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Dreamies Christmas Advent Calendar

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Brand: Dreamies / Type: Advent Calendar

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2013 21:35
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      One to look out for this Christmas

      At Christmas my Mum and Dad have always bought me an advent calendar and since I moved in with my Husband they now buy us both one as well as out cats Daisy and Layla.  Mum spotted the Dreamies Advent Calendar while we were shopping in Tesco and I knew that both Daisy and Layla loves Dreamies treats so this calendar would be ideal for them.  
      The Calendar
      The Dreamies Advent Calendar looks similar to a regular advent calendar being the same sort of size and rectangle shape, it is a little thicker though.  The calendar is basically thin box containing a plastic tray inside with little dips in it, these dips hold the Dreamies treats and are positioned behind a calendar door, the tray is covered with silver foil to keep the treats fresh and also in place. 

      The front of the box has a large Christmas tree on it with a cat climbing out of the middle of it licking its lips, in the top left hand corner is a white bubble with "Dreamies Treats Cats Crave" written inside with some holly, there is another bubble at the bottom which says "Delicious Dreamies and a Wizzy Mouse Toy on the Big Day" this tells you what you can expect inside the calendar.  The tree is covered in pictures of packets of Dreamies treats, each picture is on one of the calendar doors and has a small gold star with the number of the day written in it in black. 
      The Dreamies packets are all different colours and correspond to the flavour of treats that are behind each door. 

      The back of the box continues the same picture as the front with a large Christmas and this time the back of the cat and its tail is sticking out of the tree like the cat has gone through the box.  The same bubble with the Dreamies catchphrase appears on the back of the box along with pictures of Christmas crackers inside each of these is a cat related joke. 

      At the bottom of the back of the box are some pictures of parcels in different colours, inside these are facts about the Dreamies treats, the ingredients, feeding guide and warnings, these are clearly written in black writing which stands out again the colourful backgrounds.  

      Each of the calendar doors has a perforated line going horizontal down it, you simply press down on this line to open the door, although the doors fold inwards when you press they can easily be pulled back out again, you then simply need to poke a hole in the foil behind the door to reveal the Dreamies treats inside.  You get 24 small doors in the calendar which behind each one is around 6 to 8 Dreamies Treats in the flavour stated on the front of the door, the door for Christmas Day is larger than the others, and behind this is a mouse toy for your cat to play with. 

       The Treats
      Dreamies Treats are basically small square cat treats which are brown in colour, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and they come in a variety of flavours.  With the Dreamies Advent Calendar you get 5 different flavours (one flavour per door) the flavours which some inside the calendar are* Cheese (The yellow packet)* Salmon (The blue packet)* Turkey (The orange packet)* Beef (The pink packet)* Duck (The purple packet) The treats all smell pretty much the same to me and just my smelling them or looking at them I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in flavour, although I'm sure my girls could.  The treats didn't have a particularly strong or unpleasant smell to them, they just smelt like regular cat crunchies to be honest. 

       Feeding Instructions
      To be honest I'm not really sure why this appears on the back of the box as you only get a certain amount of treats per calendar door, so unless you are planning on opening every door and giving your cat all of the treats out of the whole thing in one go you shouldn't really have a problem. 

      Anyway the instructions state that you should only feed your cat up to 20 treats per day, you get about 6 to 8 treats per calendar door so this shouldn't really be a problem.  The instructions also state that the treats should be used within 20 weeks of opening, again a little odd as providing you stick to the advent calendar rules of opening 1 door a day during December you shouldn't really have a problem here, but I guess this is in case someone buys the calendar in advance or something, we didn't have a problem with this as our calendar was finished by the 25th December. 
      The final instructions are that you should always provide your cat with fresh drinking water close by and the calendar should be stored in a cool dry place, providing you follow these instructions you shouldn't have any problems with giving this to your cat.

      Again these appear on the back of the Dreamies Advent Calendar box and tend to apply to the mouse toy, these state that the mouse is safe and durable it is an interactive toy and your cat should not be left along whilst playing with it, there were no actual warnings about the treats on the back of the box.

      The Mouse Toy
      The mouse toy appears behind the door you open on Christmas Day as I have mentioned, this toy is a small blue plastic mouse shape, it has small black eyes printed directly onto its face and ears moulded into the plastic which makes up the top of its head.  The mouse is a sort of triangle shape with the narrow end forming its nose.  There are 2 small black wheels at the back of the mouse (the widest part) and one small wheel at the front, underneath its nose where it is not visible unless you turn the mouse upside down. 

      To make the mouse work you simply place it on a flat surface, pull it backwards and let go of it and the mouse will go wizzing across the floor, I was actually quite surprised at how fast the mouse moved, I kind of expected it to not move very fast or very far and imagined it wouldn't work properly, however this was not the case at all.  The idea of the mouse toy is basically that you make it wizz across the floor and your cat chases it (that's the idea anyway) 

       Price and Availability
      As I have mentioned we purchased our Dreamies Advent Calendar from our local Tesco and I think they must have been quite popular as they only had one left when we picked ours up.  To be honest I'm not sure if these are available anywhere else, I have never seen them in other shops but they may be available from other supermarkets and pet shops that stock Dreamies cat treats. 

      The calendar cost around £2.00 which personally I though was a fair price whilst you do probably get more in a pot of treats compared to the calendar it is a bit of a novelty and makes your cat feel involved, especially if your cat is like ours who as soon as you eat something are sat at your feet waiting for you to share it with them (which we normally do) In my opinion it was worth the money 

      My Opinion
      I was very impressed with the Dreamies Advent Calendar and so were Daisy and Layla they loved it, they likes Dreamies cat treats anyway but with this it meant I could open my advent calendar and eat it in peace while they ate the contents of theirs.  

      I found that you got a decent amount of treats behind each door, not just 1 or 2 but not too many that your cat leaves them, the fact that there were a variety of flavours behind each door also meant that your cat wasn't going to get board with the same thing each morning. 

      Now when I said my girls were pleased with the calendar, I should have said they were pleased with most of it, whilst they loved the treats they was not impressed with the mouse toy on Christmas Day, Layla is only young still (3 years) and has her moments where she is playful so I was sure she would be pleased with the toy, so once I had opened the calendar for her I put the toy on the floor, pulled it backwards a little way from where she was sitting and let it wizz towards her, I thought she would pounce on it but instead she ran the other way, she was scared of it, I tried it a couple of times thinking it might just have surprised her but she did the same thing each time, my older girl Daisy just ignored it.

      Despite this I would recommend this advent calendar for your cat, it contains good quality treats for your cat and includes them in the fun of Christmas, I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this one at Christmas this year. 


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