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Armitage Good Girl Deli-licious Chicken Bites

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2 Reviews
  • My cats like them very much
  • They have got a lot of chicken in them
  • They do not feel nice to touch
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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2014 22:05
      Very helpful
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      • "My cats like them very much "
      • "They have got a lot of chicken in them"


      • "They do not feel nice to touch "

      89% chicken and my cats like these very much

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a treat for cats that is made from 89% chicken. It is not a biscuit and is more like beef jerky that humans eat so it is nice for cats to chew.


      These treats come in little bits and I give my cats a small pile of them every time I use them. That is about 4 but they are all different sizes so it is hard to say.


      These do not smell like chicken but my cats eat them as fast as they can so I think they should taste like meat because they eat biscuits and them sort of treats alot slower. I think they do not smell pleasing and I am glad I do not eat them.

      I like that these have got so much chicken in them and I think that is good for my cats.

      The texture of these treats makes my cats chew them for longer and that is good for their teeth and gives their jaws exercise because they have to work harder to eat. I think they feel a bit horrible and I do not like to touch them with my hand but I like the way they are all different shapes and sizes because that makes them look more natural and I think that it is important to give my cats variety with their food and that does not just mean in flavour.

      My cats like these very much and they always eat all of their treats when I give these to them. They do not walk away until they have eaten them all and I laugh sometimes because one of my cats stays there until he has eaten them all and then walks off chewing the last piece like he has been waiting to finish so he can go do something else.


      These treats are made by Armitage and cost only 89p for a packet that lasts for a few days even though I have got more than one cat who eats them.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        11.01.2013 14:35
        Very helpful



        A great little treat for Myrtle once again from this brand of good quality products!

        One thing I get through on a weekly basis is loads and loads of cat treats. What I mean by that isn't really that I give my Myrtle too many of them (A little lady has to watch her weight too after all!) but that I do buy lots of different brands of them and in lots of interesting flavours.

        These I bought in my local Tesco store costing me 88p for a 30g bag and that bag is bright orange and plastic with a zipper to the top of it and on the front of it we are told that they are Armitage 'Kool Katz' Deli-Licious Chicken Bites 'Hypoallergenic' and that they contain 89% real Chicken and that they are free from artificial colours and preservatives and there is a scribble on there of a cartoon cat too then on the back of the back other information listed includes ingredients and nutritional advice being given as well as feeding instructions, the size is stated and contact details for the manufacturer are also stated.

        The Chicken Bites:

        The first time I saw these bits they confused me a little. They were nothing like I was expecting and more like orangy shards of dried and thin meat. They are after all 89% real chicken, there are no bones in there or anything else nasty but did look a bit odd at first to me!

        My Myrty loves these though. Initially she wasn't all that enthralled on them but think that over time she has gotten herself used to them and will beg on two legs when she sees the orange packet they come in being rattled about!

        They don't really have a smell to me and no feeding advice is given on them at all though I just give her a few at a time and make sure she has a big bowl of water down as they do tend to make her a little thirsty.

        All in all we like them. Myrtle likes them which is the main thing of course and for the price you buy your get a rather few shards of the 'bites' and whats more they are not unhealthy having such a high meat content to them so thats me extra happy!

        Available in all good supermarkets and pets stores such as Pets At Home.


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