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Classica Cat Brush

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Brand: Classica / Type: Cat Brush / Grooming

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 12:02
      Very helpful



      One more for the collection

      A few weeks ago I popped into Focus to get some cat litter and noticed they had some new brushes in the pet accessories aisle. One that caught my eye was this Classica brush for cats. We have lots of different brushes and they all work differently and this particular kind with bristles are ones I usually have around more for improving circulation than removing loose hairs. The brush cost me £3.45.

      This brush has a rubber handle so it doesn't slip out of your hand while using it, the whole brush is about 7 inches long and the head is almost square so it covers quite alot of area as you use it. The bristles are described as soft on the packaging but to be honest they are actually very firm. I have a brush with soft bristles that my boys (cats) like to rub their cheeks on and this brush has much harder bristles than that.

      Classica state this removes loose hairs, is friction free and has a soft grip handle. The advice on the back is to groom twice weekly and to brush in the direction of the hair. My two actually rather like their fur brushed in the opposite direction too but this isn't the right kind of brush for that. The brush is suitable for short to medium coats and is definitely not one for long haired cats.

      This particular type of brush is actually not particularly good at removing loose hair, for that purpose you would need one where the bristles can get down into the fur and lift the loose hairs out, one with metal bristles would be better. However this kind of brush is good for improving circulation and taking bits of dead skin off the fur. It also helps to distribute your cat's natural oils through the coat.

      Once I got home I removed the packaging which is just a piece of card with plastic over the head. I first tried this on my lad who really likes the brush we have with very soft bristles, although this one can't be used for a cheeking session he did rather like just being smoothed over with this one. He enjoyed himself immensely but the brush didn't remove much loose hair. The little bit it did remove I cleaned out with a flea comb.

      Onto my next lad who has shorter fur but it's very dense. Surprisingly my other lad didn't like the brush and did the "lower the belly to the floor and walk away" technique to show me how much he didn't like it! I've tried it on him again since and he still doesn't like it one bit so I only use this brush for my other lad now.

      Overall it's a handy brush for just a massaging grooming session but not really for removing hair. If I want to remove hair I use a slicker brush with metal prongs as it lifts the loose hairs right out. In all fairness I didn't buy this for hair removal though and just to improve circulation and give one of my lads a bit of a smoothing session it works just fine. The brush can easily be washed as it's plastic and shouldn't take long to dry either. A 4 star rating from me as the claims that it will remove loose hair aren't strictly true but for my intention it works fine.


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