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    1 Review
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      07.04.2008 13:53
      Very helpful



      A great idea for flat dwellers

      Anyone who has an indoor cat will be familiar with the problem of what to do with soiled cat litter. There are various solutions around such a flushable cat litter but you have to be sure that it is totally flushable and isn't going to cause you problems in the future when it blocks your drains.

      The solution I use is the Litterlocker. There are two versions of this product around the Mk 1 is a compact unit which contains a cassette which is essentially a very long polythene tube which you roll out within the unit as you need it by turning the handle on the side. Each turn traps the tube about every six inches creating and airtight pocket. It is an ingenious system in operation - all you need to do when you clean out the litter tray is to scoop out the soiled litter, open the lid to the Litterlocker and pop the soiled litter into it. One turn of the handle traps the litter in the polythene and contains any smells.

      You can continue doing this until the handle becomes difficult to turn and then all you need to do is open the unit, cut the plastic tube off using the built in cutter (or scissors if you prefer), knot the end of the tube and then carry the central drum to your bin and slide the contents into it. Your bin then contains a plastic tube full of soiled cat litter which is sealed and doesn't smell making it more pleasant for you and the refuse collectors!

      The Mk2 version is similar but with this you don't turn a handle you just pull out a handle on the front and the litter drops into the tube of plastic and as you push the handle back the neck of the plastic tube is closed. The advantage of the Mk2 over the Mk1 is that you don't use up as much plastic but the Mk2 isn't as good at containing the odours. The Mk2 is smaller and neater than the Mk1 but if your main concern is the smell then the Mk1 is a better system.

      The people at Litterlocker had the good sense to build a litter scoop and holder into both the units so you have everything you need to hand. They say that people with a single cat should only need to empty the units once a week and my experience with three cats is that twice a week is sufficient.

      I think it is a great idea if you live in a flat and can't get to your dustbin easily. It is also excellent in winter and on dark nights when the prospect of tiptoeing out there isn't appealing. They aren't cheap at about £18 but I have had my Mk1 for about 4 years with absolutely no problems and there are no signs of wear and tear. Refill cassettes (the plastic tube) cost about £5 but do last for a number of weeks and there is a red line on the tube to tell you when you are coming to the end - mind you a couple of times I haven't spotted it and if you let it run out then the litter drops into the bottom of the unit!

      The plastic is easy to clean, the unit is compact and not unsightly and having the unit around makes it easier the clean the tray as soon as it is soiled rather than having dirty litter trays hanging around. Overall I would recommend it if you have up to three cats around the house - above that number I suspect it would be a costly solution but it is a handy little gadget - well designed and does everything they say it will.

      Personally I think if you are keeping the unit indoors the Mk1 is a better buy if you can find one in the shops. The Mk2 is fine for me in the back porch which is well ventilated and it is more frugal on refills. I have trouble finding refills for the Mk1 in the shops (and the refills aren't interchangeable between the models) but I did manage to find some on the internet so I bought a stock!

      Would I recommend it?

      Yes I would if you want a tidy way to dispose of used cat litter and you don't want to flush it. There is an ongoing cost in replacing the cartridges but I do find it a great disposal method.


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