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Felix Fish Selection Pouches in Jelly

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5 Reviews
  • Most of the flavours go down well
  • Often on special offer
  • Cats don't like one of the flavours
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    5 Reviews
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      22.09.2014 19:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Often on special offer"
      • "Lots of jelly"
      • "Most of the flavours go down well"


      • "Cats don't like one of the flavours"

      A mostly good selection

      Felix Fish Selection in Jelly is one of the cat foods we buy most frequently in our house. With six adult cats, we like to find foods that most of them will eat (while still buying them individual treats according to their tastes), and this one is a staple.

      This food comes in a box of twelve pouches, each containing 100g of the food. This is quite a big portion for a cat to eat (lots of cat food comes in portions of around 85g) and we usually find that one of our cats will start eating a pouch and others will take over.

      The plastic pouches are easy to tear open, and we empty the food into a bowl and mash it with a fork before serving it to the cats. Compared to other pouch foods, Fish Selections in Jelly is quite easy to mash, as the fishy chunks are surrounded by lots of jelly, so the food stays moist and fresh-looking for a while after opening (although a couple of our cats love to lick the jelly and leave the actual food).

      This selection comes in four fishy flavours: Saithe and Sardine, Tuna and Cod, Salmon and Trout and Shrimp and Plaice. The flavour selection is the only drawback with this cat food: while ours love three of the flavours, they don't like the Salmon and Trout, which comes in a pale pink pouch. We absolutely dread the time when we look in the box and only pale pink pouches are left, as our cat Gonzo gets downright grumpy at this stage and clearly holds us responsible.

      Flavour issues aside, this selection from Felix is quite good value - we normally pay around 3GBP for a box, and this food is quite often on special offer in the supermarkets. It isn't as specialised as some of the foods we buy for our cats, which are geared more towards specific health benefits, but as an every day food, it's one they enjoy - apart from the dreaded Salmon and Trout.


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        03.12.2013 20:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nothing special, but good value for the large packs

        I'm fortunate in that my cats are faddy rather than fussy eaters. They greet new foods with enthusiasm then after a week or so become indifferent. Of course this is ideal for me as I can buy whichever food is on a good offer at any time. I picked up these Felix pouches in a box of 44 for £8.99.

        My preference for feeding is to use pouches rather than tinned food, for ease of 'dishing up' and also removing the need to measure out portions or feeding equally. I didn't find that these Felix pouches open cleanly - the tear off portion at the top of the pouches rarely tears in a clean straight line, and needs to be torn from both ends to get it off completely, otherwise things become messy. It also means I often get a little splash of the 'jelly' on my hands when opening them, which isn't pleasant.

        Once open, though, the food comes out of the pouch easily and breaks up of its own accord as it goes into the bowls. I think this is due to the fact that the chunks within the jelly are smaller and more angular than others we've tried. This doesn't mean more jelly, less meat, it just means smaller chunks quite tightly packed. The food all slides easily out, with no straggling c/fishhunks or jelly left behind, which is a good design feature, presumably down to the material the actual pouches are made from.

        I didn't notice too much of a smell with this food, which is a pity for the cats, as I love to see them getting excited when they smell their food on its way, but it's a good thing for me from a selfish viewpoint!

        The cats didn't dislike the food, and seemed to enjoy all the flavours in the pack, chicken, beef, salmon and tuna equally. However, they didn't 'wolf' the food down like they usually do when they have a 'new' food and usually both left a few chunks behind at each mealtime, although these would always be returned to and polished off later. So for us, these are only 3-star because of the iffy packaging and the less-than-enthusiastic reception.


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          05.09.2013 01:00
          Very helpful



          A convenient healthy cat food from a good brand name.

          I'm reviewing our FELIX pouches.
          There are 12 pouches in the box.
          They cost anything between £3 and £4 in supermarkets and pet supply stores.


          If there is such a thing as an 'impulse buy' regarding acquiring pets then our Freddy was an impulse buy.
          We took someone to the cat Rehoming Centre to pick up her new puss and WE ended up being adopted by Winifred Pussy-cat in much the same way Kizzy-dog chose us previously.
          I'm not a pussy person and this was new territory, but we were reassured that Winifred was a laid back easy cat. She had been spayed and wasn't a pedigree cat (or as I call them, "a brand name"), so was unlikely to have any of the issues occasionally associated with pedigree cats. In other words 'easy-care'....my kind of cat. She was ours.
          Regarding food, the cat people said she was incredibly unfussy and that we should keep it simple and just ensure to include dry food with any wet food we chose.
          Tesco was on the way home, so we grabbed a few packs of different pouches and some dry food and we were set to go.
          One box of pouches was Felix and I can't even remember the other brand, but it didn't matter because as promised Freddy was fine with both.

          ***WHAT THEY ARE***

          These are small pouches that contain 100g of wet cat food .
          They come in various flavours and composition, but for this review I'm talking about the fish selection in jelly.
          The box contains 12 pouches.
          The flavours are all fish based ,hence the title.
          The flavours are,
          Tuna and cod.
          Salmon and trout.
          Shrimp and plaice.
          Pollack and sardine.

