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Clean and Tidy Aristo Hooded Cat Litter Tray

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Clean and Tidy / Type: Cat Litter & Litter Boxes

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    4 Reviews
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      04.10.2011 10:14
      Very helpful
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      Worth spending the money but shop round as there's a vast difference in price on these products

      I first bought this hooded cat litter tray when I was living on my own in a very small house a couple of years ago, and the only place the cat's litter tray could be placed was in the corner of the living room. I decided that something had to be done because not only did the entire house smell of cat, but also it was very embarrassing if I had a friend round for tea and my cat decided that was the moment to come downstairs and have his daily bowel movement.

      I trotted off to Pets At Home to find a hooded litter tray which would give the cat more privacy, contain nasty smells and avoid myself and any visitors having to watch him doing his business. A lot of trays I had looked at prior to this cost in the region of £50, and as much as I love my cat, I just wasn't going to spend this on something he basically uses as a toilet.

      The first thing that drew me to this particular hooded litter tray was the price. In comparison to the others on the market, it was reasonably priced at around £20 (it is still available according to the Pets At Home website for £23). It was quite large, a bit larger than I expected but then I guess the cat is actually enclosed in it so the last thing you want is him getting stuck! It still fitted quite nicely under my stairs though despite the size.

      The tray is made from plastic and comes in different colours. Mine is green on the bottom half, and beige on the top half. It has a carry handle which makes it easier to pick up and move round, for example, when you're vaccuming. The lid clips onto the base with four clips, they're very easy to use and keep the unit secure. It can be quite cumbersome taking the lid off each time, especially as my cat's tray used to be stored under a spiral staircase and I used to have to bend down to clean his tray out. It's in a more spacious room now in his new house, so it's not really an issue.

      The tray has a cat flap style entrance, which I wasn't sure my cat would use to begin with as he's a bit of a scaredy cat (and not the smallest!). He's always been quite bright when it comes to toilet training though, so when I replaced his previous litter tray he soon figured out that this was his new toilet and jumped through the flap into the tray, without getting stuck or panicking.

      As the tray is enclosed, it minimises the mess made by my cat covering his business, as this used to get kicked all over the floor and then trampled across the living room in our old house! (I didn't used to invite many people round in those days). But now we only find a little bit of litter maybe when it's been stuck in his paws, so it's only the odd couple of pieces every now and then instead of half his toilet!

      This litter tray has a charcoal filter which minimises the smell coming from the tray. This is what the vent at the back is for, although I must admit I still know when he's been for a "number two" as the smell does hit if you walk past his tray. It's not as strong as it would be in a normal litter tray though, as the lid does a good job of enclosing the smell. Little warning for you - beware that the smell will hit you as soon as you remove the hood of the tray! I would never expect the smell to completely disappear, because at the end of the day, nothing is ever going to get rid of the smell as well as cleaning the tray, regardless of what litter tray or cat litter product you use on it.

      Overall this was a good buy, and a bargain compared to other products on the market. My cat has been using this tray for a couple of years now, and I've had absolutely no problems with it, the clips still function and the filter just needs changing occasionally. I would definitely recommend this if your cat's litter tray is going to be placed somewhere where privacy would be nice for you (and your cat!), or if the smell is likely to spread or linger in unwanted areas. Not many people are lucky enough to have a room specifically for their cat to urinate, so this is a good compromise when it has to be placed in commonly used areas.


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        30.03.2011 17:12
        Very helpful



        Well designed cat litter tray.

        As an owner of 3 cats I need to have a cat litter tray. My cats have an enclosed back garden but they only get to go into the garden when my husband or myself are at home. This is because 3 years ago I found a very tiny feral kitten at a railway station while waiting for a train. The kitten was very still and lifeless, it was not far from death.

        I emptied the contents of my handbag into a bin and put the kitten in my handbag. I then got on the train for the 1.5 hr journey home. Throughout the journey I dripped tiny drops of water into the kitten's mouth. As soon as I got off the train and into my car parked at the station I took the kitten straight to the vets.

        The kitten was only 4 weeks old. It was very dehydrated and covered with adult fleas. After a night on a drip and flea treatment I got to take the kitten home. Of course I had to keep this brave little kitten, I would not part with her for all the money in the world. We called her Ruby and with lots of tlc she recovered fully and grew into a lovely young cat. We live in the country so Ruby enjoyed the fields that surround our house and the many mice she caught from the fields.

