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Go Cat Tuna Herring & Veg

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3 Reviews
  • Easily available
  • Gives cats what they need
  • It makes their feces smell very bad
  • More expensive than some other brands
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    3 Reviews
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      02.12.2014 20:16
      Very helpful


      • "Easily available"
      • "Gives cats what they need"
      • "Cats seem to enjoy it"


      • "More expensive than some other brands"

      A surprisingly enjoyable dry cat food (so I believe)

      My cats have turned out to be fairly fussy eaters, and in terms of dry food they have an out and out favourite of Brekkies, other dried foods being nibbled at but never apparently enjoyed. The other odd thing about their tastes is that in variety packs of wet food, they are not keen on fish varieties.

      So I was not optimistic when we ran out of dried, and this variety was the only available option at the local co-op. However, they have been a real surprise hit, and both may cats have ate the food with enjoyment, even to the point that the box (340g) has only lasted 5 days - on a par with Brekkies.

      The kibbles in the box are Tuna, herring and a rather unfetching green vegetable variety. To me there is no noticeable smell to these, certainly not fishy, but as I say, the flavour is clearly there for the cats.

      The food claims to offer protein for toned muscles, essential minerals and vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones, and the right balance of minerals for urinary tract health. It boasts to offer "100% complete and balanced nutrition", even suggesting it will add to my cats' overall happiness! Not sure I have seen any evidence of that, but maybe we haven't given the Go-Cat experiment long enough!

      I feed this alongside wet food which they get twice a day, and as I say, they are eating around 40g each per day (if they are sharing equally). This can be fed as a sole complete food for cats, however I believe that this is reliant on them drinking plenty of fluid, and my cats are not big drinkers, hence my preference to feed wet food alongside.

      This has really been a surprise hit which my cats obviously enjoy and it gives me the reassurance that they are getting their essential goodness from this additional food source.


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      12.10.2014 13:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "My cats like to eat this very much "


      • "It makes their feces smell very bad "

      Go Cat Herring and Vegetables

      WHAT IS IT?

      Dried cat food that is made by Go Cat with a flavour that is of herrings and vegetables.


      This cat food is small biscuits of dry cat food and my cats like to eat it very much, I think Go Cat is their favourite make of cat food because they always eat it up quickly but when I have brought dry food from the vet that costs a lot more money they do not always be so enthusiastic about eating it.


      I am very happy to buy this cat food because when my cats eat it them seem like they are full up so I think the food feeds their appetite very well. The pieces of food are crunchy and that is good for their teeth also, the food is in small so I do not ever worry that it is going to make the cough as they are eating or choke. My cats all have good teeth so when they eat the food they crunch it up easily.

      This food makes my cats more thirsty and I always give them water when they have got dried food but I make sure that it is available for longer when they have eaten this one. I think it is because of herring been so salty but the food does not smell salty so I do not know for sure that this is why they drink alot when they have eaten it.

      I do not like that this food makes my cats toileting smell very bad and I hate to clean the litter tray after they have eaten this because it makes their feces smell like fish and gives it a very dirty smell that I do not like at all. I am glad that my cats go outside to use the toilet because just cleaning the litter tray from one cat is bad enough and I would not like it if all 3 of them made feces that smelled like this inside my home!


      I have got a very big 10kg bag of Herring and Vegetable Go Cat and it lasts me for a long time because my cats eat only a small bowl full for every meal. That costs me about £23 and I think that is value comparing to the price of buying smaller boxes that you have to keep replacing every week.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        13.03.2014 02:54
        Very helpful



        A really good food from a brand I trust

        My beautiful almost 2 year old cat Myrtle Rose is a very fussy eater. I give her a combination most days of both wet and dried foods and although from the day dot I had fed her wet food because I thought it was more substantial I do seem to be having more success with feeding her dried food in the past year or so.

        I think in this past year I have been feeding her dried we have tried pretty much everything on the shelves but recently I ran out and last minute had to buy what was in a local corner shop which happened to be a box of this and for the 340g sized box I paid just 99p which I thought was a great price to pay.

        The Packaging:

        The box this comes in is bright yellow and blue in colouring with a side tab opening and on the front of the box there is a picture shown of a cat and some of the food and we are clearly told what it is and who it is by (Purina) and then other infomration listed on the box includes being told quite alot about the food and how it is meant to benefit your feline friend, ingredients, compostion plus feeding guide are stated and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough and highly informative box this is and I do appreciate the tab opening which is great for pouring the food out of and resealing to keep the remainder of the food fresh.

        The Food Itself:

        What you get in a box is lots of dried kibbles in light and dark brown, green and a creamy coloured shade and they are shaped like little fishes and round shapes and so on. They smell quite fishy to me with a hint of yeast to them. They contain 4% herring and 4% tuna along with cereals, oils, vegetables and a few other bits and pieces.

        The feeding guide tells us how much to feed our cat depending on its size but me as I have explained already I give Myrtle the option of both wet and dried food so I tend to put a few of these down in the morning and a few at night and I really just feed on demand really because she is such a small and dainty eater.

        Myrtle really likes these and in fact really likes all the dried food favours that Go-Cat have on offer. I love the way they sound crunchy when she eats them even if they've been down a while and these are designed to not only keep teeth and bones healthy but to also help with unrinary tract health and to help Myrtle have toned muscles, which I believe they do.

        As I'm sure you can tell from the tone of this review I really am pleased that we have found these. Not only are they cheap but they are good for my girl and she really seems to enjoy them. I have noticed since changing to this in the way of dried cat food that my Myrtles coat couldnt be shinier and generally she looks fabulous and yes I do put alot of that down to her diet!

        So all in all in I really do receomend these as I have no quibbles with them at all and neither does my Myrtle Moobag!

        Available from all good supermarkets etc.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        Go-Cat Complete Tuna Herring & added Vegetables are the ideal food for healthy active adult cats.

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