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Trixie Cuddle Bag Leika

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Manufacturer: Trixie / Type: Cat Beds

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2010 12:57
      Very helpful



      A really nice cat bed but clearly not for all cats

      I bought the Trixie Cuddle Bag Leika from www.zooplus.co.uk last winter for Snoopy when I thought it was time he had a bed of his own once again, instead of trampling all over me. My flat can be very cold in winter, so I thought he would appreciate a furry bed, and when I saw this cuddle bag I thought it was ideal. It is currently priced at £12.90, which is roughly what I paid.

      The cuddle bag is made of thick, soft material, covered in a silvery animal pattern fake fur. The fake fur is lovely, really soft and strokable. Although the cuddle bag is not shaped or structured like most other styles of cat beds, it is good quality and durable. The cuddle bag is pretty much a sleeping bag for cats, there's an opening at one end that they can stick their head out if they want. The opening is shaped on the top so that it stands slightly open; I think this is so that the cat can tell that it is something they can crawl into and not just a piece of fake fur lying around!

      Snoopy had a good examine of the cuddle bag when it arrived, then demanded his tea. I didn't expect him to go in straight away, so I left it in a corner for him to try out at his leisure.

      However, time passed and I didn't see him using it - he was continuing to sleep on my lap when I was on the sofa, on the floor under the radiator, or burrow under the duvet on my bed. I took to examining the cuddle bag when I got in from work - I was confident that due to the light colour of the fake fur, I'd be able to spot Snoopy's dark hair on it if he had used it. But there was no sign.

      Then one day he curled up on top of the bag! He had the wrong idea but it was a good start - and the way I saw it, even if he was using the bed wrongly, if he was getting use out of it that was a good thing. He did this a few more times but after a while it stopped.

      I tried putting the cuddle bag on the bottom of my bed at night. He always sleeps on the bed with me, so I thought maybe he would use it if it was in one of his customary sleeping spots. But again, he ignored it.

      I've kept the cuddle bag for Snoopy, but he hasn't shown any more interest in it. I keep meaning to give it to someone else who has a cat who likes burrowing to see if she likes it. Snoopy does burrow under the duvet or under the throws on my sofa, so I thought he would be happy to crawl into this.

      I can't fault the product itself, it is a very nice and good quality cat bed, but it just wasn't for Snoopy. I don't know if he didn't realise that it's a bed for him, he didn't like it or he simply prefers other sleeping spots, but it was of no interest to him.

      Winter is approaching again - I think I might try an igloo-style bed this year. Snoopy has had one before and liked it, so maybe a safer purchase!


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