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Kong Straw Cone with Feathers

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Brand: Kong / Type: Cat Toy

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2011 10:45
      Very helpful



      A really bad quality cat toy

      As my cat is a house cat and doesn't get out I sometimes feel a bit guilty and spend an absolute fortune on buying toys for him to try and make sure that he is entertained and stimulated. Unfortunately he is a fussy boy and will give his new toys a quick sniff and then proceed to completely ignore them. I now have a pile of toys that have failed to live up to his standards. The Kong straw cone with feather however is one toy that managed to pass his test and he loved playing with it. Unfortunately for my cat the Kong straw cone was one of the worst quality items I have even bought.

      The toy is a cone shaped toy that is made from thick pieces of straw that have been woven together and look more like wicker than straw. Coming out the end of the cone are loads of feathers. To look at the toy it looks like a good quality expensive cat toy and not something that came out of the pound shop. It cost me £3.50 in my local pet shop so it is at the higher end of the price scale when it comes to cat toys.

      When I took it out of its packaging I was surprised to see that the cone was made from straw and was quite squishy as I had mistaken it for wood. This was my mistake as I just bought the cone from looking at it and didn't even bother to read its packaging properly. Not that I was bothered it was made from straw as it was bought for a little cat not a big dog.

      Inside the straw cone there is some catnip which is supposed to encourage your cat to play with the cone so he can try and reach the catnip.
      I threw the cone at Dashiel and watched him stalk up to it and give it a sniff. I fully expected this to mean that he was just going to walk away from it so it could join all the other pristine toys but to my surprise he decided this particular toy was going to get some of his attention.

      He started to play with it and was just pawing it around a little but nothing overly boisterous when I noticed that a few of the feathers had come out of the cone. I was a little annoyed as the cone hadn't been cheap but I figured that feathers are probably not the most secure material in a toy.
      I left Dashiel playing with his new toy whilst I did some things around the house. I was only away for about 20 minutes when I came back into the living room where he was and it looked like he had massacred a particularly small chicken with feathers everywhere.

      It wasn't just the feathers that had come loose from the cone but the cone itself was also in pieces and completely destroyed and Dashiel was now running around with the sachet of cat nip trying to get in to it.

      To say that I found this toy to be a waste of money is an understatement. For the amount of time that he got to play with it I may as well not have bothered buying it. I have bought a pack of toys from the pound shop that have been much better quality than this and I was particularly annoyed because Kong is a brand that I have bought before many times and never had any problems with.

      As well as being really bad value for money I also think that the straw cone with feathers isn't the safest toy to be buying for your cat. Although most of the feathers were quite large there were a few smaller ones and the straw cone itself had been shredded into tiny little parts which Dashiel could have easily chocked on. This was the thing that I was most annoyed about with the toy and was just glad I was in the house at the time so I could pick all the pieces back up.

      Needless to say I don't recommend the Kong straw cone with feathers and in fact would highly recommend that you stay away from this particular toy and spend your money on something else.


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