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Gor Pets Cat Spiral

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Brand: Gor Pets / Type: Cat Toy

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2012 18:51
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      An ok toy probably best suited for a kitten

      Recently one of my cats had an operation of her tail which meant she had to stay inside and not go our for around 2 weeks in order the wound could heal without becoming infected and of course staying clean. Now this particular cat of mine is used to coming and going as she pleases via the cat flap and is definitely an outdoors type of cat. So I knew that having to spend up to 2 weeks inside would drive her mad. Therefore, I was determined to keep her as entertained as possible!

      After browsing in one of my local pet shops (stocking up on nice food to keep her sweet!) I came across their extensive range of cat houses and scratching poles, most of which would have taken up quite a lot of room. Despite thinking that they were a great idea they are incredibly expensive and my other cats are really not that excited by them but after looking around I came across a small selection of cat activity products by a company by Gor Pets. Now I'd never heard of Gor Pets but as their prices were incredibly reasonable I didn't hesitate in choosing a cat toy to try.

      My toy of choice is the Cat Spiral. I chose it simply because it looked interesting and thought it would keep my poorly feline somewhat amused. The spiral itself comes in a small square box featuring the Gor Pets logo together with an image of what the product actually looks like. I was quite impressed as to how light it actually is when I picked it up off the shelf. Getting it home and out of the box is easy as the spiral is already made so you simply take it out of its box it will spring up, so no self assembly required!

      What Gor Pets say about the Cat Spiral:

      "Simple yet genius. With one bat this cat toy wobbles from side to side and up and down randomly. The spring keeps it moving and keeps your moggy amused, oh and it doesn't make a sound!"

      The cat spiral is simply a metal spiral fixed to a base. The base is quite sturdy but also quite light, it is covered in a fluffy white/cream coloured faux fur fabric. The spiral is also covered in a similar fabric although not quite as fluffy and at the top there is a fluffy pom pom which helps keep the spiral in place. My only concern was that this toy would it be too light for a grown cat but at £3.99 I wasn't really going to worry too much as it wasn't going to break the bank! It is also relatively small (base is 24cm and height is 28cm) so it can be easily stored which was another thing I wanted as with my daughter having her toys strewn around the house I didn't want to add cat toys into the mix!

      As soon as the toy appeared in my living room my cats seemed to make an instant appearance to come and inspect the foreign toy which has suddenly appearing in 'their' space. I have 4 cats and they are all incredibly different in their characters but tend to group together in 2's but they all came sniffing the cat spiral, one even had her heckles up just in case the spiral was an attacker! After a while two cats sauntered off completely uninterested but the 2 youngest (one being the cat who had, had the operation) remained and after a bit of help from myself in pushing the spring so it bounced from side to side they both seemed to grasp the idea and starting to play with it although quite cautiously at first.

      After playing with it quite gently at first the two playing together did start to get a little rough and due to the lightness of the spiral it did of course topple over but that certainly didn't stop the two playing with it but instead of being up right and the spring bouncing from side to side it was now just lying on the floor being pushed and pulled around. Despite standing it up several times they always pulled it over with ease therefore defeating the whole object of the toy! Even with just the one cat playing with it the same thing happened as it doesn't take much for the spiral to topple over which is a shame, may be it is just suitable for cats who play very gently but the two youngest of my lot don't do anything gentle!

      So after much excitement about this toy it has since been ignored as it falls over far too easily even with one cat just batting the spiral around. The base although well made is just not heavy enough to keep the spiral up right. The cats certainly like it up right and will happily play with it but as soon as it falls over they just loose interest as the rocking motion of the spiral stops. I have given up constantly going and picking it back up as I'd be there forever! I think personally it would be best suited for a kitten as a fully grown cat is just to strong to play with it properly but I can't complain after the price I paid! I can also see that the faux fur fabric although as nice as it is wouldn't last long with constant play as it is quite thin, again perfect for a kitten but for a fully grown adult cat then it really is no good.

      Overall, a nice toy with a good concept just isn't sturdy enough for an adult cat as they are just to rough and strong (should they want to play with it at all!). I can't begrudge it too much as I only paid £3.99 had I of paid a lot more I would have demanded my money back and complained to the manufacturer! Needless to say it didn't really keep my poorly cat entertained as it just isn't strong enough to stay upright. Would I recommend? For kittens yes, adult cats no. 3 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Gor Pets
      Price: £3.99
      Availability: online and in local pet stores


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