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Tigerino Crystals XXL Cat Litter

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Brand: Tigerino / Type: Cat Litter & Litter Boxes

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 14:06
      Very helpful



      Not one for us

      I bought this cat litter after trying another variety from the range. The first one I tried was the standard sized litter with the scent of flowers. I was happy enough with this so when I saw that Zooplus were offering four 5l bags of the XXL variety for just £11.49 I ordered some.

      The litter comes in a bag exactly the same as the picture above shows. It has bright pink detailing which makes it easy to quickly distinguish between varieties.

      To use the litter is easy. You simply pour a few inches into your cats tray and it's ready to go. The litter is a silica type or as some may know it, the crystal type. The advantages of this variety are that it is practically dust free and it stays fresher for longer, trapping and neutralising odours and keeping the tray cleaner for longer.

      It is recommended that you change the litter around once a fortnight although some sources suggest that this type of litter can last for up to four weeks. I had no expectation of it lasting so long but hoped that it may last a week or so.

      Duke didn't really like the texture of this litter. Although he got on with the other variety fine, I think that this was just too big. The pieces can be quite sharp so I imagine that it was a bit painful on his paws. In the end I began using this on the bottom of the tray and topping it up with the other version because I was worried that as he was experiencing a few toilet problems at the time, the large pieces weren't likely to be making the situation any easier.

      The litter promises to keep the tray clean and odour free. The pieces are white so any urine would immediately stain it though it did mask the urine smell. Larger toilet pieces were not neutralised at all, I cannot comment on how clean the litter stays if this is left in there as Dukes is always removed very quickly.

      The litter was acceptable for around 3 days. By this point it looked horrible and Duke understandably didn't want to use it.

      Emptying the tray is easy, simply pour into a bin bag. I have found that there is often some crystals stuck on the bottom but a quick prod with the litter scoop eases it off.

      This litter simply doesn't live up to its promises. It's odd that the smaller crystal varieties seem to work much better, especially in cleanliness. The litter really does need changing after 3 days. The bag can just about provide two changes. However, most houses usually have 2 or more trays meaning that you will need a bag per change. This means that when buying at the normal price it would cost around £7 per week. This is too expensive in my opinion for a product that my cat doesn't really like.

      I have found that after one day the tray already looks dirty which really isn't nice. Other litters I have used including Asdas antibacterial version which costs around £3.10 for 8 litres have stayed looking cleaner for longer. Granted, it does get rid of the odour of urine but I have found other litters to do this just as well.

      I won't be buying this particular variety again but I would buy the regular version previously mentioned because it does a much better job. However, personally I do believe that the silica cat litter is overrated - brands like Catsan, Sanicat and even Asda do just as good a job, maybe even better.

      I wouldn't recommend this but if you do want to try it, the only place I have seen it sold is www.zooplus.co.uk


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  • Product Details

    Tigerino Crystals XXL silicate cat litter. Stops bad odours in seconds. This extremely absorbent cat litter has extra large granules and is ecologically friendly and very economical.

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