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Ferplast Soft Rainbow Foam Ball Cat Toy

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Brand: Ferplast / Type: Cat Toy

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2012 10:55
      Very helpful



      A good little cat toy that gets top marks on behalf of me and my mog..!

      I have a rather elderly feline at home who is very much settled into her retirement and unfortunately has various health problems. Last year, she had a bit of a rough time of it between one ailment and another, and required rather major surgery around September time. Since making a good recovery (much to my delight), my old mog has been thoroughly spoiled and completely pampered, such as she deserves.

      Around Christmas time, I decided to buy her a festive stocking and fill it with a variety of treats and toys to entertain her. Whilst I always place some sort of small gift under the Christmas tree for her, this year I really felt she deserved to be spoiled, and as there was more than one occasion during the past year that I thought I was going to lose her, I found myself wanting to spoil her even more than usual.

      I came across a good selection of cat toys whilst browsing a "Pet Care" stall at a local market around the start of December, all of which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for; not only were they inexpensive, but they were of a small enough size to fit in my girl's stocking. One of the items that I purchased was from the "Ferplast" range, namely the "Soft Rainbow Foam Ball." I can't remember the exact price I paid for the small ball, but I know it was under 50 pence, which I thought was a good price for such a small item.

      Whilst browsing the market stall where I made my purchase, I recognised the foamy rainbow balls immediately among all of the other small toys and balls on offer, mainly because I have owned several cats in my lifetime and the brightly-coloured balls have always been a fairly popular choice with my felines. Indeed, my own cat already owned one of the rainbow balls, albeit in a different colour scheme from those on offer on this particular occasion, but I decided to pop one into her Christmas stocking anyway.

      The rainbow ball is quite small and petite in its size and dimension, being only 3.5cm (approx) in length, and I think this really makes it an ideal toy for cats and kittens alike. The foam-like texture of the ball gives it the ability to provide a slight 'bounce' when dropped onto a floor, although it won't reach any particularly tall heights. In comparison to a ball that is made of a heavier, sturdier, more robust material however, it will fetch a fair height when bounced, particularly when a wooden or polished floor has been chosen to play on.

      My girl loves her ball, and regularly chases it when it is thrown for her. As she is getting on a bit, this past-time will usually only be popular with her when she is in the mood, and so it is not a toy that is used every day. Younger cats and kittens tend to have a much more energetic outlook than older cats and so understandably, most cat toys would tend to be more popular with younger felines than those which are a bit older.

      When my cat IS in the mood for a play, however, she really enjoys chasing her ball up and down my hallway, which has a polished laminated wooden floor, and so provides the perfect surface for the ball to roll and of course a perfect 'exercise' opportunity for my lazy old girl!

      I have bought the little rainbow cat balls many times as I said, and I find they are actually very robust. I don't think I've ever had one fray or burst or anything, and although my girl's newest ball - the one purchased in December - has one or two small 'bobbles' on it, there is really very little in the way of wear or tear evident to this particular cat toy, so I do think they are fairly robust and sturdy.

      I've given the rainbow balls a little wash over with a damp cloth now and again and find that this is sufficient to keep them clean. My cat doesn't chew the balls or anything, but I suppose younger cats or kittens might want to, in which case it might be the case that a new ball would need to be purchased due to teeth marks or perhaps for hygiene reasons. My old girl is simply interested in the Rainbow balls being something to chase however, so this isn't an issue for her.

      One thing I would mention is that the ball is very small as I have already touched on. For this reason, I feel that it is an unsuitable toy for a dog or puppy, as it may well present a choking hazard. The foamy, almost rubber-like texture would no doubt appeal to younger pooches as a teething toy which could of course result in disastrous consequences. For these reasons, I always remove my cats toys when I am having my friend's dogs over for a visit, as I just think it is sensible to remove the temptation altogether.

      Overall, I would recommend the Ferplast Soft Rainbow Foam Ball, and think it is a worthwhile purchase for a playful cat or kitten. You can buy a four-pack of the Rainbow Balls online at www.amazon.co.uk, where prices start at around £3. I think it is definitely worth shopping around for items like this however, and would suggest giving your local pet shops and market a look first.


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