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Asda Tiger Filled Pockets With Salmon

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      01.10.2012 02:05
      Very helpful



      Cheap and madame likes it so big thumbs up from me!

      Please note that I am not reviewing Asda 'Tiger' Salmon Filled Pockets as such but the actual wet, cat food and that Dooyoo have told me to pop my review on here. I think because the cat food comes in a pouch they have classed that as a pocket and thats why I am here!

      I don't know much about kitten/cat food, I'm not one afterall lol. I have to buy it though for my five month old beautiful companion Myrtle though. I don't mind buying it of course but she's a fussy lil devil believe me and after I couldn't get her to eat her kitten food after a month or so of having her I got concerned and popped down the vets with her to see why she wouldn't eat much.

      The upshot of it is that Myrty isn't keen on any type of kitten food. The vet said to try a mixture of adult food and kitten food considering she is trying to wean herself off it so now I usually buy small pouches of adult foods for her and she much prefers it thankfully.

      She likes Whiskers really in my experience, however it can work out a bit expensive and even that can be hit and miss with me opening it, offering it to her and trying to leave it down before flies eat it and it going in the bin more often than not and so I have tried to economise but not thinking for a minute she's would eat a cheaper brand but I bought this at a mere 26p a pouch, less than half the price I was paying for the Whiskers pouch and thought it had to be worth a worth a whirl!

      The Packaging:

      This comes in a pouch which holds 100g of the food and its dark blue plastic on the outside and silver foil on the inside and on the front of it there is a lovely photograph of a handsome looking cat and we are told that it is Asda 'Tiger' With Salmon In Jelly 'Complete & balanced nutrition, added probiotics' and that it 'Contains natural fish oil', the weight is stated (as I have listed already) and we are clearly told that it contains no artificial colours or flavours. On the back of the pouch other information given includes ingredients being given, a feeding guide shown, storage advice is listed and contact details for Asda are also given. Nice easy to open packaging this is due to a little nick in the corner of the pouch.

      The Food itself:

      Myrtle adores this one! You get lots of meaty, small chunks of the meat in a light brown and rather thin jelly and so when you squeeze it out it isn't set at all and I don't even have to mash this up I simply tip it out and she nose dives into it without any second thoughts at all!

      Usually Myrtle will eat a good food she likes and leave some, usually heading back to it however this she won't leave till her dish is empty!

      The feeding guide on this pouch tells us that for a cat of 4kg or over (no age is stated) to give them 3-4 pouches of this a day and I tend to give Myrty 3 pouches of some sort a day, more if she wants it as she does have a good appetite providing she likes the food offered!

      She loves it an I'm more than happy with the price and it looks really good to, not that I wanna sample it lol.

      Only available from Asda


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      02.08.2012 17:16
      Very helpful



      A great own-branded cat treat product from Asda that I would highly recommend!

      * INFO - WHY DID I BUY? *

      Many of you who regularly read my reviews will be aware by now that I have a very elderly feline at home with me who unfortunately suffers from a variety of health conditions now that she is in her twilight years. One of these is renal failure, which has a whole host of unpleasant side effects which are largely controlled by medication.

      This condition can often cause cats to feel sick and nauseous and so it is quite common for their appetite to diminish quite significantly, and this is definitely the case with my own cat who will often go off her food or become extremely 'picky.' For these reasons, I will purchase a variety of types of cat food and cat treats from a selection of brands to keep her interest in her food piqued as much as possible.

      On top of this, I re-homed my girl some ten or eleven years ago, and as I knew she was coming from a background of abuse and neglect, she was thoroughly spoiled from the day she came home with me so I will admit that I have always had a ridiculous amount of cat treats and snacks stored away in the kitchen cupboards.... renal failure and old age or not!!

      The huge selection of treats and snacks, on top of the canned and pouched cat food that is regularly purchased has unfortunately resulted in a rather expensive Pet Food bill each month, and for this reason I have recently made a significant effort to reduce these costs; seeking out supermarket-own branded alternatives to those well-known big brands has saved me quite a few pounds on my grocery shop in recent times, but I wasn't sure how 'well received' some of these alternatives would fare with my precious feline......

      A reasonable alternative to the well known "Dreamies" brand of cat biscuits and treats seemed to present itself on the Asda website. From the own-branded "Asda Tiger" range of cat food and snacks, I was intrigued to note that the "Filled Pockets With Salmon" were supplied in a near-identical pouch to their rival, and decided to try them with my girl.


      Making this alternative purchase was good news for my purse; whilst the 60g pouch of "Scrumptious Salmon Dreamies" were going to cost me around £1.20, the Asda Tiger "Filled Pockets With Salmon" were going to set me back a very reasonable 68 pence.... A bargain! I was doubly pleased when I realised the Asda pouch was slightly larger than its rival, being 65g in size.

