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Trixie Cleany Litter Box

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1 Review
  • Sturdy
  • Deeper to stop litter being flung
  • Could be too high for limited mobility cats
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    1 Review
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      01.03.2015 22:25
      Very helpful


      • Sturdy
      • "Deeper to stop litter being flung"
      • "Easy to clean"


      • "Could be too high for limited mobility cats"

      A good solution to a litter flinger

      With four cats in the house we are often re-evaluating the "cat litter issue". We have tried covered litters, open litters, high backed litters.

      The problem is all four cats have different methods of driving us insane. We have a "peeing up the wall" cat, we have a "don't like covered litters" cat but the worst is the "digging all the litter out of the tray" cat

      What is worse is he will use the litter tray as normal then either stand inside and kick it all out or stand OUTSIDE and reach in and scoop it all out. We think he's possessed by demons!

      This cat litter tray comes in two colours white (as shown) or a bright turquoise colour with a white edge guard.

      I find white plastic can discolour over time so I chose the bright and cheerful turquoise ones.

      They have four rubbered feet to stop the trays slipping and the plastic edge guard can be added or removed. It clips on at each corner by four strong clips.

      The trays are very deep, higher at the back and sloping down at the front (however the height at the front was still twice the size of our current litter trays)

      We bought one to start with and took away are lowest existing litter tray. With two elderly cats (13 years old each) I wanted to see if they could get inside easily.

      All four cats used that new tray when it arrived and no one had any issues. The two elderly females just "jumped" into them and the two large males simply stepped inside.

      Since my litter flinger does it in all the trays and I don't always catch him doing it, it was hard to find out if this tray was working or if the cat litter all over the floor was just from the other trays.

      So I had to replace all of them and find out.

      While my litter flinger was not able to stand outside the tray and scoop out the litter as he once did, he could still kick from the inside, though thankfully only about a 1/8 of what normally would end up outside did so. I call that a win!

      I believe if the edge guard was removed it would have been worse though.

      Easy enough as its smooth plastic so can be scrubbed and cleaned as normal. I also steam clean the litter trays and having the edge guard removable made this easy to do

      [Supplier & price]
      I got mine from Pet Connections via Amazon.

      The price (for the turquoise one) was £14.79 and for the white one £16.99. However I have noticed now that they are both £16.99 with free delivery

      A good buy if you have large cats (our two males are very big) that need some room and/or litter flingers like I do.


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  • Product Details

    Extra deep litter box with wide siding from Trixie. Even cats who love to paw and scratch won't spread their litter. Measurements 54 x 45.5 x 21 cm.

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