        Sadly after only having Ruby for a few months I found her dead at the bottom of our drive, she was only 9 months old. I was devastated to say the least. My brave, beautiful little kitten was gone, ran over by some idiot in a car. I will never forget my very brave and very beautiful Ruby, she fought so hard for life to end up dead on the road.

        I was very depressed after what happened, my family were shocked at how depressed and ill I had become. I stopped getting dressed in the morning, stopped eating and stopped communicating. I was just so sad about Ruby.

        I came home one Saturday afternoon and my mum and husband were talking. They asked me to go into the conservatory, they had something for me. I was quite uninterested but went in to see what was going on. When I got there I found 2 British Shorthair Kittens, only 9 weeks old. Shocked was an understatement. I had 2 new kittens and they are truly wonderful, they have not and will never replace Ruby.

        I know have 3 British Shorthairs in total. The youngest, I only got her last year, I call Ruby, after my first lovely little Ruby, x

        Sorry about long story, back to the litter tray.

        The Litter Tray:
        I bought this litter tray at Pets at Home. It cost me £19.99 and I now see that the price has increased to £22.99. I have had the tray for 3 years, so the cost has increased about 12% in 3 years.

        The litter tray is made completely from hard plastic. The litter tray comes in two parts. One part is a large tray at the bottom of the product, this looks just like a normal cat litter tray. You then have the hooded part of this litter tray. This part looks a bit like a cat carrier. The hooded part clips on to the tray part with two hard plastic clips. Hence you now have a hooded cat litter tray.

        The bottom tray and the carry handle of the hooded part of the tray are coloured, and the rest of the tray is white. My litter tray is the red colour. It also comes in a blue colour and a brown colour.

        The tray measures 39 x 50 x 39cm. The tray is lightweight and only weighs 1.4kg, it does however get heavier when you fill it with cat litter.

        The litter tray has an opening at the front of the tray. The opening is for your cat to get in and out of the tray. The opening has a plastic flap, rather like a catflap. Your cat just needs to lightly push the flap to gain entry to the litter tray. If your cat really does not like the flap then you can remove it and just use the litter tray without the flap attached.

        The litter tray has a carry handle at the top of the tray. This is good to carry your tray outside to empty it. The litter tray also has a charcoal fillter at the top of the tray. This helps to cope with odour control. The filter is washable and you can buy replacement filters from Pets at Home.

        My Results:
        I am really happy with this litter tray. My 3 cats have all taken to it really well and I have no problem getting them to use it. My cats like the flap into the tray, it works well to give them some privacy when using the tray.

        The tray is very light because it is made completely from plastic. The tray is still portable when you fill it with cat litter, the carry handle helps you move the tray around.

        The tray holds about 3 large scoops of cat litter. The tray is easy to empty, you just unclip the hooded section of the litter tray and empty the used litter out of the tray. The tray is also very easy to clean, as before you just unclip the lid, empty the litter and wash out the tray.

        The charcoal filter works well to cope with the odour from the tray. The filter is easy to wash and when it is really worn out you can buy a replacement.

        The tray can be used with all types of cat litter. The tray comes with a red plastic litter scoop. The scoop has holes in it and is used to get rid of any poo your cat does in the tray.

        All in all I am very happy with this litter tray. It is good value for money, easy to clean and lightweight. It can be used with or without the entry flap and it comes with a free plastic scoop.

        After using this tray for 3 years it has shown no sign of wear and looks like it will last for many more years to come.

        As I said before my cats have access to their enclosed garden every day but only when we are home, if we are out then my 3 cats are happy using this litter tray, it does the job perfectly.


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          23.10.2010 10:33
          Very helpful




          Let me start out this review by explaining about my cat's needs. She is very old and has issues with her back legs due to having metal pins inserted many moons ago following a road accident she had before I re-homed her. The issues with her hind legs mean that she cannot 'step' over things properly, the way that younger, more agile cats could.

