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Flat Cats Window Protection

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Brand: Flat Cats / Type: Cat Equipment

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2013 12:14
      Very helpful
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      Great product for keeping your cats safe and your house aired

      There are many people who have indoor cats, some have pedigree breeds and the risk of theft is high, some have illnesses such as FIV that mean they can't go out, others have conditions such as epilepsy (like mine) where it isn't always safe for them to be out or maybe you just live on a very busy road.

      Whatever the reason if you have indoor cats then you are probably very careful when it comes to opening windows. Cats are curious creatures - put something down for a minute and I guarantee your cat will be in it, on it or even chewing at it.

      However we all need to open our windows, get some fresh air in, create a cross breeze etc - this has been an issue for as long as I've owned cats. Having no way of opening the windows without one or all of the cats trying to climb out (this includes upstairs windows with a severe drop onto the steep drive below).

      So after lots of searching I actually found a solution! Enter, flat cats

      Flat cats were designed by Dominic Parker and are sturdy yet flexible screens that fit to your window frames. They are plastic coated making them firm and strong (unlike the wispy insect screens). They are fixed to the frame using several thick strips of Velcro.

      Large pieces of Velcro with strong adhesive are attached to your frames, then the screen with corresponding Velcro is pressed into place making sure the opening is covered.

      This material also keeps out almost all insects so is excellent in summer when you want to open your windows but would prefer not to battle the army of insects that seem to be obsessed with leaving all the nice flowers that are outside, just to come and dance in maddening circles in your home.

      The flat cats come in a standard size or can be custom sized for your windows. We ordered four and three were small windows so had to be custom made.

      The push that got me looking for something workable came about after our epileptic cat escaped via a bedroom window (a room she is not permitted in but managed to sneak, ninja style, into in a matter of seconds when I peaked inside to check I hadn't left the light on) and remained lost for several days, whereby she obviously didn't receive her daily medication and I went without sleep.

      Thankfully like almost all indoor cats who escape, she was terrified, barely travelled more than 5 houses and hid. A neighbour spotted her and managed to coax her inside then called me.

      When she was back I set about finding a solution. Flat cats seemed perfect and after arming myself with window measurements, were ordered. They arrived within a few days and were fitted to the windows of the main rooms where we either like to open windows or sometime need to open windows.

      They were so easy to install and once the adhesive is given time to stick, you can zip zip that Velcro to your hearts content.

      We received additional Velcro tabs should we need them which was mega helpful as shortly afterwards we ordered some blinds that needed to be fixed to the window frame itself. So I have to relocate the flat cat in that room. It took some tugging but the Velcro on the window frame did come off without any damage and was enough of a struggle that made me confident at how well they stick.

      [Cat tested]
      We have three cats, two smaller females and a large male. All three seem to enjoy giving us heart attacks and on two occasions have managed to get out onto the roof (one roof was very steep and if the cat hadn't had enough balance would have suffered a nasty fall).

      Our cats were straight over, sniffing, pawing and clawing. While they did manage to hook in a few claws, they made no headway at removing it or damaging it due to the size, quantity and strength of the Velcro. After a while they grew bored and instead led in front sniffing at the air and enjoying the cool breeze, new smells and bird sounds. Since then they make no attempts at attacking the flat-cat screens.

      Even if we didn't have cats, the very fact these are so good at keeping out bugs might be enough reason to get them anyway. We always seem to end up with wasps and bees in our bedroom, as it overlooks a very wild flowery garden. Knowing we no longer have to deal with the stress of trying to catch these stinging buggers was a nice bonus.

      See a video and get the details from the website: http://www.flat-cats.co.uk/ - if you scroll down on the main page you will also see a shed-load of reviews by people, including photos which gives you a nice feeling of security when buying :)

      £25.99 for 1 or £39.99 for 2 (these are for standard sizes) anything custom may be more. There is a very detailed measuring guide to make sure you have the right size for your windows. It can take a bit of time getting all the specifics measured but it's worth it to get the right size.

      If you have cats, whether indoor or outdoor, I highly recommend you purchase some of these - even if it is just to stop your little critters from testing their "lands on their feet" ability from the highest window in your home.

      Add some safety for your pet, allow the air in and keep the bugs out. PURRRFECT! I can't recommend these enough.

      I will definitely be buying more for the other windows in other rooms.


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    • Product Details

      Window screens designed to keep cats from escaping

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