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Felix Kitten

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Brand: Felix / Food Type: Cat Food

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    6 Reviews
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      28.02.2012 19:31
      Very helpful



      The cat adores this food and we are very impressed with it's quality

      We recently adopted an adorable kitten, and the breeder and our vet both recommended that we try felix kitten food. We weren't disappointed, and neither is he.

      Each pouch contains 100g of a meat mix, coated in a layer of jelly. Jelly is great for cats as it's closer to what they would eat in the wild, and contains lots of water for them - cats don't tend to drink much so their food needs to be high in water. This box contains four different flavours - two meat and two fish - although each "flavour" is actually a mix of various meats, with a higher proportion of that flavour. They all smell the same to me, but fortunately the cat loves them. The kitten pouches are very high in proteins which is exactly what a growing kitten needs.

      I like the foil packets as they keep the meat fresh, and it can be stored in the fridge between meals (since kitties have tiny tummies so they eat little and frequently). In addition, the boxes right now have a nice offer on the side, with points you can collect towards felix goodies - a nice bonus!

      My one niggle is that the instructions on the side of the box for feeding amounts seem rather excessive, indicating 5-3 packets a day for a tiny thing! I would instead go by what your vet recommends and what your cat eats; apart from a couple of breeds, cats don't tend to overeat food so going by what they want to consume is fine.


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      04.10.2011 14:14
      Very helpful



      Bruno's growing big and strong on Felix

      As some of you may be aware we recently welcomed a new addition to our household, Bruno the kitten. As the weeks have gone on he has grown into a very lovable (if excitable) little chappie who now feels as though he is the boss of our house, and it is very adorable to see my manly other half on his hands and knees to cuddle the kitten, even if Bruno tends to steal my place on the couch!

      Our original plan for Bruno was to wean him onto dried food, it smells less, its easier to do, and its cheaper - however our spoilt little kitty was already loving Felix kitten from his time with his mum, though we have given into his demands for wet food we are determined to make him less spoilt than his mother (called Tiny!) as we were informed not only did she only eat wet food, she only ate Fish flavoured wet food....go figure!

      **How many pennies, how much you get and what flavours?**
      As Bruno is a new addition, and we were still getting used to each other and to the food we think he should eat and what he thinks he should eat, we have stuck (so far) to what he knows with Felix kitten. We are buying the various flavours to make sure that he does eat a varied (!!) diet as I do not want to only ever feed one flavour to him, I figure as a human I'd hate to eat beans on toast for every meal so I should apply the same to Bruno!

      In each pack you get 12 sachets of kitten food which comprise of 4 different flavours. The multipacks come in either Lamb, Chicken, Cod and Plaice flavours, or Poultry, Beef, Tuna and Trout. If you had asked me before whether you could tell the difference between tuna kitten food and chicken kitten food I'd have said no chance it all stinks, however on serving his lordship Bruno I have noticed a distinct either "meat" smell or "fish" smell. I still couldn't tell if I was serving gourmet trout or plaice mind you!

      The pennies - the important bit - Felix is a premium brand kitten food, as such it does have the premium brand pricing, its not going to be as cheap as the Asda Smartprice brand, and I do wonder whether I am simply paying for the name (I am yet to be brave enough to change his food!) currently it costs £3 for 12 sachets at my local Asda, which is the same as the same amount of other premium food. I don't mind paying this as it is reasonable and provides a weeks worth of food for greedy Bruno (and I can't complain when our weekly food shop is nearer £50, hmmm maybe we should eat a diet of kitten food!)

      **Feeding and how to store**
      Reading up on owning kittens we learnt that you need to feed them little and often, so bravely following this advice we set about feeding Bruno 3-4 times a day (please note I say we, I mean me!) approx. ½ a sachet at a time. Reading the information on the back of the packaging it says that between 8-12 weeks (and Bruno is coming up to his 10 week birthday) you should be feeding a kitten between 1 and 4 sachets a day over 3-5 meals, following on 12 weeks plus it was 3-5 sachets. Currently we look at feeding up to 2 sachets a day, which seems to be OK with Bruno.
      So feeding time - this varies, normally it is when I get up, when I'm in from work and before I go to bed, with the fourth meal either being if Bruno wakes us up at 5 in the morning by jumping all over us (which was my treat this morning) or late evening especially if he is showing an interest in what we are eating for our dinner.

      Opening the sachets are easy, they are easy tear pouches and I don't tend to rip the whole top off, mainly because there are occasional squirting jelly moments which to be honest make my tummy turn! You cannot avoid the occasional splatter, but its easy to wash off and the smell doesn't linger on your skin (thankfully). Its easy to squeeze out of the sachet into Bruno's bowl, but tends to come out in a big lump so I mash it up with a fork to make it easier for little mouths to chew!

