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Hill's Science Plan Optimal Care Cat Food

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Brand: Hill's / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2011 15:42
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      Poppy, Daisy and Layla were not impressed

      I get quite a lot freebies and my latest was a bag of Hills Science Plan dry cat food. As I have 3 little fur balls who are quite expensive to run I was pleased with this free packet of food. I have never tried my girls on Hills food they have Purina One or sometimes Go Cat dried food. Hills Science Plan is "precisely balanced nutrition for your cats specific needs". It also claims to have "clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system".

      There are several different varieties of this brand of food and the one I got was for adult cats 1--6 years and is called Optimal Care and was chicken flavour which is their favourite flavour in the wet food so I felt quite confident they would like it.

      It aims to give your cat an ideal body weight, its easy to digest and supports urinary health, very important especially for older cats. My last cat Lily was 16 when we lost her and she suffered with water and kidney problems.

      The Science Plan dried food looks similar to the Purina One that I normally buy, the little biscuits are pellet shaped and a particularly nasty shade of brown! They don't have a lot of smell just a faint pet food smell really, no resemblance to chicken but then not many cat foods do smell very tempting to us humans.

      I feed Poppy, Daisy and Layla before I leave for work and they are always pleased with their breakfast. I put the Hills in their bowls and waited. On hearing the food they all trotted into the kitchen eagerly with their tails up. As soon as they saw an alien food in their bowls they all stopped dead in their tracks and approached with extreme caution. They gave the Hills a good sniff and I waited to see if they would think it was suitable for them.

      I didn't have to wait long, all 3 of them sat and looked at me as if to say "well? where's breakfast?" They wouldn't touch it, they wouldn't even try it. Not even Daisy who was starved as a kitten and usually eats most things I put down for her. I ended up giving them their regular breakfast but I left the Hills down all day to see if they would try it. They didn't! When I came home it hadn't been touched. Over the next few days I tried mixing it in with their Purina and wet food but it was always left. I guess it just wasn't tasty enough for my girls.
      I hate waste, even pet food, so in the end I gave the rest of the bag to my friend, for her cat of course, and apparently he loved it.

      I wont be buying Hills Science Plan for Poppy Daisy and Layla and they certainly don't recommend it.

      Hills Pet Food is available in lots of on line stores and pet shops. It it sometimes sold in Vets Surgerys too. They also do dog food as well. The prices do vary a lot but these are for the Optimal Care for cats in the Chicken flavour from our local Pets At Home.
      400g £3.19
      2kg £15.89
      5kg £30.69
      10kg £55.19
      15kg £73.59


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        25.03.2011 10:26
        Very helpful



        A great food but far too expensive for us I'm afraid!

        Here is a treat for all you Mew fans out there! He realised that he hadn't told you about any of his exploits for a while so he insisted that I told you about his new food.

        By this he didn't mean the rabbit that he caught the other day and then left it for mommy to clear up after eating just its head! No, he meant his new Hill's Science Plan food.

        The one that he tried was the Hill's Science Plan Optimal Care - Chicken Flavour.

        The prices in Pets at Home currently range from £3.09 for 400g up to £71.49 for 15kg so it is not cheap! They do have an offer of 3 for the price of 2 on the 2kg size at £15.39. Mew's usual food is Whiskas Complete which I can get for £23 for 10kg so I can't see the Hill's being a regular food unless Mew gets himself a job!

        The food comes in a smart looking bag which is predominantly white with an orange block at the bottom containing the information about the flavour of the food, the size of cat it is suitable for etc. There is a blue circle at the top of the bag which has the words 'Veterinary Approved' round the edge and 'Hill's Science Plan' in red across the middle.

        The other information on the front of the bag tells us that this food contains 'Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system' and that it is easy to digest and supports the cat's urinary health. It is also 'precisely balanced nutrition to support optimal fitness'. If this food does all it says it will I reckon that it is the very least we could expect from such a highly priced product.

        To make sure that I give you all the relevant facts about the food I have taken a look at the Pets at Home website so the following nutritional information is based on what I found there.

        The food in question is made from high quality ingredients including a minimum of 44% chicken so that is a high proportion of protein compared to other dry cat foods and this helps to support strong muscles.

        The other active ingredients are as follows:

        Minerals - to help boost overall health; with added calcium to help keep bones and teeth strong;
        Natural Fibre - for a healthy digestive system;
        Taurine - to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure;
        Controlled Magnesium - to support your cat's urinary tract;
        Controlled Phosphorus - to maintain healthy kidneys;
        Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids - for a shiny, healthy coat;
        Anti-oxidants - boosts your cat's immune system, reduces cell damage and aids growth.

        This is a dry food which comes in the form of little round crunchy kibbles and these will help with your cat's dental health through the natural crunching process.

        Right enough of the technical stuff! This is all very well but the main thing is - does Mew enjoy eating it? The answer to that is a resounding YES! He loved it! At the moment he is working his way through a large bag of Burgess Supacat so as soon as I put some of the new food in his bowl he could see that it was something different which always gets his attention.

        He had got his head in his bowl almost as soon as I had put it down for him and it wasn't long before it had all gone and he was looking round to see if there was any more!

        For a small cat you are advised to feed 30 to 55g of this food per day, a medium sized cat should have 50 to 65g per day and a large cat like Mew should have 60 to 90g per day. It is also important that you provide a constant supply of fresh drinking water for your cat.

        I can't say whether this had any effect on Mew's health as he seemed just the same whilst eating this food as he normally does so the alleged health benefits are difficult to quantify.

        In conclusion I would have to say that, although Mew thought this food was lovely, it isn't one I will be buying very often and certainly not at full price! It is far too expensive especially in the current economic climate!


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