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Coatex Medicated Shampoo

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Brand: Coatex / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Grooming

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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2008 02:03
      Very helpful



      my dogs days of being a mechanic are hopefully over

      This is not the normal shampoo i use with my dog as he doesnt normally suffer with skin complaints, the shampoo is expensive compared with other dog shampoos and is more difficult to use but i had to due to the fact that my dog decided to sleep under hubbys motorbike in our garage one afternoon last month which was leaking oil, i didnt realise he had done this as with him being a rotty his fur is black anyway and the first thing i new about this was once it had already irritated his skin and he was biting at it.

      This shampoo was recomended by my vet, it is available from your vet or from larger pet stores, i opted for a pet store as it was cheaper but no means cheap at £15 for a 500ml bottle this was very expensive in my opinion for a dog shampoo.

      This shampoo has been specially designed to deal with dogs with skin complaints such as dermatitus, poor coat condition, flakey skin, greasy skin or balding patches.

      It has an antibacterial and anti fungal action which treats the skin and helps to get rid of scaley or flaking skin which my dog had due to the oil.

      This shampoo claims to be gentle enough for regular use but i found it that difficult to use i wouldnt use it if there wasnt a problem with his skin, To use this shampoo you need to rub it into wet fur, add a little more water untill it lathers which was the easy part as my dog doesnt mind getting in the shower when need be luckily for me but the hard part came next, it has to be left on for 5 minutes which convincing my dog he was going to sit in the shower tray for a full five minutes was very difficult but i knew if i loosed him out he wouldnt have gone back in so he cryed like a baby for a whole 5 minutes, then i had to rinse it off which he was ok about as he thought he could come out them but the whole process needed to be repeated again which he was less than pleased about,

      Once done there seemed to be a reduction in the redness almost immediately and he stopped trying to bite at it so much but i needed to repeat washing him once a day for the next seven days which wasnt easy as he new what was coming, he is only used to a shower once a fortnight.

      At the end of the week the skin on the effected areas had cleaned up lovely, the dryness had gone and there was no irritation but the fur did thin quite a lot although i am not sure if this was through him biting at it or the scaling of the skin.

      Thankfully we havent had any need for this shampoo since and the fur is coming back nicely although i dont think he will be as daft as to sleep in an oil leak again,

      This shampoo does its job very well but is very difficult to use.


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        28.10.2006 09:51
        Very helpful



        A mild and gentle shampoo that works a treat.

        Firstly, I suggested this product and Dooyoo have the right picture of this Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo but they've put it in the category for the medicated shampoo, so please don't hold me responsible!

        There are times when being a cat or dog owner is not as much fun as it could be…..there are times as a responsible owner when you have to roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, and get ready to bath your animal!

        Firstly, let me say that whilst this shampoo is suitable for cats as well as dogs, we have a 3 and a half year old Patterdale Terrier so it’s only been tested on a dog.

        Being a Terrier, she loves to go place she shouldn’t, roll in the dirt (and other unmentionable things!) and I need a good but gentle shampoo. Having looked along the supermarket aisles I couldn’t see anything that I would have been that happy with, so I decided to pop into the Vet’s to see what they had. I came away with a bottle of Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo.

        What’s it Look Like?

        A standard plastic bottle with a flip lid, pretty basic really! It contains 473 ml of shampoo. I’m not listing all the ingredients but suffice to say this is a soap-free shampoo, contains Aloe & Oatmeal for gentleness and moisturising properties. It is suitable for cats and dogs with Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin.


        Well, I’m not telling you how to bathe your pet as we all have different methods but after wetting the animals coat “massage small amounts of shampoo into the coat” , obvious really.

        The shampoo is a clear, quite thick liquid and is not likely to run off your hand to quick if you have a animal that tries to wriggle away! It has no particular fragrance to it, it just smells light and clean. I tend to either drizzle a small amount down her back or my son and I have a ‘blob’ each (about the size of a 10p), one for each the front end and one for the back. Obviously the bigger the dog the more shampoo you’ll need. Ours comes in at ‘medium sized’.

        Initially, it doesn’t seem to lather that much but as you work it into the coat it lathers more and a small amount really does go a long way. Its not an overly thick lather and therefore won’t take an age to rinse out, great if you’ve got a dog or cat that’s just itching to get out the bath! I find that 7 or 8 plastic jugfuls and its completely rinsed out.

        A WARNING though, as with any shampoo avoid contact with eyes and ears.

        After Use

        After drying, I find her coats feels lovely and soft and looks very clean. She also smells so much nicer too!! As she is black in colour her coat stays just as shiny and doesn't feel dry or wiry.

        My Opinion

        There are many reasons I like this particular shampoo. Being soap-free was the first. I found the ones in the supermarkets did not appear to be as gentle as this.
        As it contains Aloe & Oatmeal it means not only will this always be gentle on her skin the Aloe helps to moisturise too. With some dogs/cars the coat is lovely but the skin can be dry and this shampoo does not dry it further nor irritate in any way.

        We all know (or should know) that animals shouldn’t be bathed that often but this shampoo is gentle enough that can be used weekly if needed, especially handy when ours has been through muddy puddles, rolled in them and heavens knows what else!

        The flip lid means it’s easy to dispense, I find it better to flip the lid before I start and then I can just flip it closed before I shampoo her.

        It is mild enough that it doesn’t irritate her skin or ours for that matter and as its been specially formulated for dogs/cats I know that I can use it more often if needed without worry. We’ve been using it on her for the last 18 months and had no problems/reactions whatsoever.

        The other plus, though you may think it not that important, is this shampoo does not have an expiry date so you’re not going to end up throwing it away if you’ve only used a small amount on a small dog.

        Price & Availability

        The only downside is this is only available through Veterinary Surgeons so you’ll have to take a trip there if you want to get hold of this. I have seen it online from various different companies, ranging in price from £11.50-£16.50 (plus P & P). I paid £19.00 from the vets which worked out cheaper.

        Initially, I though this was very expensive but as we’ve only needed such a small amount each time this bottle will last for ages. Not only that the gentle formulation and the fact that its suitable for all skin types makes it worth the cost.

        Distributed exclusively by :

        VetPlus Ltd.
        Dock Road,
        Lytham, UK
        FY8 5AQ

        Tel 01253 667422 or there is a free phone helpline of 0800 867283.

        Thanks for reading.

        © HotBabes 2006


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