      As we are only feeding half a sachet at a time we store the open sachets, in a Tupperware, in the fridge. The Tupperware so it doesn't taint the rest of the food in our fridge (not such a problem on a Friday!) and in the fridge due to the fact it is open. Before open it just sits in the cupboard in its original cardboard box!

      **Why all meat/fish - random fact I found out whilst reading!**
      Looking up about kitten care, the usual feeding routines, worming, de-fleaing I read an interesting fact that cats/kittens CANNOT have a meat free diet (though apparently dogs can) and if they did it would make them poorly - so that's a no to turning Bruno veggie (not that we are, but the idea of a veggie kitty brings images of cartoon cats pushing away fishbones to mind! And makes me giggle!)

      **Bruno's Corner**
      Meow....I'm back to dooyoo! But this time to tell you about my dinner rather than my drinking habits!

      I am a growing boy, and love to play, so spend most of my time playing, I climb the walls, the scratching post, investigate all the nooks and crannys about, so often I'm too busy to think about food in the daytime, so it always takes me by surprise when I smell the packet being opened, I have to rush like the wind to the kitchen and I often go so fast I bang into mums legs full pelt but at least that stops me! Its not enough to purr to tell her that I know what she's doing so I have to meow to tell her to hurry up, I'm only little now so my meow is tiny, but she does tell me it will get louder.

      When she puts my bowl on the floor I'm often too excited to go to the right side to get the food and get confused and try to eat water, but that's just me being a crazy kitten! The food is yummy, I love all the flavours, but especially the tuna, its is nice sized chunks that are just right for my little kitten mouth and the jelly makes it nice and soft to eat. I have no problem chowing down on this. After I'm done I sometimes like to sit by the bin as Mum does stuff at the big thing with flames on in the hope I will get some more, I always have to wait though which is why I go back to play or get cuddles off dad!

      As Bruno says, he loves Felix and at £3 for 12 I don't think this is a bad buy, it keeps him *ahem* regular, I've had no problem with runny cat poop (thankfully as the litter tray is my domain as well!). It doesn't smell any worse than any other cat food I've had the pleasure of smelling and I will keep going with this until I am either a) brave enough to try the cheaper varieties or b) (more likely!!) Bruno stops eating it - I'm going for kitten led feeding!!


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        05.04.2010 15:04
        Very helpful



        Felix Kitten food

        ~~~~ Felix Kitten food ~~~~

        My kitten, Bobbie, is now 11 weeks old and full of beans. When he first arrived at my house, unexpectedly, he looked as if he had been dragged through a hedge backwards. His eyes were infected and he had terrible diarrhoea. I wont go into the curricumstances of how he came to be with me but lets just say I'm glad my partner has a soft spot for animals and will step in if he sees cruelty towards our little friends. After advice and a lot of TLC he pulled through the weekend and is now a very healthy and happy little chap.

        At first I had been feeding him on another famous brand of kitten food and he seemed to enjoy it. However, over the past 2 weeks we changed to Felix kitten food simple because the other brand had sold out. The box of 12 pouches cost me £3.17 - 80p cheaper than another leading brand.

        ~~~~What you get for your money~~~~

        There were 2 differenct boxes both containing 12 pouches. One box contained four varities which included; Plaice, lamb, cod & chicken. The other has; beef, poultry, trout and tuna.

        This box will last him about 10 days as his tummy is still little and he needs to be fed small amounts but often. My vet also suggested dry food to be used as part of a mixed diet with his pouches to help his teeth.

        ~~~~ Inner Pouches / Packaging ~~~~

        The 12 pouches weigh 100g each and are sorted into 4 different colours each one representing the flavour inside. On the front of the pouches a mini kitten version of the Felix cat (you see in the adverts)sits on a rug that represt the same colour as the flavour. The word kitten, Katzchen,Chaton & Junior is displayed across the top of the packet - a good idea as my sister pointed out when you have an adult cat and kitten together and the pouches get mixed up.

        On the back of each pouch there is the bag weight and the sentence ' Complete Pet Food For Kittens' repeated in 7 other languages - so not much information there.

        Open the small bags is very simple - situated at the top of each one is a tear that stops just before the middle section containing the food begins. There are very easy to rip and do tear directly across in a straight line. This makes pushing the required amount out simple. (Although what I measure out and Bobbie would like to see in his bowl seems to be 2 different amounts)

        The pouches are made from a shiny light weight plastic that is easy to wipe and waterproof (unless opened of course) Also great to have them so water-tight when you kitten has the co-ordination of a drunk monkey and continuously knocks objects over his boxes of food!!

