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Hi Life Kitten/Junior Collection

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Brand: Hi Life / Type: Kitten Food

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 21:55
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      A wet kitten food that gives a growing kitten all they require

      I have recently in the last two weeks rehomed two young kittens, neither of which were planned they seemed to come to us to avoid cat shelters. The two, both girls (a little ginger and a tortoisehshell) are between 8 and 15 weeks old and therefore their diet is incredibly important. Just like my adult cats when they were kittens they were given the best possible and obviously the best affordable to ensure that they grow up and develop properly.

      I won't feed Whiskers or Felix to kittens at just 4% meat content in their pouches there really is little point in feeding it especially to a kitten. Therefore, the brand that I like and trust for my cats is HiLife. For my two new kittens they are currently on HiLife Kitten/Junior Collection Pouches which can be found at most decent pet stores as well as online. HiLife are a brand which although are not the most expensive available but they do make decent quality food for both dogs and cats.

      The HiLife Kitten/Junior Collection has been specifically formulated to give your young cat all the nutrition they need as it is a complete cat food and therefore they won't need anything else. Because of its texture and composition it is ideal for kittens from weaning to 18 months. HiLife claim that their pouches will ensure your kitten will grow up into a "healthy, active adult cat". Apart from the meat content of 60% the other ingredients they use are easily digestable, low allergen as well as being natural.

      The pouches are made up of 60% meat and also contain fish oil (a natural source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), seaweed extract which is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, chicory extract which is a natural prebiotic which will assist with easy digestion (ideal for a kitten with a delicate digestive system) and lastly green tea extract which is course is known for its natural antioxidant properties. The pouches come in three varieties: chopped chicken, chicken and liver and chicken and beef. Regardless of which variety you open they all have the same ingredients save for the meat.

      The HiLife Kitten/Junior Pouches come in a box 12 pouches with each one being individually foil wrapped ensuring their freshness. On the box the theme is green and black which features the HiLife logo together with an image of a tabby kitten. All the information you may need about the pouches is on the box i.e. feeding instructions, information about the food together with lists of ingredients for each variety. The pouches themselves are colour coded depending on variety. They have two little inserts at the top where you can tear them open easily.

      The pouches are easy to open making them easy to dish out to two very hungry kittens! The one thing I noticed when I first opened the pouch was that they don't have that distinctive wet cat food smell. Instead, it was a lot more subtle but what I could smell was meat rather than the horrid smell we are all use to. The meat in the pouches is incredibly light in colour rather than the dark shade you find in most pouches. The meat to look at actually does look like proper pieces of meat which has been specifically chopped into tiny bitesize pieces suitable for kittens. The meat in the pouches is not in a gravy or jelly but it is incredibly moist and is easily broken up with a fork when out in a feed bowl.

      HiLife recommend that young kittens should be served regular small portions throughout the day. An example being is that a kitten should be having ¼ to a ½ a pouch 5 or 6 times a day. Of course as the kitten grows older they can have reduced number of portions but the portions that you do give are slightly larger in size. By the time they are around 12 months they should be eating up to 3 pouches a day. HiLife of course say this food is suitable for cats up to 18 months but obviously adult food is suitable from 12 months.

      My kittens have been eating this for 2 weeks solid having regular meals. I do feed this along side their dry food as I do feel they need the variety. However, in the two weeks not only has their size doubled but they are full of energy, their coats are looking incredibly healthy not to mention have a lovely shine and to be a little crude their bowel movements are solid. They have both had their first vet check (and injection) and the vet has commented on how well they look considering their bad starts and I do think a lot of it is down to a good diet as well of course as a decent home life.

      I really do like this kitten food, not only does it contain 60% meat rather than the cheaper brands with just 4% it gives my kittens just what they need to grow properly and have a well balanced diet. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive but in the long run it will give them the nutrition they require and need in the early stages. Definitely a recommendation from me and my two new girls it really does seem to suit them. 5 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: HiLife
      Price: £5.50 per box
      Availability: All decent pet stores


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