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Red I Am Microchipped Cat Collar

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Manufacturer: Pet Tag Engraving / Type: Cat Collars

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 01:03
      Very helpful



      A brilliant collar for the most precious thing I own!

      I absolutely dote on my one year old, half rag-doll cat...Myrtle. She is the light of my life and I'm so proud that I get to own her and look after her and often wonder how she puts with me.......but she does and we muddle through life together rather well. Its fair to say that she is spoilt and in my view you can't spoil something you love too much and I feel she deserves the best of everything due to being my best mate and giving to me far more pleasure than I can ever give to her!

      Myrtle is micro-chipped and was soon after I got her. It wasn't a cheap procedure to have done at the time and the place I went to and I was with her when she had it done and a few months down the line I'm really pleased I had it done.

      At the time I had her micro-chipped she was a house cat, I lived in a block of flats and in a town centre so I had no where to let her out to and she'd of never got back in and so on however I now have a ground floor flat on a quiet street and I spend half the week (at least) at my Mums who has a huge and nice back garden that Myrty loves to explore....she really loves the outdoors.

      Myrtle has not shown any signs of jumping fences and embracing the outside world however she is a cat and even though she hasn't realised that she has springy legs I do know that she does and a concern to me was not only she could escape but another reason I bought this collar is cos it has a little bell on it, to warn the birds she's on her way and as much as I adore my cat I'd struggle to come to terms to living with a feline murderer!

      This I spotted on Amazon for just a bit less than a fiver. I didn't want a collar that had her name on and stuff in case she was found and kept by someone but I did want something that may help people to get her back to me, I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't even think she was micro-chipped in the first place so i want them to know that she is! Also I liked the safety feature of this that if it got caught on anything whilst on her its meant to snap off so for all of those reasons I hit the buy button!

      The Packaging:

      The collar comes on a card which is pink and grey and on the front of it we are clearly told that it is Ancol 'Designed For Cats', I am Microchipped Alert Cat Collar With Safety Buckle 'Safety buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing and exploring' and then on the back we are told a bit about the collar and why its a good option to buy it, warnings are given and contact details for Ancol Pet Products are given.

      The Collar:

      As soon as it arrived I was really, really pleased with it. The colour option I went for is a rich blood red though I have also seen this in a navy blue option and its a not too thick or cumbersome collar and is made of a thickish material and it looks very good quality and its lightweight.

      Basically it is a strip with a little bright red metallic and quite noisy little bell on it and it has a light red plastic clasp that easily clicks into the other side of it. You can make this smaller or larger and it actually does go very small to really big and of course in white writing which glows in the dark says 'I am microchipped' and that's to both sides of the collar.

      This collar has a little give to it, its easy to get it on and off and to adjust it and so on. The colour is lovely and it really does look very smart on my black cat my only issue with this is that its great when I do let her out and when I'm looking for her as I can hear her when she moves but then I have to take this off her at night cos the flipping bell is so annoying however if you like a loud a loud bell and it doesn't bother you then its great and I'm sure our local birds appreciate my purchase!

      I highly recommend this though as it gives me piece of mind but of course there is never any guarantee that if she was found that she'd be returned to me but I just feel that if she did go missing I gave her every chance to get back home to me and happy I hadn't given out too much detail about her or me on collar.

      All in all a great buy, I love the fact that if I pull on the collar a little robust it breaks apart which again is important to Myrtles safety so yup thumbs up Ancol for this one!

      I have only seen this online for sale and not in any pet shops or anything so if you want one....try Amazon!


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