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Tesco Woody Cat Litter

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Brand: Tesco

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2012 11:33
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      A great value litter which hides odours

      Some time ago, we switched from the more common clay/stone based cat litter to wood pellet litter. One of our cats seemed to be taking offence at a less than pristine litter tray, and we decided to try some different types of litter to see if that helped.

      Having found a winner in wood based litter, the Tesco Wood Cat Litter Ultra Absorbent is the one that I buy most often. It offers slightly better value than the Pets at Home variety, and is better quality than the Morrisons version. Tesco wood cat litter comes in a 10L bag at about £3.60, the bag is plastic instead of the usual paper, and has a useful handle if you're carrying it home from the shop, although I tend to buy a few bags when I do an online order.

      The litter itself is well described by the name "wood pellet litter". It consists of cylinders of a wood-like material, each little pellet being a centimetre or so long. The instructions advise that you fill the litter tray with 1cm deep of the litter, although I tend to put in maybe a little more than this - but it is advisable that you stick to a shallow depth, for reasons I will come to shortly.

      Once a cat has a pee on the litter, the pellets dissolve into sawdust. I don't believe the litter claims any particular odour-control properties, but wood pellet litter in general is much better for this than clay based litter, and in fact gives off a sawdust sort of smell, which is much nicer than any smells you would expect to come from a cat's litter tray. When the pellets dissolve when wet, they actually expand, and this is why you want to be careful not to overfill the tray - it only takes a couple of visits for the tray to become very full if you've put in too much litter. The Tesco wood litter expands quite a bit, but considerably less so than its Morrisons equivalent; this is one reason I prefer the Tesco litter, as you don't need to clean out the tray after just a couple of pees have been done in it.

      When it comes to solid waste, the Tesco wood litter actually performs better when it is not completely fresh. Due to the size of the pellets when they have not dissolved, they don't cover solid waste terribly well, they leave gaps. However, once there is some sawdust in the tray, this covers solid waste very well, and completely masks any nasty odours.

      The Tesco wood pellet litter is the easiest to clean from a tray as well. Where most clay based litters will stick to the bottom of the tray and require quite a scrub to get completely clean, the wood litter sawdust doesn't stick, and once removed, the tray looks just as clean as when it was filled. Of course I give it a proper clean when I empty it, but it's definitely a bonus to start off the cleaning without a need to scrub at dried on litter.

      So, I'm happy with this litter, but more to the point, what do the cats think? No matter what I think, if they don't like it, it has to go. The first time we filled their trays with the wood litter, they were a bit suspiscious, but it soon became apparent that they were happy with it. There is no sulking or grumpiness after a tray has only been used a couple of times, and in actual fact they seem to like it once there's a bit of sawdust in the tray, as it gives more scope for digging and shovelling.

      I don't feel any particular loyalty to the Tesco Wood Cat Litter, but it is good value and convenient to have it delivered with the grocery shopping. The odour control and cleanliness of the litter are huge benefits over the various clay based litters we've used in the past, and so this litter is a winner in our house, for people and cats alike.


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