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Deluxe Plush Pet Bed

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Manufacturer: B&M Stores / Type: Cat Beds

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2013 11:53
      Very helpful



      A great little budget pet bed that is highly recommended by me... AND my girl!!

      My elderly feline is VERY spoiled. Whilst she has a large, comfy bed in our sitting-room at home, she also loves to lounge around on top of our bed, and I daren't leave any laundry sitting in baskets or the like, as she will most likely make herself a comfy 'clothes-igloo', given half the chance! As she ages more and more, however, I have noticed that her sleeping 'habits' have changed slightly, with her often settling down to sleep in sort of 'random' corners around the house. This rather new habit has been accelerated slightly in recent times, following a bout of recent illness that left my poor old girl rather unwell and exhausted. During this time, she took to settling in quieter corners around the house, obviously taking a little comfort from the seclusion found at these spots.

      She has made a full recovery, thankfully, but I've noticed that these little 'quiet spots' still feature in her daily 'sleep pattern'. As she was settling in one corner more and more, I felt rather sorry for her, snoozing on our floor's hard surface. This, coupled with the fact that I felt she deserved a bit of pampering following her recent illness, led me to seek out a fluffy cushion or other small-ish item that would fit neatly into her new 'favourite' sleeping place, without being too much of an intrusion to my other furnishings.

      After browsing online for a week or so, I hadn't really found what I was looking for within my price range, as I didn't really want to spend more than around £12, especially given the fact my cat already has a very comfortable, large and fairly new-ish bed in our sitting room at home. I felt that this new, second purchase should be really quite inexpensive and 'basic', but I hadn't found the ideal item thus far. In actual fact, I found it purely by chance, when browsing in the 'Pets' section in my local branch of B&M.

      The retailer actually had a small selection of pet 'cushions' and beds on offer, but the one that fit the bill perfectly for me and my girl was the "Deluxe Plush Pet Bed", with this review outlining my/our experiences.

      The purchase price of the bed is around the £5 mark, which I feel is excellent value for money, and is certainly very competitive when compared against similar items that can be found online. There were three aspects of the Plush Pet Bed that I liked instantly; firstly, the bed is in two 'parts', with a large, oval-shaped cushion making up the inside of the bed. This can be removed quickly and easily which appealed to me for ease of washing and laundering.

      Secondly, the colour of the bed is not overly 'garish'. Granted, the picture shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here is rather bright, but the Plush Pet Bed is actually available in a choice of colours, so you can select the option which best suits your home or colour scheme. Both parts of the bed are presented in the same 'spotty' or 'polka dot' fabric, irrespective of which colour scheme is selected; there are none available without spots.

      I have seen the bed available in two different branches of B&M, and I found the colour choices available varied quite widely. In the first branch, there were only two options available - a sort of pale mint green fabric with a darker, 'jade' coloured spot on the fabric, or the one I selected, which comprises of a pale lilac coloured fabric with a darker, purple spotty design on the fabric. I selected the lilac bed, pleased that it would fit into our neutral-coloured home without much fuss.

      During my visit to the second branch, the first two options were not available, with only one option in its place; the pale green and black combo shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here. Whilst I think most owners would appreciate a more 'neutral' option to be available, perhaps in tones of beige or cream, I can confirm that such colour schemes are not always the most suitable for our beloved pets, and the assortment of stains and 'discolourations' that can appear on their bedding... and yes, I AM speaking from experience here! For my old feline, it is very much the case that something with a little more 'robust' colouring is more suitable for her needs, so the purple and lilac-coloured bed suited our needs perfectly, and in fact I thought it was rather pretty.

      There was nothing in the way of 'setting up' to undertake; the bed is simply provided with a label attached, and after snipping this off with a pair of scissors, the bed was ready to present to its intended recipient. First impressions were good, I think, where my old girl is concerned; she simply sniffed the bed for a moment before settling beside it. I returned to the room a short time afterwards, and she was snuggled quite comfortably within the confines of the bed... a good result, by any standard, I think, and certainly it speaks volumes to me about the bed's design, comfort and appeal.