        I have found the easy opening really helpful as I often suffer from numb fingers so open small packages can be really difficult.

        ~~~~Outer Packaging~~~~

        The cardboard box that contains these pouches is a standard size box for cat / kitten food with dimensions of approx. 7 ½ " x 5 ½ " x 3 ½ ". The weight is just over well - 12 x 100g - so not heavy too carry. The box is sturdy, mainly blue coloured card with a lot of information about the product, feeding tables & guides and their website. On the front we have our cheeky little kitten peering up at you with his paws on his bowl (that displays an image of the food that does look like the product). On the left hand side under the Purina Felix Kitten title the flavours are listed with a coloured paw next to each one.

        On one side panel (and on the bottom of the box) there is a useful feeding guide. However, the feeding table on the bottom of the box didn't tie in with the advice I had been given from my vet, so I would recommend you check - according to the table on the box Bobbie should be having 4 pouches per day!! Although I'm sure he would like this, the vet has said this would be overfeeding.

        There are freephone numbers and website details listed on the bottom of the box with information about opening hours.

        There are also details of ingredients on each variety - it seems to be each recipe contains meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, minerals various sugars and then a 4% addition of the specific flavour (e.g. plaice, lamb, cod or chicken).

        On the left side panel there are tokens you can save and then spend on their website - details all listed on the box.

        ~~~~ The Food itself ~~~

        The food comes as small chunks of meat wrapped in a jelly. The jelly is a translucent orangey colour that is quiet thick but very easy to break down with a fork. The food slips out of the pouch as one thin block so chopping the jelly and food down does help small kittens to eat the food with ease - Bobbie has for some reason always had the ability to wolf the whole lot down whether I've had chance to get the fork in before his head appears. The chunks of meat, fish, animal derivatives are small blocks about the size of a thumb nail and of a light brown colour that vary very slightly in shade with the different varieties. They are very soft in texture so again very easy for kittens to eat.

        Some cat foods have a really strong smell, Felix Kitten food however, doesn't have an overpowering odour about it. Although Bobbie can smell a sachet being opened from 3 rooms away!!

        Oh and before you ask - no I'm not going to talk about how this product tastes - I will take the fact that Bobbie seems very excited when he sees me reaching for his sachets and he never leaves a spot (which he has done with a cheaper own brand Kitten food) as evidence that it tastes good.

        The food does contain vitamins A, D3, and E along with protein (10.2%), Oil (4.5%) Ash - (ash??!! - 2.5%) Fibre (0.5%) Moisture (am guess this to be water- 82.3%) Copper - as copper sulphate - 3mg/kg.

        ~~~~ So who makes this Kitten Food ~~~~

        Purina is the company who are responsible for this product both the Kitten and adult varities. They have done in exists for over 80 years. The beginnings of the company was set up in 1829 by Joel Spiller but over the years have incoporated 2 other companies - Ralston Purnia & Friskies - to now by known as one of the world's leading Pet Food companies. Their website offers many services and show how committed they are to their products and pet owners.

        ~~~~ Conclusion ~~~~

        So to sum up - With the cost of this product being cheaper than other leading brands and the 'wolf' factor in the disappearance of it from my kitten's bowl - I do consider this to be a great buy. One last thought - with a cheaper own brand that Bobbie didn't show much interest in, he also had wind. For those of you that have ever sat next to a cat with wind you will know this isn't good. With Felix,however, no windy spells from the rear end.

        A good product all around so yes I would highly recommend it.
        Thanks for reading

        X hev (on ciao and dooyoo)


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          01.03.2010 15:18
          Very helpful



          A balanced easy to feed reasonably priced food for your growing kitty.

          I have had cats since the week after I got married, I had never been able to have a kitty of my own when I lived at home, as my sister thoughtlessly suffered with (really) severe asthma, and would stop breathing almost on contact with any warm blooded animal. This is why I filled our garage and my bedroom with mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits.... anything that could be safely confined to a specific area. I loved my little furries with a passion; I still melt when I see a little whiffly nose. However this obsession with all things fuzzy was masking my one heartfelt desire, my own mewing bundle of velvet death (to other small creatures anyway). So as soon as the ink was dry on the marriage certificate, I found a puss that had a litter that would be old enough to leave mum by the time we returned from our (short) honeymoon in sunny Tenby, and I haven't been without a cat/s since.

