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Catit Design Senses Massage Centre

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Brand: Catit / Type: Cat Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2012 09:53
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      A risky buy. Great if your cats like it, a waste of money if they don't..

      Despite all three of my cats having very different personalities none of them are really interested in the conventional cat toy, dangle something in front of them and the only reaction you'll get is a look of disgust! I often struggle to find something in a pet store other than food I think my cats would appreciate but, due to the sheer amount I buy my dog (he likes his toys much more) I always try and bring them something home so I don't feel as though I've left them out. Recently I bought them this Catit Design Senses Message Centre from a local independent pet store where it cost £12. The product is also available on Amazon for a cheaper £9.95 and is sold on most online pet stores also in the region of £10.

      This is an interactive toy for your cats which features different textures which are supposed to appeal to cats senses and offer them a complete pampering experience. The massage centre is plastic and almost dome like in shape which features these different textures and each one aims to give a different pleasure to your cats.
      Around the 'dome' sits a thick grey rubber mat which is the acupressure mat and aims to give cats a pressure point paw message. On either side of the massage centre are these green thick plastic 'spikes' which are the body stroke groomers and will massage and groom your cat. Along the front are deep ridges cut into the white plastic are a ripple massager and provide massage to a cats head, neck and face. At the top of the centre is a little hole which should be filled with catnip to intensify the cats massage pleasure and sticking up out of this hole is green bit of thick, tough rubber. This rubber is the gum stimulator and should massage and clean teeth and gums.

      The fully assembled massage centre is (very) roughly about 30cm long so won't take up a great deal of space and it's easy enough to find an place for it which is easily accessible by your cat without getting in the way.
      In theory this seems like a great product and I was fairly confident at least one of my cats would really enjoy this. My oldest cat Ollie reacts quite strongly to cat nip and will often start rolling around the floor after consuming some. He's a big, fluffy ginger cat and frankly the picture on the front of the box this comes in (the same picture displayed here by Dooyoo) is just a spot on recreation of what Ollie is like after cat nip so I thought he'd start rolling around all over this massage centre rather than the floor.

      He didn't though. I wasn't expecting any of my cats to jump up and make use of this as soon as I bought it him so I simply put it next to their food bowl in the kitchen and waited for them to investigate on their own accord. It's been four weeks and they've yet to so much as look at the thing! As well as assembly instructions even though the centre is already fully assembled in the box, the message centre comes with a little pot of cat nip and I thought maybe this was the problem. I decided to use my own cat nip which I know my cats do enjoy, whilst the other two don't really react to cat nip they do still sniff and eat it.

      Whilst I'm sure cat nip is cat nip I thought maybe the supplied cat nip had been left in the box for too long and just lost its strength and appeal to cats. This didn't seem to make any difference either though! My youngest two continued to just completely ignore it whilst Ollie went over, took the cat nip and wondered off to have his little roll around on the living room carpet.

      I'm very close to just packing this away and seeing if one of my other cat owner friends can make use of it now as none of mine seem to be in the slightest bit interested. I've had a quick look on Amazon and it seems their customer reviews reflect the same thing. Many people have bought this to find their cats are just not bothered about it however many others have bought it and watched their cat(s) not leave the thing alone!

      The product does seem very sturdy and secure and the different features all look and sound useful and just a good idea really. If any of cats were interested I'd probably give it five starts but, unfortunately, they are not. This is just a bit of a risky purchase really. If your cats take to it then it's well worth the money and I think I would highly recommend it. If they don't then it's just a waste of money and, unless you can borrow one for somebody to find out, the only way you'll know if your cats will take to it is by buying it and possibly wasting money! Of course you could probably take an educated guess as to whether or not this would appeal to your cats but then, I was almost certain Ollie would love it and he still wasn't in the least bit interested!

      Just for the riskiness of it I'm going to give this three starts. It is a shame my cats were not interested as I really do think this is a great idea for a cat toy and I am a little tempted to purchase something else from the Catit Design Senses range to give them another go!


