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Wobbly Nobbly Cat Toy

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Manufacturer: Happy Pet / Type: Cat Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2012 14:26
      Very helpful



      Doesn't break the bank to give it a try

      In February of this year I agreed to take on two young rescue cats, Max and Harry, and I have to admit I'd completely forgotten about the ways of young cats! Max was 9 months old and Harry 7 months old when they arrived and one of the first wake up calls was the chewing. Everything went into their mouths, furniture, shoes, tupperware containers, the door of the carrier, kitchen cupboard handles etc etc, you get the picture! Thinking it would be nice to find them something safe to chew to fulfill that need I had a look on www.vetuk.co.uk to see what I could get. Roll forward the Nobbly Wobbly toy.

      The Nobbly Wobbly toy is like a ball shape made of tough rubber rings, 6 in total and each one a different colour. The rings aren't smooth circles but kind of like a flower shape, the kind of flower shape we all used to draw as kids that is. In the middle is a bell which helpfully is too large for them to swallow should they chew through a ring and release it. Overall the ball is about 4 cm in diameter so not huge and technically about normal size for a cat ball.

      The Nobbly Wobbly ball cost me a measly £1.90 which I added to an order where I already had free delivery so very inexpensive. When it arrived I thought it seemed ideal and the rubber doesn't really smell rubbery which I felt made it more acceptable to them. The first time I rolled this across the floor both Max and Harry chased it and had a bit of a paw at it however it is quite heavy and cumbersome due to the shape and material so their attempts to roll it further didn't get them far and they soon lost interest in trying.

      Over the next few weeks I rolled it in catnip, rolled it across the floor for them and aimed the dot from the laser mouse at this toy but they really couldn't care less! Neither of them have ever chewed it even if they are chewing something they shouldn't and I replace it with this ball, they just have no interest in it at all and it's been sat on the floor doing nothing for the entire duration we've had it.

      I'm not going to give this toy a very low rating because it's a good idea for chewers, safe and a good tough texture and we all know that what suits one cat another won't touch so if my two had liked this it would have been great. As it is it will likely get lost under the sofa and come to light when I've completely forgotten it exists! A middle of the road 3 stars from me as it would be good if they liked it and it's a nice cheap toy so if it does get chewed and need replacing doesn't cost the earth.


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