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Oko Plus Clumping Cat Litter

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Brand: Litter Trays and Scoops / Type: Food

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2013 12:49
      Very helpful



      An odour free litter with excellent clumpage as long as you don't mind a mess

      Being a cat breeder and owner of a number of pampered spoilt cats I have tried possibly every variety of cat litter products out there. We have tried clumping, non clumping, sand, woodchip and everything in between and I can say that they all have plus and minus points but I have never found one they all like or one that doesn't stink the house down. However I may now finally have found it!

      OKO plus is a clumping litter which is safe for all cats including kittens. Usually clumping litter isn't suitable for kittens as it can cause an obstruction if they eat it (gross but they do i'm sorry!) but this is bio degradable and is perfectly safe for them.

      It is a small pellet litter and when the cat does there business it turns to a kind of jelly and clumps together nicely which makes it really easy to scoop out the lumps. The lumps can be flushed down the toilet although I am a little dubious about that so would not recommend if you have a lot of cats like we do! Once the lump has been removed the litter left is still perfectly clean. This means that trays really need to be emptied and fully changed. We just top up litter when it gets a bit low and do a full change every couple of weeks. It seems to be acceptable to all our cats, none have objected to it which makes for a very happy cat owner. I would recommend filling the tray about half full and then topping up as required. It does seem expensive initially compared to other brands but because it lasts so long we are finding we spend about half what we previously spent on cheaper litters. There is also very little smell which is a huge bonus point for us. It really does lock in the smell so keeps the house relatively odour free.

      Advantages- it clumps together really well so easy to remove the waste. It can be flushed or composted. It lasts for ages we use a 40l bag a month for 12 cats so is good value. It is importantly acceptable to most cats!

      Disadvantages- it seems quite expensive initially about £25 for 40l but then last for ages. It does track a lot, we sweep the loose litter every day and put it back in the tray but I have found bits upstairs that they have tracked through the house!


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  • Product Details

    Clumping OkoPlus Wood Pellet Cat Litter 30Ltr by Cat's Best is a 100% all natural organic fibre litter. It has up to 3 times higher absorbtion yield making OkoPlus Wood Pellet Clumping Cat Litter highly economical. Clumping litters require less cleaning with only the soiled litter requiring changing making less work for the owner.

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