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Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer

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Brand: Pet-Temp / Animals Equipment Type: Pet Health

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    3 Reviews
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      24.04.2012 13:36
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic pet temperature that helps to put my mind at ease if my cat appears to be unwell.

      We have a cat, who we love millions and we like to try and ensure that she is as looked after as possible. She is basically a member of our family and we try and take care of her the same way we would a child if we were looking after them. We make sure she has nutritional food she likes, comfortable beds to sleep in, nice litter to do her business on and anything else that her heart can desire. We have had to take her to the vets a few times recently because she has some health problems and it is while browsing some items for sale at the vets surgery that I suddenly realised that we did not have a thermometer for her. This was the brand that was on offer at the vets and this is an in ear digital thermometer. The price that I paid was £54.25 which I felt was money well spent as soon as I had it in my bag!

      This thermometer is digital which is one of its features and it is curved to make for simple holding which is always good. This thermometer comes within a case that keeps it protected from damage and also clean. The shape of this thermometer means it will go in to my cats ear with no problems and my cat does not seem to be annoyed by this much at all. My cat is quite placid though and trusts me completely so will sit through vaccinations at the vets or tests with basically no movement or noise at all. Similarly she will let me check her temperature any time I want to without any fuss. If I am needing to check her temperature I will usually do this after her daily brush as I have trained her to know that if she sits with me in the bathroom for long enough that she will get two cat treats at the end of her brushing.

      The thermometer is very simple to use and takes literally seconds to use. There are caps within the box that are sterile and one should be place on the end of the thermometer before it is used. It then needs to be put in to my cats ear and it will flash up instantly with an accurate temperature. The display is very simple to use and I have no problems understanding my cats temperature straight away.

      Overall I have found this thermometer very simple to use. I have an ample supply of sterile caps at the moment and I can see that these are quite widely available on the internet anyway. I love knowing that this is clean and safe for me to use on my favourite ever pet. I like knowing that I can quickly check my cats temperature if I am worrying about anything and that I can then store this back in its protective case after use. My cat will stay still quite easily when I take her temperature but I am able to have one hand free when using this just in case I need to hold her.

      I check the temperature of my cat regularly, at least once a week normally and this helps me to feel relieved that she is nice and healthy inside as cats are sometimes prone to keeping quiet when they are not feeling well.

      I am almost at the point where I need to purchase some new sterile tops for my thermometer and I can get 40 for around £10.00 online which is reasonable enough to ensure my favourite pet is kept healthy and looked after. 38 or 39 is a healthy temperature for my cat, as advised by my local vet, so I always ensure that her temperature is around this. So far I have had no problems with her temperature dropping or rising too much but if I did I would be able to take her to the vet quickly rather than wondering if she is not feeling well and potentially wasting time.

      I feel confident having this in the house that I am doing all I can to look after my cat and this is worth every penny of the price tag.


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        24.07.2009 14:10
        Very helpful



        Can't recommend it highly enough

        After reading the review here on Dooyoo by Fourpaws I decided a Pet Temp ear thermometer was an item I definitely needed to buy. I once asked at my vets if they had ear thermometers and they said no and they still don't which is a shame when this one is available. However, as my boys (cats) are getting older and sometimes have days where they feel a bit under the weather I needed to be able to check their temperatures myself.

        As everyone knows the other option is a rectal thermometer and I'm really not a fan of those. I don't know why my vets surgery still use that method when it's so much more distressing for the animal than an ear thermometer and I would never be able to bring myself to use one at home!

        So having read the review and finding out these ear thermometers were £50 from www.canineconcepts.co.uk I decided to have a quick look on ebay to see if any of the shops on there had any. I found a few from America which were about the same price and then found one from a German ebay shop that was £25 including p&p so I ordered it immediately.

        The Pet Temp ear thermometer comes in a hard plastic case as above in the picture and the actual thermometer itself is the object you can see up there. It's a block you hold in your hand with a digital display on it and the arm folds down for storage and is opened up for use. The end of the thermometer is a cone shape that you put the lens cover on and insert into the ear.

        Along with the thermometer comes a plastic box to store it in and a box of 20 disposable lens covers. I don't think I'll get through many lens covers, so far I've only used this on one of my lads and I've left the same lens cover on throughout because there's no risk of cross contamination but if I use it on my other lad I would change it. Obviously if you have lots of animals or use it in a sugery setting you would need a new lens cover each time. On canine concepts you can buy replacement lense covers for £8.99 for 40 so it's not too expensive.

        The thermometer itself comes with a built in lithium battery. This battery is supposed to last 5 years and once it's run out needs to be replaced by the manufacturer and has to be sent away for this. This is the only aspect I don't like about the Pet Temp, I'd much rather be able to change the battery myself.