      It is true to say that the Dreamies Treats are often available on promotional offers or as part of Asda's well known "Roll Back" campaign, and for the past while they have been available to purchase for around £1. This still doesn't compete to the lower price - and larger package - from the Asda alternative however.

      It is also true to say that the selection of Dreamies treats are available in a whole choice of flavour combinations to suit your feline's palate, whereas the Asda Tiger Treats are only available in two flavour choices - the salmon flavour I purchased for my girl, and a chicken flavoured option.

      The packaging is fairly attractive, comprising of a bright blue-coloured 'pouch' with a re-sealable plastic 'zipper' integrated into its design to allow you to reseal the bag between uses. I have found that this works well at keeping the cat treats dry and free from dust or moisture, preventing them from perishing before the bag is used up.

      The product information is supplied on the front of the pouch, alongside an attractive image of a tabby grey pusscat. I can see quite clearly in the top right hand corner of the pouch the words "No Artificial Colours Or Flavours" alongside an image of the oblong-shaped biscuits. I am also informed that the treats are supplied "With Anti-Hairball Function" and are "Vitamin Enriched" so all in all I feel that perhaps the Asda Tiger treats are slightly better for my girl than other cheaply-branded treats and biscuits that have no such claims attached to their package.

      The biscuits themselves are fairly generic in their appearance, or certainly they look to be very similar to other cat treat products that I buy regularly. Being slightly square or oblong in appearance, they are a dark brownish red colour and are very hard in their consistency. It is fair to note too that the treats are VERY strong smelling, particularly when they are hand-fed to my girl - which they often are. This is the case with most other brands of cat treats that I purchase regularly however, and is an observation rather than a criticism.

      The verdict from my girl is very positive - on most occasions, the Asda Tiger Pockets have been gobbled heartily, which is of course a good indication to me that they are very tasty and delicious. I say on MOST occasions because I do have to admit that there are some occasions where she will refuse the treats and walk away. This is something that can happen with any type of food or biscuit offered however, so I don't think it is down to the taste or flavour of the Asda Tiger offering, rather a side-effect of my poor girl's failing health.

      There is no real 'feeding guideline' on the product's packaging, so presumably I can feed my girl as many of these treats in one day as I wish. Experience has taught me however, to err on the side of caution with richly-flavoured treats and snacks now that my girl's stomach has become more delicate than it once was. We have learned from experience, that less is sometimes more... especially when it comes to cleaning out the litter tray after a generous portion of cat treats has been consumed...! Enough said, I'm sure...

      I will really only give my girl a small handful (up to 8 or so) treats in one sitting, and this has proven to suit her (and us..!) just fine. I have to confess that I have noticed no big change in my girl's 'Hairball Habits' since I moved her onto the Asda Tiger Pockets, regardless of their claim in this regard. To be fair, my girl is not particularly plagued by hairballs and so I think that long-haired cats or cats who suffer more in this regard may be better suited to judge this claim than us.

      I like the way that the packaging gives a caution that we must always ensure fresh drinking water is available. As a side note, I wish to reiterate this fact and remind pet owners that it is IMPERATIVE that fresh water be offered to cats alongside their regular food, especially if dried food or dried snacks or biscuits are offered as this will often make cats thirstier than usual. I have known several cat owners who have NEVER offered their cat any drinking water, claiming that they don't like it, or have never drank from the bowl when it is put out. This is often true, and cat's will often ignore drinking water, some from a very early age. Indeed, this was the case with my own mog, who would perhaps take a sip from the bowl once a week at most. However, now that we are in my girl's retirement, she will drink from the bowl several times a day, so it is fair to say that a cat's drinking habits will often change as they grow older. In some cases, certain illnesses and health conditions (which may well be undetected at first, by human companions) make our feline friends feel thirsty, and at these times it is vitally important that drinking water is made available. Even if your cats will generally ignore the bowl, it should always, ALWAYS be there for them - just in case they change their mind.

      I have noticed no big change in the condition of my girl's general health or her coat, teeth or eyes but wouldn't disregard the claims about the Tiger Pockets being "Vitamin Enriched" altogether, as I do feel they are slightly less harsh on her delicate tummy and bowel than other brands that have been purchased before.

      All in all, we are highly impressed with the Asda Tiger Filled Pockets With Salmon and it is a product that has already been repurchased for my girl. I am delighted to be saving some cash in my pocket whilst providing my girl with some delicious, tasty treats that seem to be doing her a little good in the way of her delicate stomach. I can only award these Cat Treats full marks and they come with a full recommendation from me..... AND my girl!!


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