          The pouches are of solid construction and we've never ever had one burst or leaking, even when dropped on the floor.

          ***USING and MY OPINION.***

          Once the pouch is opened you get a fish smell of course, but while some flavours are stronger than others they are really not that smelly. I'd say they would be if left in a dish too long, but that never happens with Freddy. She eats it all in one go.
          There are plenty of 'bits' in the pouches and the jelly is not runny .
          Also, because each pouch contains a mix of two different fish the bits are varied in texture and size .
          We find two of these per day (along with some dry food) sufficient for Freddy because she isn't a big girl at all and is quite dainty.
          We checked with our vet and he said if she is doing fine on two a day then stick with that because if we give her more and she piles on weight it will be hard to get her to a healthy and fit weight again.
          We give one pouch in the morning and one around tea time , always with a good handful of dry food forked thorough it, so really not as scant as it sounds, and she gets a small handful of dry food near bed time which she often ignores, so we know she is not a hungry puss at all.
          The packaging is a much easier thing to dispose of than the tins, so that's another advantage.
          The pouch goes in household waste and the box gets flattened and added to the paper/cardboard recycle bag.

          I'm happy with FELIX pouches, because Freddy is doing well on them, no health issues have arisen, no refusals to eat and she looks healthy and happy. Her coat is silky and her eyes nice and shiny and as long as you don't cuddle her directly after her meal then her breath is OK.
          They contain vitamins D and E....minerals...and of course omega 6 contained in the fish.
          I'm not into too many extras added to things really, but of course they are essential and the things added to, or found naturally, in this cat food are helping us maintain a healthy pet, so we are more than happy to continue using it.
          We don't stick solely to this variation (fish in Jelly) because I should think pets get bored with the same food all the time just as we do, so we swap to other Felix meat-based pouches occasionally and the occasional other brands if on a good offer, but mostly we use this fish version.

          I've seen these available in larger boxes containing 44 pouches in pet supply places, but doing the maths there was no real saving on that size (well not when we checked it out anyway). So we just automatically grab the 12 box when doing the weekly shop these days and rarely run out.

          Would I recommend ? Yes. But if your moggy is a large breed then these smallish pouches won't suffice (you'd need 2 per meal) and you'll be better off with the larger tins. However for small cats these are ideal.

          I wavered on 4 or 5 stars, because realistically the pouches ARE on the small side if your cat is a chunky-monkey cat.
          But this is a review on how WE get on with these, and they suit us well and therefore 5 stars it is, based on our use .

          Thank you for reading and I hope it was useful ~~myloh.


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            20.01.2013 21:01
            Very helpful



            tea time!

            My cat is called Prince. He is handsome little chap and deserves to be spoiled. He loves fish more than anything so more often than not I will choose a fish selection pack for him to enjoy. Occasionally I do mix it up and he gets to experience flavours such as duck and beef but he seems to prefer the fish ones the best. I serve Prince a diet of dry biscuits and wet food. I prefer this combination because dry food alone makes him constipated and wet food alone makes him a bit too 'loose.' The felix fish selection is perfect for Prince as one pouch a day with biscuits is enough for him. I open the pouch on a morning and immediately he will come crying, using my fingers on the foil pouch I break the food and jelly up and put half a pouch in a bowl, I then fold the rest of the pouch over and save it for tea time. During the day he then grazes on biscuits and water.

            Price and availability

            All good supermarkets sell the Fish selection where you get twelve pouches for around £3.20.


            The foil pouches have an easy to tear off top so you can easily transfer the food to the bowl. The foil pouches are tough and you can mould and manipulate the food before putting it in the bowl. I find that I like to break it up this way before putting it in his bowl otherwise it comes out in one jelly block. Although Prince can still manage to eat it, I think he prefers it when it is broken up into chunks.
            The selection comprises of:
            * Tuna & Cod
            * Salmon & Trout
            * Shrimp & Plaice
            * Pollock & Sardine

            All the fish dishes come in a soft jelly and every time Prince has one, he always licks the jelly off before eating the fish. To be honest, I cannot tell much difference between the different pouches although the Salmon one does seem to smell the fishiest. Prince is a typical man though and will eat just about anything, he has never turned his nose up at food. He seems to really enjoy the Tuna one though as this was eaten the quickest but he has eaten all the flavours and seems to enjoy them all. I always come back to a clean bowl afterwards and find him licking his paws and content. I like the felix selection as the fish smells like fish and are not too offensive. Some cat food smells absolutely dreadful. The food looks chunky and wholesome and there is plenty of Jelly but there is much more meat. Afterall, you are paying for meat so I would not be happy if the sachet was stuffed with too much Jelly and not enough meat.

