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Trixie Cat Toy Bird for Door Frames

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1 Review
  • Doesn't damage door frame.
  • Cats can play on their own.
  • May not entertain your cat for long.
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    1 Review
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      25.03.2015 19:27
      Very helpful


      • Adjustable.
      • "Easy to install."
      • "Doesn't damage door frame."
      • "Well made."
      • "Cats can play on their own."


      • "May not entertain your cat for long."

      Great for cats to play on their own, it will keep them amused briefly.

      I read a review on the website Zooplus (where I bought this from), that said their cat really enjoyed playing with this toy and I thought I’d give it a try for my cat.

      It’s basically a small bird-shaped plush toy (it’s no bigger than my hand) on the end of a long piece of elastic, with a device at the top which allows you to hook it onto door frames without the need for drilling holes or fixing it up. The device at the top is made from wire with rubber stops at the ends. It looks a bit like a deformed coat-hanger!

      I had doubts that it would stay up when my cat grabbed it but I was surprised that it didn’t fall down, and upon removing (it takes seconds to put up and take down) it hadn’t left any marks either which I was pleased about.

      The elastic is adjustable so if your cat likes to jump you can make it more difficult to catch by shortening it. It’s advised to have it just dangling off the floor as a limp toy just sat on the floor won’t get your cats interest.

      When I first put it up my cat loved it, she played with it lots but soon bored of it (within a few days). Now she’ll play with it but I have to initiate the play by making the toy bounce up and down on the elastic. Or I have to put it away for a while, and then surprise her with it.

      So, as with most cat toys, this will either be a hit or a miss with your cat. I would guess that if they like those fishing rod type toys then they’ll probably like this, and it’s a good toy that they can play with on their own so you can use it to entertain them while you’re not at home.

      Overall it’s well-made and has lasted well. Even though it’s not my cat’s favourite toy I don’t think it was a wasted purchase as she briefly enjoyed it.


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  • Product Details

    Plush toy with catnip and fitting to hang in door frame especially robust and high-quality.

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