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Kitty Collars Super Reflective Cat Safety Collar

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Manufacturer: Kitty Collars / Type: Cat Collars, Leads & ID

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2010 20:40
      Very helpful
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      4/5 stars from me, but a very good buy for your cat!

      Having two cats which both have dark fur I do worry about their visibility, because of this I started looking our for a highly reflective collar and came across 'Kitty Collars'. Kitty Collars are a small business which makes cat-safe collars for your feline friends.

      What makes these collars different from many others is their safety catch. They have a small snap in/snap out catch on the collar, which means if you cat was to ever get caught on anything by it's collar it would easily be able to pull away out of it and the catch would open - releasing the cat.

      The only problem I have with this safety release feature is that my cats have realised they can use the catch to their advantage and take their own collars off. This can be slightly problematic, but with much perseverance they seem to have accepted the fact that they're stuck wearing collars. This safety feature could be a problem if you have a cat which really hates wearing a collar.

      My two collars are white, and very reflective. They also have a slightly sparkly surface so they are reflective during the day time as well as the night. If a light is shined on they are extremely reflective and much the same as cat-eyes in the road in collar form.

      The collars also feature a D-ring which has a bell attached to it, making it harder for your cat to hunt and easier for you to hear it. You can also add a tag to the D-ring, helping your cat to be identified easily.

      The collars seem to fit cats which are over 6 months old and are fully adjustable from 20-30cm. The guidelines state that you should fit the collar to your cat so that you can still fit two fingers just under the collar -ensuring it is snug but not too tight. The collars are lined with a velvet-like material and the reflective outside is PVC.

      The collars are available in a wide range of colours and designs, including other non-reflective collars from www.kittycollars.co.uk. The reflective collars cost £4.99 each and delivery is £1 (UK). I would really recommend investing in a good collar for your cat, it could save it's life one day.


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