      The bed is in two parts, as I touched on earlier. With the outer bed being a sort of 'doughnut' bed that is a slight oval shape, this houses the interior, oval-shaped cushion quite neatly. My cat is extremely 'petite', weighing well under 3kgs. Due to her small size, she fits quite neatly inside the bed, which is approx 54cm x 41cm in size. I would have thought, however, that most cats, even those which are slightly 'chunkier' would find a comfortable little resting place in the Plush Pet Bed. Smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, perhaps, would also find a little comfort in the Plush Bed, although I would be cautious about younger dogs and pups chewing the fabric material. Where size is concerned, the Plush Pet Bed fit's the bill perfectly; it is unobtrusive in my room, fitting neatly into a corner, without compromising on comfort or size for my beloved feline..... Perfect, then.

      We have had our bed for a few months now, and in that time it has endured a little 'staining' as anticipated, mainly from crumbs of biscuits and other treats. It is normal practice for me to wash the assorted pet bedding in the machine, although I was slightly concerned about the Plush Pet Bed withstanding this practice due to its low cost. I assumed the bed contained rather cheap or 'flimsy' fibres that may not withstand regular machine washing, but as the bed was intended only as a sort of 'spare', I wasn't overly concerned, especially as it wouldn't be used as much as my cat's 'main' bed, and therefore wouldn't need washed as much in theory.

      I needn't have been overly concerned, and I have found the little bed to be more robust than I originally gave it credit for. The outer 'doughnut' part of the bed has retained its shape and size perfectly, even after a good few spins in the washing machine over the past few months. I can't really notice much in the way of 'warping' to the shape of the outer bedding, with its original oval shape still being present. The 'stuffing' or interior fabric HAS moved around a little, and so it is slightly lumpier in some places than it was previously. I can confirm, however, that this result was also present in the previous cat bed that we had with this shape, which cost me the best part of £20 from an online pet store. Needless to say then, that I have very little complaint when considering this aspect of the Plus Pet Bed from B&M. The only real wear and tear present to the outer bed is that there has been a little 'fading' to some of the purple spots. I can live with this, and so (apparently) can my cat.

      The 'interior' part of the bed, or its cushion if you prefer, has suffered slightly more damage in terms of it losing its shape slightly. This is undoubtedly down to the interior 'stuffing' contained in the cushion. This has unfortunately 'clumped' together in places, so some parts of the interior cushion are rather lumpier than others. That is not to say that the lumps are hard, of course, but the cushion has lost it's once 'flat' shape, and now looks rather uneven in places. Again, though, this doesn't seem to be much of a concern where my cat is concerned, and she still snuggles into the little bed for a few hours most mornings. I have found it helpful to try and 'manipulate' the interior 'wadding' or padding once the cushion has been removed from the machine and is still wet. This is quite difficult to do, of course, as it is contained in a flat cushion! Considering the very low cost of this bed, I don't have too much cause for complaint when considering these results, however, and feel the bed has performed very well indeed.

      There have been a couple of occasions where I have given the bed a going-over with a damp cloth and a little (pet-friendly!) detergent. The bedding is not waterproof, of course, so I need to be rather frugal with the amount of water I am using during its 'clean-up', but I have found that the fabric does cope quite well with a little brushing down with a damp cloth. I then air dry it outside for a couple of hours and it is ready for use once again.

      A final little point to note, I think, is concerning the bed's interior cushion. This little cushion is the PERFECT size and width for my cat's pet carrier. This means that for vet visits, or trips to the kennels during holiday season, my cat's carrier has the perfect 'liner' as such. It takes just a moment to remove the cushion from my girl's bed and pop it into her carrier before scooping her up and popping her in the carrier on top! I do like my cat to have a blanket or cushion in her carrier with her, particularly during the cold, winter months, and the bed's cushion is the perfect accessory, as far as I am concerned.

      In summary, I have nothing negative to report about the Deluxe Plush Pet Bed from B&M, and I intend on purchasing another one to keep in another corner of the house that my cat will occasionally sleep in. I have only positive experiences to share about this little find, and think it is a great quality pet bed that offers great value for money... top marks from us!


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