        So to use the thermometer you basically rotate the arm up so it's in the position shown in the picture, put a lens cover on by placing the box of them under a circular section of the carrying case and pushing the probe into the box so you don't touch the fresh cover. This is all explained in the instructions that come with the Pet Temp if my explanation doesn't make sense! They advise you put the wrist strap around your wrist to prevent you dropping the Pet Temp, then press the button. There is only one button so it's not possible to get confused!

        On the screen after you've pressed the button it shows battery power, initially a test image of some digits, a lens cover shape to remind you to put one on and then it goes to the last temperature taken by the thermometer. At this point it will then go to "ready" and the word ready flashes onto the screen. This is where you need to have your animal ready for action and someone holding them still preferably!

        The probe goes into the ear canal of your dog or cat as far as it will go, it won't go very far because the probe is too thick so you can't put it in too far but obviously gently is the operative word here! My lad flattens his ear down when I try to insert this and the book tells you to pull the ear towards the tail but personally I just lift it slightly with my fingers and slide past it so it doesn't upset him, well would you like your ear pulled?!

        Then you push the button again and the thermometer beeps to signal it's done. It has to be taken out before 3 seconds or you can get a faulty reading so this is very quick. My boy doesn't much like the beep, it startles him a bit to be truthful but there does need to be some way of alerting you that it's done so it can't be helped.

        So then you read the temperature. They advise you initally take a reading 3 days in a row when they are fit and well so you can establish what is normal for your animal. Also wait for 30 to 60 minutes after exercise or after they have been sunbathing to prevent a faulty, and alarming, reading. There are some possible errors which I won't list but the booklet contains all of them and what you will see on the screen should these happen and what to do about them.

        The lens itself needs to be kept clean and to do this you just wipe it with alcohol and wait ten minutes afterwards before using it. Your pets ears need to be clean but they should be anyway right! Also if there are signs of an ear infection the probe is not a good idea which again is commonsense but needs saying! It is also small enough to use on rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and chinchillas as well as cats and dogs! This means even the tiniest cat or dog would be fine with the Pet Temp.

        I won't go into explaining infrared because I don't understand it but that's how this works and it doesn't emit any signal or radiation.

        That's the product but how easy is it to use? I have to say it is very simple once you've used it once. The booklet makes it sound more complicated than it is and really it's a case of put on a lens cover, pop in the ear and press the button and that's it! I've only used it on cats so I can't comment on the other animals it can be used for but it was fine. My boy didn't like having something in his ear but then cats don't and it's better than the alternative but they don't understand that!

        He didn't fuss much though as it's so quick, just one second after you press the button the beep happens to tell you it's taken the reading. The beep isn't nice for cats but it's only a short one and not too loud. I get my partner to cuddle him while I do it so he stays still.

        As for reliability I was concerned this wouldn't give a correct reading but one of my lads recently had to go to the vets and I took his temperature before he went using the Pet Temp and then asked for their reading when they'd taken it and they matched so it obviously does read the temperature as accurately as the traditional method.

        Overall I'm really glad I bought this, it's easy to use and accurate and if I'm ever in doubt about their temperature I can quickly and easily take it myself which is something I've always wanted to be able to do witout having to go to the vets for it. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway that if you find a high or low temperature a vet visit is required and also be gentle with the Pet Temp, it goes in easily and should never be pushed hard or forced. I honestly think anyone who has a pet should have one of these in their first aid items so you can tell what's happening with their temperature, people with kids always have a thermometer in for these occasions so it's no different for your animal babies.

        The only thing I don't like is the battery being built in but I'm not deducting a star as this is such a great product to have.

        Thoroughly recommended.


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          23.02.2009 17:47
          Very helpful



          One of the most important purchases you will ever make for your pet

          *What is the Pet-Temp Thermometer?*
          This easy to operate pet ear thermometer is produced by the AMC company, who produce a large variety of digital thermometers for both children and adults, and also a selection of thermometers designed exclusively for use on pets.

          *The product itself*
          Many parents of young children will probably have a thermometer tucked away somewhere for when their child is ill, and will probably agree that they are extremely useful pieces of equipment for monitoring their childs condition whilst they are ill, but pet thermometers are often something pet owners forget to think about and never feel the need to purchase, despite the fact they can be potentially life saving items, and something every person who owns an animal should ideally have in their house.

          When most people think about thermometers for pets they probably still think about what they have seen on the telly- thermometers that get inserted in your pets rear end and must stay there for a few minutes before a reading can be taken! Thankfully, the veterinary industry has moved with the times and technology now enables an animals temperature to be taken in the same way as a baby or childs might be at the doctors- with a digital ear thermometer.

