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Organic Catnip Sack

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Brand: Catac / Animals Equipment Type: Cat Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      24.12.2008 13:49
      Very helpful



      Thoroughly recommended

      A few years ago on a weekend away I came across a Cat's Protection League shop. We don't have a shop near us so I went inside determined to find something to buy. It didn't take me long to find a few bits but the best item I purchased was one of these Catac organic catnip bags.

      Obviously for cats that don't react to catnip this would be a waste of time (try valerian toys for those cats) but as my lads love catnip it was a must have.

      I can't remember how much it cost me back then but I've just bought 2 more for them from www.vetuk.co.uk for £1.94 each so they aren't expensive and the original lasted several years. In fact the only reason the original eventually got thrown away was because one of my boys likes to lick catnip toys and he'd licked it so frequently all the catnip inside had become wet and seeped through the bag!

      The bags are made of cotton, contain alot of catnip judging from my pairs reaction and have Catac organic catnip in green and a symbol shaped vaguely like a cat on the front, as the picture above. They are about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and flat.

      The bag shape works well for cats because they can pick it up with a front paw and throw it (it's alive!!), hold it in their front paws and kick it with the back paws, carry it around in their mouths, rest on it and hold it down while they "rag it".

      The cotton will withstand alot of punishment before it shows much wear and tear and the catnip inside these can easily be refreshed by simply rubbing the sides of the bag together.
      I can honestly say in the years we had the first one I never had to rub it with fresh leaves or spray it with catnip spray to provoke some interest, if I just rubbed the bag together it did the trick so the catnip inside must be very potent!

      Overall these are excellent toys, shaped well, tough material for sharp claws and teeth to go at, the catnip lasts and lasts and they cost hardly anything. With the weather being cold and the nights drawing in early these are perfect entertainment for my two. Definitely recommended.


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      Sack containing organic catnip