          My latest tribe originated from one little stray we took from a Cat Protection foster home. We had two old ladies, one of 20 and the other 17 who pretty much lived on the radiator, but my youngest nagged and nagged for a kitten and finally wore us down. We had had other kitties in the meantime but sadly had lost them on a fast but not often used road nearby. Minette was a cut and shunt cat (I'm not telling you spoonerism that that phrase resulted in! when describing her to my dad), she is long haired, black and white, pretty and dainty with a tail like a squirrel and the back legs of a kangaroo (hence the cut and shunt). Anyway Minette was brought up on Felix kitten, she later went on to produce 4 kittens of her own (in my wardrobe while the dog slept on the bed next to the birthing place), this 'immaculate conception' according to my eldest was due to a disaster involving a delayed trip to the vet, a parental weekend away, and kids in charge of keeping the cat in at all costs. We still have three of the kittens who are now just over a year old, two bruisers of toms, and a dainty little short haired replica or her mum. They were all pretty much raised on Felix kitten, and are the picture of naughty, demanding health. - They are pretty much indoor cats at the moment, it would break my heart to lose them, so we are trying to build a run, a bit of a heath robinson affair, covering most of the garden for them.

          Anyway, Felix Kitten comes in a couple of incarnations, and as with all Felix foods it is made by Purina, who amongst other things make Purina vet diet foods, Winalot, Go Cat, and Gourmet, so they know their onions. I mostly used the standard kitten pouches but you can get Felix as Good as it Looks Kitten, in Jelly too, which is the 'posh' version, at the moment this is on offer at Tesco, it usually sells for £4.44 but is currently available (1.03.2010) at £3.00 for 12x100g and cheaper than the other versions which are (again at Tesco, prices may vary elsewhere) £3.49 for 12x1009g (just found an offer at pets at home for two boxes for £5.00). I think they generally provide good value for money, falling in the mid range price bracket, and you can be sure with Felix that it is of a decent quality offering your pet the correct nutrition. Felix is also very good for running promotional offers, which is how I came to try the brand in the first place. They seem to have them running pretty regularly so this if you shop carefully it can make a big difference. The flavour varieties in the standard kitten pouches that I'm aware of are chicken, lamb, cod and plaice (3 of each in a box of 12) and poultry, tuna, trout, and beef (again 3 of each in a box of 12).

          All the Felix kitten meals come in 'Felix blue' packaging, the packs of twelve (which is what I am basing this review on, as with 4 kittens it wasn't worth buying smaller sizes) come in a sturdy easy to open cardboard box, with a drawing of the cheeky familiar black and white Felix cat. The box gives you lots of nutritional information, and tips on how to feed your cat. You are also informed that you can give Felix Kitten to pregnant or nursing queens, as she requires similarly enhanced level of protein intake as kittens do. The Felix Kitten product is nutritionally balanced to fill all the needs of a growing kitten between weaning and about a year old. So you don't need to feed your kitten anything else for health purposes. Pleasure purposes are an entirely different matter; my brood got all the usual treats that cat owners tend to indulge their kitties in. Plus a few unintentional treats, when our backs were turned on our lunch for a few seconds. The sight of a tiny kitten dragging a steak that is bigger than itself across the floor is quite something. I think she was having a cell memory flash back to when her ancestors dragged Oryx back to their scoffing post.

          The reason for feeding your kittens a different food to an adult cat is that kittens need more (not less) calories and protein than an adult cat. Roughly twice the amount in relation to their sizes, this is to cover growing needs, and general fuel for energy; and as any cat owner will know kittens are very very busy. Chimney climbing/sweeping being a favourite sport with my three, their mother having preferred the cat equivalent of the motorcycle wall of death approach. The pouches are the same portion size as the adult pouches at 100g but have smaller bite size pieces, to fit little mouths and tummies. I found I was feeding mine little servings almost on demand at first, just like with a baby. You have to be careful with this approach though as some cats as with people are greedier than others. The pride soon settled into a more regular feeding regime though. The plasticised foil pouches themselves are very easy to open; well they are if you don't have four faces pushing against your hands, or various cats weaving around your legs whilst others paw the sachet. I did find that as the product fills the whole pouch, that as you rip along the demarked strip the jelly sometimes oozes or even on occasion splats out and gets over your fingers, (or hair, or eyebrows... how I have no idea). This isn't a problem a quick swill under the tap can't solve though. My cats did very well on Felix Kitten, they aren't particularly fussy cats and will eat everything from Claude, and melon (Minette's favourite fruity treat, weird little cat), to Iams, but they do have a soft spot for Felix, and I tend to still go for this brand in the adult version. The only commercial food they can't and wont stomach is the Co-ops own variety, which they pretty much eject with force, before ignoring all other attempts to feed it to them. Cats like my cats like Felix.

