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Chomper Nautical Teaser Ball

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Brand: Chomper / Type: Cat Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2012 14:16
      Very helpful



      Unfortunatly Daisy and Layla wouldnt use it

      I often buy my 2 cats new toys either to replace ones they chewed or lost outside or just to stop them getting board, particularly Daisy my older cat who is 99% an indoor cat, through her own choice, she will only go out if the weather conditions are just right. I live quite near to a large Pets At Home store so often have a look in there, last time I went I picked up a dangly toy called a Nautical Teaser Ball which is basically a feather and ball on the end of a string which is attached to a pole, a bit like a fishing rod. They have had toys like this before and loved them.

      The toy is sold attached to a white card, it has Chomper written on the front which is the make. The front of the card also shows a picture of a cartoon cat and the caption "when the dogs away the cat will play". It also informs the customer that this toy contains catnip.

      The back of the card advises that this is not a chew toy and is for interactive use only, it also advises not to continue using this if its showing any signs of damage and that it isn't suitable for children.

      The toy is attached to the card with 2 little metal twists which can easily be removed.

      The actual Nautical Teaser Ball has a smooth wooden stick/handle which is 38cm's long, attached to the end is a piece of thin white cord which is approximately 67cm's, its nice and long keeping a good distance between an excited paw waving cat and your hands, attached to the end of this is a small ball done in blue and white spots and stripes and a red feather.

      As I mentioned I have bought several of this type of toy for Daisy and Layla and generally they enjoy playing with them, I usually wedge the stick in the banister or if I am in the garden just poke it in the ground, the cats love to dive at the feather or just pat it around like a type of mini swing ball, however for some reason they didn't like this one, I cant understand why. I've tried pulling it around for them, swinging it and wedging it in the usual places but they are just not interested, not even the catnip inside encourages them. I can only think that the little soft ball or feather on the end of the string has a strange smell to it that they don't like.

      As far as I can see there's nothing wrong with this toy but we've had it for a month now and it is still untouched with them preferring other toys. I cant actually recommend this Chomper cat toy, although its very similar to others they have had, and I cant see any reason why they wont play with it, but my girls seem to hate it.

      The 2 stars are for the quality of the toy and the price.


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