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Good Girl Cat To Nature Cat Scratcher

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Brand: Armitage / Type: Cat Entertainment - Cat Scratcher

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2013 00:59
      Very helpful



      A good 'extra' buy for my Myrtle

      When it comes to my beautiful cat Myrtle Rose there really is nothing that I won't buy for her when my finances allow. One of the things that she loves is a scratch post and because I live between two properties, our flat and my Mums house she had two of those up until recently. Back in early November I had some vouchers to spend on Amazon (thanks to Dooyoo!) and with Christmas looming I decided buy her this as a little stocking filler!

      Not only that though with one scratch post to a home it really wasn't enough. In both mine and my mums home we have ours in the living room but where I sleep Myrtle does too. If shes gets bored or scratchy she tends to scratch whatever bed I'm sleeping in which is why I bought this one to add to her little collection. I was going to keep it till Christmas, after-all it was a gift idea however after us being at my Mums a couple weeks and it arriving here and then me showing it to Myrtle she seemed to like it and got an early gift (to be fair like all the other pressies we bought so she currently still has nothing to shove in her stocking thus far!).

      This cost me just under five pounds including postage and packaging from Amazon.co.uk which I thought by the picture shown of it in the site was a good deal and like I have mentioned though this was an extra to Myrtles usual cat scratch posts and another reason I purchased it!

      The Product:

      This only came to me in a brown envelope and no box or anything else so once I opened up said envelope I was greeted with the cat scratcher post and pleased I was!

      The Post:

      Ok I call it a post but it really isn't a post in the conventional sense. It makes me think of a ramp that hoodies use for skateboarding on to be hones with one end slightly higher than the other but it being rather flat. It weighs in total 18g and measures 39.2 x 13.8 x 8 cm which meant nothing to me till I got it to be honest and this really is a very lightweight and potable post.

      In its appearance it looks really nice. It has slightly rough like straw/twined edges to the top, base and to the sides of it which create a small looking holey effect then to the front and the back of it, it has smoothness which is like a smooth paper glued to it which is bronze coloured and with cream spots to it which gives it at a distance a log effect and on the front of it we are told that it Armitage Pet Care, Good Girl 'Cat To Nature', and that it 'Provides natural entertainment four your cat, whilst keeping their claws trim and protecting your furniture' and then the back of it has no information but the pattern I have already mentioned that is on the front. This looks really nice and above all functional!

      Myrtle Using It:

      When I first removed this from the outer packaging I did think that maybe it a bit small for my cat. Ok she is petite and slinky at only only 19 months old but when it comes to scratching her claws (I do trim them regular by way!) she goes at it like a bull in China shop and really enjoy a good clawing session!

      However I think we are both rather pleased with this. The top of the 'ramp' is straw and smooth like and she really likes to drag her claws along that as she does the sides of it too. This means she can simply stretch along it rather than having to stretch upwards which she does have to do with her other long stretching postings so it looks easier to me when she uses this at least! The only thing that bothers me about this post is that when she really has a good claw/scratch that it moves quite a bit which seems to put her off her slightly so if your after a really light scratch post this could be for you, but to be fair it doesn't seem to bother my Myrtle that it moves and she gets really stuck into it! So maybe if you have a kitten this could be better for you. Having said that Myrtle loves this and I am well pleased that I didn't save this till after Christmas now because she loves it and uses it often and even though she does use it alot she hasn't damaged it thus far at all!

      Google if interested in this one as I haven't seen this on the high street at all!


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