            I do not buy this range all the time and mix it up. He has also tried the Felix Chicken in Jelly which he enjoyed but he definitely prefers the fish one. He is currently working his way through a different brand of cat food and trying out their fish selection. Their flavours are less exotic than the felix selection but he is enjoying them just as much and they look just as appetising out of the packet. I guess the variety in the felix selection is the main selling point, they certainly have created a gourmet range in cat foods. Tuna and salmon are traditional flavours but the likes of plaice and Pollock sound very Gordon Ramsey and I like the thought of a them creating these special dishes. It is good to give your cat some variety, I certainly would not like to just eat chicken day in day out so I am all for the different varieties.


            Prince and I were very happy with the felix selection and we give it a big paws up.


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            11.09.2012 12:29
            Very helpful



            I'd buy it again as most of the flavours were well received..!

            Many of you who regularly read my reviews will be aware by now that I have a very elderly feline at home with me who suffers from a variety of health problems as a result of old age. One of these is unfortunately renal failure which has a bunch of horrible side effects, one of which is nausea, and unfortunately as a result of feeling (or being) sick, my girl will often go off her food and lose her appetite.

            This of course is very worrying and is something I try to prevent as much as possible. One thing I have come to find with my girl is that she can become bored of the same food and treats very easily, and so I find I am constantly buying a variety of food to try and prevent her from becoming bored which of course makes her loss in appetite worsen further.

            I will also vary the 'format' of cat food, buying pouches as well as tins with some of the foil trays thrown in for good measure. This varied selection usually results in a rather hefty pet food bill but my girl is approximately 19 years old and comes from a background of abuse and neglect.... So I figure she deserves a retirement that is filled with love and yes, she is thoroughly spoiled...!

            I regularly buy the "Meat Selection" box of Felix Pouches for my girl, which contains a variety of flavours such as beef and salmon. Whilst purchasing this cat food in a local branch of Asda recently, I decided to buy an additional box of Felix Pouches for my girl to try her with some different flavours and prevent her from becoming too bored. There are several flavour combinations and assorted meat 'types' available in the Felix brand, but I eventually ended up purchasing the "Felix Fish Selection in Jelly".

            I paid £3.48 for the box in Asda at the time, which is a fairly average price for the product in my experience. It is perhaps worth noting that the boxes of Felix pouches are regularly subject to promotional deals in most of the major supermarkets, and such deals can offer some impressive discounts at times.

            Alas, there was no offer or promotion running at the time of purchase, so I paid almost £7 for two boxes of assorted Felix sachets, with each box offering 12 sachets of cat food. The Felix pouches usually contain four assorted flavours in the box, and the Fish Selection is no exception to this, with the four assorted flavours being proudly listed on the front of the box.

            The flavours are:

            * Tuna & Cod
            * Salmon & Trout
            * Shrimp & Plaice
            * Pollack & Sardine

            The sachets are foil-lined which I find helps keep the food contained within completely fresh. The pouch is easily opened, thanks to the small indentation in the foil that can be found near the top of the sachet. This allows for a little 'tab' to be gripped and pulling it off is quick and rather fuss-free.

            The assorted fish within the selection all have one thing in common; they are all surrounded in a thin coating of honey-coloured jelly. It is this jelly that seems to appeal to my old girl so much, and she will often lick it off of the various meaty foodstuffs on offer and then walk away, leaving the small chunks to dry out and wither, before they eventually end up in the bin. I was pleased to notice her interest piqued slightly when the Felix Fish Selection was offered, particularly in the case of the Salmon & Trout variety which was heartily chomped on each occasion it was offered.

            The Shrimp & Plaice variety didn't go down nearly as well, and the one time it was offered to her the whole bowl remained untouched. To be fair, my girl has turned up her little nose at other branded 'shrimp' flavoured cat foods so I do think that this particular flavour just doesn't appeal to her, rather than it being a direct fault or flaw of the Felix version. The remaining sachets of this flavour were passed to my other cat who is enjoying her retirement at my parents' house. (Waste not, want not..!)

            I felt that the Felix Fish Selection offered a little variety to my girl, perhaps more so than other brands as the selection of flavours on offer within this particular selection seemed to be slightly more diverse, and this seemed to appeal to my girl's taste buds more than other, slightly more mundane flavours such as plain old 'tuna' or 'salmon' flavoured fish varieties. Whatever the reason, she responded well to the Felix Fish Selection - the Shrimp & Plaice variety excluded, of course - and for this reason, I would definitely repurchase it again in the future.

            There is a whole range of cat food available in the Felix range, which ranges from "As Good As It Looks" (Succulent Steaklets) to "Felix Kitten" (specialised food for younger kitties) and of course the
            Felix In Jelly, the category under which the Fish Selection I am reviewing here falls under.

            As @ the time of writing (September 2012), you can buy the Felix Fish Selection in a box containing 12 sachets from good pet stores and most major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda, where prices are usually around the £3.20 - £3.60 mark.


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          • Product Details

            A selection of fish flavoured cat food from the Felix brand.

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