posts but this one caught my eye which is made by Cat Walk, you have a choice of burgundy with cream or blue with cream we opted for burgundy.

        The scratching post was already assembled so once we got home we placed it in the corner of the room and waited for the cats to go and inspect it.

        The base of the scratching post is in a shape of a paw, it is brown in colour and has four little toe pads which are in burgundy it feels very soft and furry.
        The post has burgundy and cream rope which is made out of sisal it spirals up around the post until you get to the top which has a brown furry dome top.

        There are 2 toys toys which are balls, one is detachable the other is fixed to the post.
        The ball that is attached to the post has an elastic string, the ball is burgundy and brown and is made out of the same material as the paw base, there is catnip in this toy which my cats love.

        The other ball has a black plastic pole that you can remove from the post to play with your cat, it has a short chain and elastic which is attached to the ball. The ball has a mesh material which is white in colour with hints of silver and there is a rattle inside, at the bottom of the ball are some burgundy feathers which feel very soft.

        -What do I think?-

        My cats love this scratching post, in fact both of them have been trying to sleep right next to it so that the other does not get a go!

        One of the problems with the scratching post is if my cats are playing with the toys and they get very playful the post can fall over, this does not seem to bother my cats as they just carry on playing with the toys. Both Louie and Mayhem are quite big cats so they can easily get themselves out of the way if the scratching post falls over and it is not heavy enough to hurt them but if you have a kitten or a small cat I would keep an eye on them while they are playing with the post.

        The 2nd problem is Louie has nearly chewed through the elastic on the toy that is attached to the scratching post, sometimes I am sure Louie thinks he is a dog as he loves to chew things!

        We paid £11.99 for the scratching post which I think is quite reasonable as my cats have gone into kitten mode and are having a lot of fun and I am not telling them off for scratching at the furniture!

        40cm x 40cm x 50cm
        16" x 16 x20"


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