          The Pet-Temp thermometer started off in veterinary practices as a quicker, more comfortable alternative to rectal thermometers which are both hard to read and somewhat uncomfortable for the animal, but as technology moved on the company who makes these produced new thermometers which are designed for the more constant use in veterinary practices (the Vet-Temp) and these Pet-Temp Ear Thermometers became available to pet owners to use in their own home.

          The Pet-Temp is quite a large thermometer but comes in a hard plastic protective case so is easy to store when not in use and provides an extremely quick and easy way to take your pets temperature, whether for general monitoring purposes on healthy animals, or to help look after your pet when they are ill, and can be used on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, ferrets and most other small pets. The Pet-Temp is made from sturdy white plastic with a small digital screen and the temperature reading instrument on one end, handily the Pet-Temp is designed in a curved shape to easily enable you to insert it into your pets ear without too much fuss.

          To use the thermometer you must place one of the sterile caps that come supplied with the thermometer over the temperature reading instrument and insert gently into your pets ear, the Pet-Temp will then take your pets temperature accurately in just 1 second and display it clearly on the digital screen. The Pet-Temp is very easy to use, with just one button needed to operate it and comes with a built-in lithium battery which will last five years, and 25 sterile caps which you need to fit before using the thermometer each time.

          The Pet-Temp comes packaged in thick clear plastic with a cardboard insert which tells you all the details about the product such as how to use it correctly, clean and look after it and some brief information about how the thermometer works. The information isn't printed on the thermometer itself so its worthwhile keeping the cardboard insert or jotting down the directions until you are confident you know how to correctly work the thermometer.

          *Price & Availability*
          For some strange reason, pet thermometers don't seem to be sold in any pet shop I have came across, but this Pet-Temp can be purchased from various places online, or from some veterinary practices. I purchased my Pet-Temp from www.canineconcepts.co.uk for £49.99.

          *My opinion*
          Pet thermometers are absolutely priceless pieces of equipment- they may be initially a little expensive to purchase, but they could potentially save your pets life, so surely that more than justifies the purchase price. One of the best I have used, both in my career as a Veterinary Nurse, and at home as the owner of an exceptionally high amount of pets, is this Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer.

          It wins on all counts really- it provides an at home solution to enable you to quickly, easily and effectively check your pets temperature and helps you make a more informed decision over whether you think professional veterinary attention is needed. I've found the Pet-Temp exceptionally easy to use, the slim, curved design of the thermometer enables me to use it one handed whilst keeping my other hand free to keep hold of the animal I am using it on, or to write down the reading it has taken. It's also much more pleasant for the animal, they barely, if at all, notice the thermometer in their ear, and even if they do, it only takes literally a second to take the reading and then I can remove it again, unlike old fashioned rectal thermometers which are uncomfortable for the animal, and can take up to ten minutes to take a reading, which most of the time isn't that accurate anyway.

          I get the most use out of my Pet-Temp on my dogs, once a week I'll take their temperature and keep a written record of it, so I can easily spot any illness which they may not being showing other symptoms of and this enables me to spot any problems early on so they can get the best possible treatment as quick as they can if there is any abnormalities.

          But I have also used it on many of my other animals. Last year when I hand reared two litters of abandoned kittens I used the Pet-Temp to monitor them, making sure they had no signs of fever etc and it helped me keep track of the healthy and the less healthy kittens in the litters. The only problem being is that the instrument that takes the temperature- the bit that gets inserted into the ear- is fairly large so on tiny kittens it did take a little bit of effort to ensure it was placed correctly. In other circumstances I have also used it on my ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas and my adult cat, all with the same faultless performance and excellent, quick readings given every time.

          The one most important thing you should remember though when using the Pet-Temp is to use a new, clean, sterile cap each time you use it, even if on the same animal, this helps prolong the life of the thermometer by keeping it clean of debris from your pets ear, but also helps minimise infections and passing on illnesses from one animal to another. I must admit I am able to get the caps free from work but the Pet-Temp comes supplied with 25 and when they run out they can be purchased online for roughly £9 for a pack of 40.

          All in all, a pretty much faultless product and one which every pet owner should have regardless of the type of animal they own. Initially, it may be fairly expensive but you can't put a price on your pets health can you!

          -PLEASE NOTE-
          ** The normal, healthy temperate for adult Dogs is between 37.2-39.2 Celsius and between 37.8- 39.4 Celsius for adult Cats, and a low temperature can be just as dangerous as a high one. This thermometer is NOT a substitute for proper veterinary attention, and should your pet be displaying any signs of illness, or have an abnormal temperature- professional veterinary treatment must always be sought immediately**


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        • Product Details

          Safe for use on dogs / cats / rabbits / contains built-in lithium battery / equipped with a convenient carrying case and 25 sterile and disposable lens covers.

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