          An example of nutritional information based on the poultry, tuna, trout and beef variety pack, taken directly from the pets at home website.


          With Poultry: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Poultry 4%) Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars. With Tuna: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Tuna 4%) Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars. With Trout: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Trout 4%) Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars. With Beef: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Beef 4%) Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars.

          Typical Analysis:

          Moisture 82%, Protein 10%, Oils and Fats 4.5%, Fibre 0.5%, Ash 2.5%.


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            16.09.2008 12:10
            Very helpful



            a good chunky cat food

            I always seem to be buying cat food for fuzz but she's so fussy that felix is the only one she's sure to finish.

            I was really pleased to find it on offer at iceland yesterday (15/9) - £2 for a box of 12 pouches instead of £4. If you are looking for this offer please check as not all boxes of 12 were reduced - it seemed to depend on the flavours!

            this sturdy, easy to open box contains 12 pouches as follows ~
            3 x 'yum... it's with beef'
            3 x 'yippee....it's with chicken'
            3 x 'yay... it's with tuna'
            3 x 'fab... it's with salmon & trout'

            I prefer the pouches as you can just rip them open so you don't have to mess around with can openers & pet forks etc - not the cheapest way of feeding your moggies but this offer was too good to pass by!

            felix claims on the box that 'all products are made with quality meats' (doesn't say about the fish?) but the ingredients are all listed on the base of the box as are the nutritional values

            the recommended feeding guide for a cat is 3 pouches a day but our cat goes through 4 (sometimes 5) in 24 hours.

            cheaper brand seem to smell much stronger - obviously all cat food does smell but felix isn't as strong & it soon gets eaten so the pong doesn't linger.

            the texture is good - plenty of meat or fish in manageable pieces.

            the meat ones come with jelly which makes it easy to digest - the fish ones are also a good texture with not too much liquid.

            if you have a fussy cat like we do then this is a good buy as she never leaves any in the dish

            the pouches are not the cheapest way of buying cat food but they are easy ro use & you get no waste as you can squeeze the last drop out

            clean to use

            saves on cans & box can go for re-cycling

            a reliable cat food

            it's worth looking out for offers


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              27.09.2001 20:05
              Very helpful



              When we first got our two kittens (Oscar and Casper – they’re Persian and basically control our house now). We weren’t too sure what sort of food to try them out on. Taking a wander around the pet food section of the supermarket there was a wealth of varieties and flavour from lots of different manufacturers to choose from. I then noticed that there was a special offer on ‘Felix Kitten Food’ so I thought I’d give it a try (obviously I mean give it to the cats to try, before you get any strange ideas here!). Rather than the traditional ‘single tin’ of cat food people tend to buy, this came in a box containing four tins of different flavours. The flavours in the packs were all the same – i.e. they all contained 1 tin of chicken flavour, one of cod and plaice, one of beef and one of rabbit. Tough luck if you’re cat doesn’t like those ones then – a bit more variety to choose from would have been nice, but never mind. The other thing I found was that the tins were around half the size of the normal cat food you would buy for older cats. I think the reasons behind this though are that kittens tend to have smaller appetites and so don’t each quite so much. Each tin of food would feed both cats three times a day. Obviously as they grew though so to do their appetites and so we found the need to buy more food on a more regular basis for them. On the tins themselves though there was a helpful guide explaining how much they should be fed per day and how often – quite good for novice owners like ourselves. One thing I hadn’t considered (in my ignorance more than anything else) is why food specially designed for kittens should be so beneficial. Just as vitamins and nutrients are essential for a growing baby, so to are they in developing cats. These meals are packed with all the essential oils and minerals your kitten will need to help give it a good star
              t in life (you can tell I love my cats can’t you?). Another benefit of these meals is that the meat chunks themselves are much smaller in shape than regular tins of cat food. This is so it’s easier for the kittens to eat and digest, as they have smaller mouths they find it much easier to get stuck into their favourite flavours. One thing I also found useful about these ‘kitten packs’ is that you could send off for a free ‘kitten care’ booklet. It’s quite useful actually as it gives helpful tips on how to get them litter-trained and also ways in which to groom them. Of course I can’t comment on the product too much myself, but the cats certainly seemed to enjoy the different flavours and there was definitely a noticeable improvement in the state of their furry coats. I’ll be honest, I was a bit of a cynic at first about the need for ‘kitten’ food, but I really do think it helped my two cats in their development and would recommend the product to anyone considering buying a kitten.


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