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Zooplus Cat Tree Bora Bora

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2 Reviews

Brand: Zooplus / Type: Cat Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2012 14:07
      Very helpful



      A fantastic cat tree house

      I decided to buy this tree for my cat as she is not the docile type and I thought a climbing frame would help keep boredom at bay. She has such a short attention span with little toys, but loves to climb and explore so I wanted to get her a big tree with lots of platforms and nooks.

      This tree fits the bill of bring interesting and interactive and was also one of the cheapest large cat trees. On delivery there was also the lovely little surprise of two toy mice included free which Poppy was extremely pleased about!

      The tree comes in separate pieces packaged in a large box but the instructions are easy to follow and it only took about 20 minutes in total to set up (as mentioned also in previous review).

      The tree is surprisingly tall as noted before. The website measures the tree at 173cm which I assumed to be fairly tall, but I was still surprised to notice that it was taller than me and I am 5'6". I have the tree kept in the corner of my living room, anywhere else in a room and it would look dominating. Personally I have it in the living room as despite pretending to be little miss independent my cat likes to be in whichever room I am in and I wanted her to be able to use the cat tree often to justify the expense! The neutral colours mean that, despite the obvious size, the tree actually fits in well in my living room.

      Agreeing with the previous review I am also really pleased with the quality of the cat tree. The tree still looks like new and I have had it for three months now. Considering it took less than a matter of weeks for Poppy to completely unravel her Pets at Home scratching post, I am pleased to see that the ropes of the cat tree scratching posts are still firmly attached.
      The soft ball hanging by a piece of elastic is still firmly attached which I am extremely surprised at, considering Poppy absolutely terrorizes that ball!
      I was initially concerned that the hammock would not stay horizontal for long being attached at only one point however, my Poppy has been jumping in and out of it and sleeps in there every evening and it has lasted with no change this far.
      I am extremely happy with the quality of this cat tree.

      All in all, Poppy absolutely loves her cat tree, which was my main concern; after all you don't want to spend all that money for your cat to be completely uninterested! She loves to sit on the top platform and survey the room, jump from platform to platform, curl up in the hammock every evening and sleep in the den on occasion. I was worried she may get bored after the novelty had worn off but she truly seems to consider it her very own little tree house and I certainly think it was worth the money.


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      06.02.2012 17:39
      Very helpful
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      A great value cat tree highly recommended by both Dashel and me

      Ever since I got my cat he has been making do with an Argos scratching pole which did a perfectly fine job as a scratching pole but after watching a TV show I found out cats like to have high places as it makes them feel safer so I decided to buy him a new cat tree that had a few different platforms and places for him to hide and play.

      I had a look online and in quite a few shops and there is a huge selection of poles some of which can run into hundreds of pounds. I made sure to pay attention to any reviews that might be on the sites as I know how funny cats can be with things so I wanted to make sure that there were other cats out there who liked it before I parted with any money.
      I finally found the Bora Bora cat tree on zooplus.co.uk and it seemed to fit all my requirements. It looked like it was tall and it had plenty of different platforms and nooks for him to play on. The reviews on the website were good but of course just because all these other cats liked the tree didn't mean that my cat would.

      The tree has a rrp of £89.99 but zooplus were selling it for £69.99. I thought this was an excellent price as some of the other trees I was looking at were much more expensive and were nowhere near as big.
      Unboxing and setting up
      Delivery was quick and the tree arrived in a large box. Alongside the tree there was some instructions on how to set the tree up. Being a man obviously I didn't bother with the instructions and set to putting the tree up on my own.
      The whole tree was completely separate and there were several parts that needed to be attached together. This was pretty simple and was just a case of screwing the parts together and the whole tree took me about 20 minutes to set up.

      ~~~~~~~~~~ How big? ~~~~~~~~~~

      According to the website the height of the tree is 172cm. Now even though I knew this to be quite large I wasn't really expecting it to be quite as large as it actually is. I am 6 foot and the tree is nearly as tall as me but as well as being tall it is also wide and it just looks large and clunky and it certainly isn't a minimalist tree.
      I actually wanted a large tree but I wouldn't recommend this one for people who are looking for a tree that is going to just fit in with their décor and not look out of place as the tree absolutely dominates my room. This isn't a problem for me personally but some house proud people might want to keep it in a separate room away from their living room.

      ~~~~~~~~~~ Quality ~~~~~~~~~~

      I have been really pleased with the quality of this cat tree. I wasn't expecting it to be so well made considering the price difference between this and other trees of a similar size. All the posts on the tree are covered in a rope fabric which is really strong and well stuck to the posts so that when Dashel scratches them it doesn't come loose.
      The platforms are covered in a softer fabric which also seems to be tightly stuck and there are no loose bits for him to get a hold of and tear open.
      Even though the tree is huge and really tall it is very sturdy and even when he is jumping on it and flinging himself around it I don't worry that it is going to come tumbling over. There is only one slight cause for concern as far as I am concerned and that is with the little hammock part which really does sag when he is lying in it. The hammock part also isn't all that big and even Dashel who isn't that big has trouble getting himself into it.

      ~~~~~~~~~~ Dashels reaction ~~~~~~~~~~

      I was a little concerned when putting up the Bora Bora cat tree that he wasn't going to like it especially when he was absolutely loving the box that it came in but before I had even finished assembling the tree he was already in it playing.
      Dashel is quite an active boisterous little boy and he love taking a run and jump at the tree and flinging himself at it.
      He enjoys jumping from platform to platform and using the hammock quite often. There is also a small house on the tree with several openings that he likes running through and two different tunnels which he will occasionally climb into.

      The main thing for me was that he would have some platforms high up that he could get to as apparently this calms cats down as they like to be higher than their humans. I have positioned the tree next to the window so he can now jump from lower platforms to higher ones and then on to the window. He seems to absolutely love this and I only wish I had done this sooner for him.
      There is also a little ball which hangs from the top platform by a piece of string. When I first saw this I didn't think it would last for more than two minutes but he is always biting it and swinging his paws at it and the ball and string are still there which I think goes to show the level of quality with the tree.

      ~~~~~~~~~~ Recommendation ~~~~~~~~~~

      I would highly recommend this cat tree to other pet owners. It not only acts as a scratching pole to protect your furniture but it also helps stimulate my cat and give him some exercise as he is more active using this than with any other toy I have ever bought for him.
      It also acts as somewhere for your cat to sleep and there are several platforms, tunnels and even a house for him to curl up on. Dashels favourite places for sleeping are the hammock and the top platform which he likes to lie on and stare superiorly down at me. He also loves to use the top platform when I have people over as he gets a bit nervous around other people and being high up seems to help him cope better as before he would hide under the couch and I wouldn't see him for ages.
      The best thing for me is that he really does seem to love his cat tree so for me it was worth the money and is something I wouldn't hesitate to buy again. I have only had it a couple of months but in that time the tree is still looking immaculate and I am confident that it is well made enough that no matter the amount of abuse it may get from Dashel it will still be standing for a long time to come.


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