          When it came to researching a new litter tray for her then, I had to make sure that it covered a few criteria; I wanted it to have a hood, thus helping to avoid any loose bits of cat litter (which are treacherous when stood on with bare feet of a morning - ouch!), as well as offering my puss a bit more privacy for doing her business. With this in mind, I began scouring websites and online pet stores to see what was on offer but most of the 'hooded' litter trays I could find all had one significant problem that deemed them unsuitable for my puss - they all had quite a high front 'step' at the entrance of the litter tray. I was reluctant to shell out the sum of money required for such a tray (anywhere from £30 - £60) in case my girl struggled to use it due to being unsuitable.

          Eventually, I found a compromise.

          Scouring hooded cat loos on the 'Pets At Home' website, I came across the 'Aristo Hooded Cat Tray'. It seemed to offer what I was looking for, in terms of having a hood that could be removed easily to allow for sufficient cleaning to be carried out, as well as having a sort of 'flap' door on the front to allow my puss to enter/exit the litter tray FAIRLY easily while managing to keep most of the litter inside the box during her using the tray as well as when she was leaving the tray.... She IS a messy mog, it has to be said!

          Perhaps most importantly, the 'step' at the front of the box (directly under the little flap door) looked to be slightly lower than other, similar hooded cat trays I had seen already. With that, my partner and I made the journey to our local pet-care supermarket and inspected the Aristo Cat Tray in more detail.

          The Pets at Home website currently offers the Aristo cat tray in a variety of colours, however when we visited our local store there were only two colours available, a deep red and a navy blue colour. I should point out too that all colour varieties of the litter tray have the same colour 'hood' which is a sort of white-with-little-grey-flecks combo. The colour is only in relation to the 'tray' part of the two-piece litter tray.

          We decided to 'dismantle' the litter tray while still in the shop to make sure it was fairly easy to utilise when we were cleaning and filling the tray at home. Plus, I was concerned about the weight of the two separate parts to the tray given that I have mobility problems.

          We were satisfied that my puss would be able to step in and out of the tray with a little time and practice, and that it was not too high a step for her to use altogether, as had most definitely been the case with some earlier offerings we had found. Furthermore, I was happy that the Aristo Cat Litter Tray was going to be significantly cheaper than some of the other trays I had been looking at, and was only going to cost us around £24, NOT in the region of £50, which was the cost of the other main contender in our choice of purchase.

          The Aristo Cat Litter tray came with a couple of things in a small bag, contained within the box. The first item was a small scoop (for poop!) which is made of the same durable plastic as the hood of the box. The second item was an oblong piece of a grey-coloured foam type substance, and I could see immediately that this was the same size and width as the 'filter space' on top of the hood.

          We made our purchase and set up the litter box at home, which was fairly easy to do. The box comes in two parts as I said, and so after filling the bottom part of the litter tray with my usual brand of cat litter, I allowed my girl to use this by itself for a few days, without the hood just so she could get used to the smell and size of the new box. After this time, I retrieved the large hood and placed the foam filter into the space at the top of the hood. This was very easy to do, and took a couple of seconds.

          Secondly, I placed the hood itself on top of the litter tray, and found that the 'rim' of the tray fit neatly into the 'rim' at the bottom of the hood. The two pieces of the cat box - both the hood and the tray itself - can be secured by using the two heavy-duty clips, which are on either side of the hood.
          The clips, once closed, make a loud 'clicking' noise and thus, I know the hood is secured to the litter tray.

          All of this assembly took a mere moment, and I find that the hood is easy to remove for cleaning. One thing I do find though is that the large hood can be quite cumbersome when I am cleaning out the cat loo. To be fair, I have a very narrow bathroom and so am fairly short of space in there anyway, but I simply do not have anywhere to store such a large hood when I am cleaning out the tray and so have found that it is easier to just put it in the hallway until I am finished. Even though this is slightly inconvenient for me, I wouldn't change the size of the hood due to my puss being so comfortable whilst using her loo. Any cat owners will know how much cats like to scrabble around their trays before and after going to the toilet, and I feel that the large capacity of the hood of the Aristo tray doesn't impede upon my puss's space in the slightest.

