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Asda Tiger Cat Sticks Rich in Lamb

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Brand: Asda / Type: Food

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2014 10:49
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      Great little 'cat treat' sticks from the Asda Tiger brand..

      My tabby-cat lodger has settled into my home quite nicely over the past couple of months, and whilst our living together is likely to come to an end soon, as she usually stays with my parents, I have taken the opportunity to spoil her as much as possible as I love having her to visit. In addition, my old tabby needs to be given several medications every day, as she has a few health conditions to contend with in her old age. As many cat owners will know, it can be a bit of a challenge to get our feline friends to take their assorted medications as they are rather fussy and extremely intelligent creatures, being considerably more difficult to fool into taking their tablets than our canine companions.. (in my experience, at least). To assist in the administering of Tabby-cat's medications every day, I have purchased a selection of assorted treats and snacks to help disguise the small tablets she must take each day.

      This review will discuss our experiences of trying a 'stick-style' cat treat that I've purchased for my Tabby a couple of times now from Asda, namely the Asda Tiger Cat Sticks Rich In Lamb."

      These particular Cat Sticks are only available to purchase from Asda, as they are an own-branded product. You can purchase in-store, or online at www.asda.com where postage costs normally apply. The normal price for the pack is £1, which is reasonable value as seven individual sticks are supplied in this instance, whereas many other brands of cat sticks only supply three or six sticks and cost the same amount.

      The packaging is fairly average for a product like this one, comprising of a brightly-coloured blue foil-lined package that contains seven individual little 'pockets' that are joined together with a perforated edge. This design allows one stick at a time to be 'torn' from the main pack by way of the perforated design, but in actual fact I tend to just remove one stick from the opening at the top of its 'pocket' and leave the empty ones attached together, until all are empty and can be discarded. I must mention at this point, however, that I have never experienced any difficulty with opening or using the product or its packaging, even though I suffer with mobility issues that will often affect the strength in my hands.

      I do like how the packaging is foil-lined too, as this allows the sticks themselves to remain fresh until required.

      The sticks themselves are oblong and thin, resembling a sort of brown-coloured twig or stick. Their texture is quite soft, and I can easily break a piece of the stick off, with little or no effort, as these sticks are in no way crunchy or hard like other cat treats or biscuits. Instead, the Asda Tiger Sticks are presumably quite chewy, and certainly their slightly soft texture gives this impression.

      One point to note is that the Asda Tiger Sticks with Lamb are considerably darker in their colouring than most other, similar Sticks that I have purchased before. I have no idea whether this is the case with every variety of Cat Stick purchased from Asda, as we have only tried this flavour even though others are available.

      Personally, I suspect that this darker-than-average colouring is down to the fact that these sticks are flavoured with lamb; most other flavours that have been purchased from other brands have been flavoured with 'lighter' meats such as salmon, poultry, chicken or tuna. Either way, the darker colouring doesn't seem to take anything from the taste - or enjoyment - of these sticks by my feline companion...!

      The Asda Tiger sticks have some little 'indents' or markings going down their length, perhaps six or seven in total, that acts as a helpful little 'marker' to help assist in breaking off small sections of the stick to feed to my cat. This is helpful in terms of 'Portion Control' as I do have to be mindful of my Tabby-cat's love handles..! She has had issues with her weight in the past and so I don't like her to have too many treats and titbits. I do find that perhaps four of the little 'sections' is quite enough for my Tabby at any one sitting, but younger, more active cats may be able to enjoy a slightly larger portion than my cat.

      I do have to confess that the Asda Tiger Sticks with Lamb smell extremely foul... to my (mere) human nose, at least. My cat, on the other hand, will follow me from the kitchen into the next room with her eager nose in the air, much like an enthusiastic puppy, irrespective of her arthritic joints, her usual 'much-slower-than-your-average-cat' pace temporarily forgotten. It's really only fair to assume, then, that the Asda Sticks have an extremely 'cat-friendly' mouth-watering aroma, but I can't say I'm a fan..!

      We have found the Asda Tiger Sticks have been extremely useful for feeding my Tabby her medications, as I had predicted prior to purchase. Due to their soft, rather 'flexible' texture, I am able to gently 'tear' a little piece of the Stick off the end, and then 'tear' it down the middle, as if I was tearing open a bread roll. I tend to carefully place her tablet in the centre of the space, and then close the two sides of the Stick back over, pressing lightly to ensure the tablet is encased in the centre of the Stick. This has acted beautifully in encasing her little tablet in a covering of meaty-flavoured Stick, and she has always gobbled down her tablets with ease when they are offered this way.. - A stark improvement from several (many!) other attempts involving ham, cheese, dried cat food, wet cat food, fish, meat paste.........etc.

      The Asda Tiger Sticks with Lamb can be given at any time of the day, and I haven't found that they've made my Tabby-girl particularly thirsty, nor have I noticed any change in her 'litter tray habits' since I've started feeding her with these. I think it is worth mentioning in this review too that my old Tabby-cat has fewer teeth than many other cats due to her age and having had several removed during a dental procedure a few years ago. So, it may prove useful to other consumers to know that these snacks can be consumed quite easily by our more 'dentally-challenged' feline friends too, presumably as a result of the Sticks' soft, chewy texture.

      Another valid point to note, I think, is the fact that these particular sticks are made:
      "With added taurine. Vitamin enriched. Made with 80% meat. No artificial colours or flavours."

      These claims do help me feel a little peace of mind as a pet owner; I value my beloved pets very much, and am not fond of feeding them 'junk-food' that may prove to be detrimental to their overall health. I am able to feel somewhat reassured that the Asda Sticks may actually be beneficial to my Tabby, particularly as they contain Taurine, which is a helpful supplement in Feline Health, with it proving beneficial to their eyesight - a valid point for any owner of a feline companion who has reached their 'twilight years', I would have thought.

      In summary, I do think the Asda Tiger Cat Sticks with Lamb were an extremely worthwhile purchase, particularly as they have been enjoyed so much each and every time they have been offered to my cat. Considering that other brands offer less sticks in their packs than the Asda version, I feel they offer great value for money too and I certainly have no trouble in recommending them to fellow cat owners.


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