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        15.07.2012 00:21
        Very helpful



        A good idea

        I was keen for my kitten to have a lot of the more interactive style toys so that it was easy for him to keep himself amused. At the moment I am not in full time employment and instead I am trying to get my own business of the ground from home so I am in the majority of the time. However, I thought it was important that he should learn to entertain himself too so that when I do find a job, he will be okay on his own.

        What interested me in the more interactive style toys that was out of all the toys he had to come home to his favourite was definitely one with a ball that goes round a track on the outside and a mouse on a spring for him to hit. Its still one of his favourites now actually and hes led next to it, guarding it as we speak!

        I was interested in the catit range as this seemed to provide a vast range of different things for him. One day whilst browsing on ebay I came across a brand new catit massage centre. Its starting bid and postage was what I considered to be a reasonable £7.95 so I placed a bid and was very happy to hear that I had won it. I actually own the older version of this toy but it has all the same features, it just is a bit bigger and has different colours.

        The massage centre provides a place for your cat to pamper themselves. It is round in shape with the white base providing bumps for your cat to stand and pad on which provides pressure to their paws which is enjoyable and comforting for them. You then have body stroke groomers which are green in the picture but mine are actually blue. These are basically combs which allow your cat to groom themselves. You can pour catnip into the sides of these to attract them. You then have the ripple massager which is the large blue bit in the middle - designed to massage face, chin and neck. Finally, right in the middle there is a small, green gum stimulator which massages the cats teeth and helps to keep gums and teeth clean. Again, catnip can be poured around this to attract the cat.

        The product came in a large box and it is easy to snap all the bits together, it took me and my partner less than 5 minutes to do and that was even with the help of a certain young kitten thinking it was his job to knock the catnip that was supplied all over the floor and then go mad at the carpet!

        My kitten was interested in this but also quite cautious. He liked to stand on the base to get the pressure on his paws and he was also interested in the gum stimulator which he went mad for for around five minutes.

        We've had this toy for two weeks now and he's played with it twice! He will only play with this if somebody will sit down with him and keep showing him what to do. However, I have seen him have a bite on the gum stimulator a few times. The game is quite large, ours is probably about half a metre wide but the newer design looks smaller. Because of the size I do tend to put it away a lot of the time underneath the table and although he can get to it, its not something he tends to wander past too much so therefore he doesn't see it as often as he would if we had the space to keep it out all of the time. However, I do leave it out for him if I go out or I am busy and he doesn't seem to play too much but he is quite happy to if someone else sits down with him. To be honest, he has rather a lot of toys so maybe he just has a bit too much to choose from!

        When he does play, his favourite parts of the massage centre are definitely the gum stimulator as he gets to bite on it and also the catnip is attracting him to it and also he likes to pressure pads and he has fallen asleep on these before!

        I like the massage centre and think it's a shame he doesn't seem to be a big fan of it. However, he is still only a kitten (12 weeks tomorrow!) so maybe at this point he prefers to play with the more fast paced toys he has like his ball track and his tunnel etc. Also, he is happy to play if someone sits down with him so I don't know if he finds it a bit intimidating when he's left to his own devices as it is rather large.

        I still think that this product is well designed and is a good product which allows your cat to pamper themselves and take care of themselves. I especially like the idea of the gum stimulator which will assist in oral health which is important in cats.

        In terms of design, I definitely prefer the new version of this as it looks a bit more compact and I prefer the colours. The new version is currently selling on Amazon for £9.95 which I do think is a really good price for all that it offers.

        I stand by my initial thoughts that this was a good idea and I do think that my kitten will become less wary of it over time. I would recommend it, especially for older cats who are probably a bit less hyperactive and keen to constantly race about and play. I think it's a great idea as it allows your cats mood to improve after using it and there are four different things that he could do to keep himself amused.

        I am scoring it 3 out of 5, if my kitten was a bit more interested then it would have been 4 but I'm afraid the kitten isn't too particularly bothered about it so as it is a cat product, I think he should probably have the final say!


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    • Product Details

      Innovative cat toy with stimulates your cat's senses with catnip for special and intense moments of play

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