          I think it is worth mentioning that I haven't noticed much difference in the Aristo tray's performance in dealing with those nasty whiffs that all cat owners are sure to be familiar with. There is, as I previously mentioned, a filter situated in top of the hood of the litter tray which is supposed to help with this, but to be fair I do use a specific (and very expensive) cat litter which is supposed to help eliminate smells so I am not sure if we are the best consumers to comment on the performance of said filter. Also, I am really particular about washing out my mog's litter tray anyway, and this is done regularly to avoid nasty smells, so again, I'm not sure how much benefit from the filter we are getting personally.

          The dimensions of the Aristo litter tray are 39 x 50 x 39cm, which is worth noting if you are thinking of making this purchase and have a significant lack of space. I really feel the litter tray is big, but for my girl's comfort I am happy to put up with this for now.

          Overall, I would recommend the Aristo litter tray. I paid around £24 a few months ago from Pets At Home, but I am aware that there are other pet stores and independent suppliers close to where I live that also stock this brand of cat litter trays and so it may be worthwhile shopping around ,as in my personal experience, the Pets at Home shop can be more expensive than other stores.


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            19.09.2010 20:05
            Very helpful



            A great litter tray that makes it easy to reduce mess and smells that litter trays can cause

            When our old cat litter box finally gave up the ghost after about 10 years I was certain about one thing when buying a new cat litter tray that it would be an enclosed one. The reason for this is I have found this to be the best way to keep down smells and stop bits of cat litter covering the floor. We purchased this cat litter box from Pets at Home this January so we have had it about 9 months now.

            What is it?
            This is a covered cat litter box made from plastic it has a coloured base in our case burgundy and a white top piece. The cats get into the cat litter by pushing on the cat flap. The top of the cat litter box has a handle to move it around in this section there is a separate plastic bit that has holes cut away to give vent holes under this whole cut away section you can place a charcoal filter in to absorb smells. Also in the version we have there is a scoop that is fitted in the lid and when you lift the holey area bit up the scoop the hangs down for you to lift it out. The top and the bottom of the box attach to one another via two large clips at either side of the box.

            Our experience
            Our cats have been used to an enclosed litter tray since I got them over 10 years ago and they do seem to prefer it to be enclosed as this seems to give them some privacy to their business. When we first got an enclosed litter tray they weren't used to it so to get them familiar with it I did the following. The first week I had a week with just the tray in the place where it would live. Then the second week I put the lid on with the cat flap propped open with a small stick so they could go in and out with ease. The final week I removed the stick and then they got used to pushing the flap open to get into the tray. If your cats are not used to an enclosed tray I would suggested you try introducing it gradually so they get used to the idea.

            Assembly of this tray was simple and easy to do unlike our previous litter box there was no fiddly slots that needed to fit into place before the top was clicked into place. All you need to do is put the top on and depress the clasps at either side. We have had no problems with the top coming off even when my toddler has tried to climb on to of the box. The clasps also remain in place with the litter tray liners we use and have folded over the top of the bottom section.

            The cat flap is a slightly lighter plastic than the rest of the box meaning it is very easy for my cats to push it open with their noses. It swings nicely and there have never been any incidents of cats being trapped inside due to the flap seizing up some how. The plastic of the flap is opaque so it does give my cats a degree of privacy whilst they do their business. This is useful for us as they have been know to refuse to go into the litter tray if they think they are being watched. It also is good at reducing the amount of litter that comes flying out of the box and with this the only cat litter that occasionally escapes from the box is the bits that are on my cat's paws.

            The charcoal filter does it job very well and we tend to replace this every month to 6 weeks or so and it does definitely absorb the whiffs and smells very well. It is also very easy to change and takes just a few minutes to do.

            The containing of a scoop within the top of the tray is probably one of the best features that this tray has compared to my previous ones as it means I am no longer searching in the cupboard for it or having to stop my toddler trying to scoop the litter up if I am not in the room with him. The scoop itself whilst being a bit smaller than most scoops on the market is still of a sufficient size to remove waste matter without any problems.

            The depth of the tray itself is good and means that a good amount of cat litter can be placed into the box. My cats like to dig to Australia when they go in so this gives them plenty of scope to dig and scratch around inside.

            The handle at the top is another useful function I think as it makes it easy to move the litter box around as I am vacuuming up.

            This is a great enclosed cat litter tray that my cats seem to enjoy using. The charcoal filters are easy to change the box clips well into place and the scoop is a handy additional I would definitely recommend it to other cat owners at £22.99 I think it is a good buy


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