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Pet Head Pretty Kitty Detangling Spray

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Brand: Pet Head / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2012 16:13
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      Although cats might take offence, it does work

      Several months ago one of our cats had some matted hair. She didn't take to kindly to being brushed, and it didn't seem to be helping much anyway. So I had a look on Amazon for some dry shampoo, and instead found that I could get detangling spray. I chose the Pet Head Pretty Kitty Detangling Spray. The range is by the same company that makes Bed Head hair products, and seemed to be getting good reviews. Plus it looked quite cool, a bit more interesting than most of the sprays.

      I paid around £6.80. The spray comes in a bright blue bottle, with a silver Pet Head logo which is similar to the Bed Head logo. The spray has a strawberry yoghurt fragrance,which I thought sounded quite nice.

      I was a bit apprehensive about using the spray when it arrived, not knowing what the cats would make of it. I decided to try it on Snoopy first - although he had no hair which needed detangling, I know he likes fruity fragrances; he once got covered in actual berry yoghurt when the door shelf in the fridge fell out, and I had difficulty catching him to clean him, as he was having great fun licking it off. He is also fond of sniffing Body Shop products, and has had a swim in fruity bubble bath which left him smelling nice for several days.

      But I digress - although amusing cats stories are always fun. I armed myself with the spray and a cat brush, as the instructions said to brush it through the fur. I gave Snoopy some biscuits to distract him, and started squirting his back.

      The biscuits didn't work, as he wanted to know what was going on. He didn't seem to take offence at being sprayed, but he wouldn't stay still as he was trying to turn to see what was happening. Once I had sprayed all over his back, I brushed it to spread the spray through his fur, which if it was matted would have worked it through the matts.

      Aside from the squirmy cat, I found the spray very easy to use. It came out in a decent spray, and only needed a few squirts ot get enough to cover his back. Brushing it through was easy, as the spray didn't congeal and wasn't sticky. Once I had finished, Snoopy had a good sniff at himself, and had a bit of a lick, but the taste of the spray didn't seem to bother him. The fragrance was noticeable but not too strong, a pleasant strawberry smell, although I'm not really sure where the yoghurt aspect of it comes in.

      Next up was Misty, who had some matted bits near her tail. As I mentioned, she isn't fond of being brushed, so I suspected the spray wouldn't go down well. As soon as I got hold of her, she started squirming, and this increased (along with a lot of shouting) once I actually started spraying her. I sprayed her as quickly as I could, and then brushed it through - and then she ran away and started washing herself in disgust. However, the matted fur had definitely been helped by having the spray brushed through, and I had quite a bit of loose hair on the brush. This had loosened tha matts, and so she was able to wash them out herself over the next couple of days.

      I've used the spray again on Misty, when she got some matted hair again (it seems to be caused by her sleeping on damp towels). She took even more offence the second time, but again it did help.

      So although cats don't always like the spray, it does seem to help with matted fur. All our cats are shorthair, so I can't say whether it would work on longhaired cats, who are more prone to matted fur, which can be quite badly matted. Snoopy didn't mind the spray, but Misty hates it, so clearly it depends on the cat. I didn't try it on our other girl, as she's a bit of a scaredy cat - she ran away and hid when I was using it on Misty.

      I would recommend the Pet Head Pretty Kitty Detangling Spray. It helps with matted fur, and it leaves the cat smelling nice for a few days. Additionally, it is a bit more expensive than other detangling sprays, but you only need a small amount (probably more for worse tangles) so it will last for absolutely ages.


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