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Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

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Brand: Hill's / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2011 23:58
      Very helpful



      Sorted my poorly cat's stomch right out - and both my cats love it!

      **So, What are we reviewing?**
      Hills Science Plan Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food (with Chicken, Egg and Rice)

      **What is that?**
      It is a dry cat food which is formulated to give your sensitive-tummed-feline-friend a complete balanced diet which is gentle on his/her digestive system. The packaging claims "Precisely balanced nutrition for your cat's specific needs".

      Suitable for cats aged: 1-6 years
      Bag Size: 34 x 19 x 11cm.
      Weight: 1.5kg.

      **My experience**
      My boys (as they will inevitably be referred to, but meaning "my cats") have always been "Iams cats" ~(Iams being another well known dry, complete cat food). Occasionally my boys will have wet food (tinned meat chunks in gravy or jelly), but generally the vets seem to encourage putting them on a "complete" dry food.

      Recently one of my boys got a rather bad tummy problem that wouldn't go away. Once we got past the funny "blame the smell on the cat" scenarios on the first day or so, we realised it was not just a passing whiffy problem; something was up with his little tummy - and not only did we want him to get better, I (as of course it is my job) wanted to stop cleaning the side effects out of his long haired tail end!!

      We took poorly-puss to the vet, who advised he seemed perfectly healthy save for the somewhat random and continuing upset tummy. He recommended we change the food to sensitive stomach complete food. So, cat in tow, I trundled off to the local large chain pet store (Pets at Home) and perused the 'scientific' pet foods. Hills Sensitive Stomach cat food seemed to stand out (the packaging looked rather bland and therefore sensible, rather than gimicky) and I knew other people who had fed the same brand to their cats, so I plumped for that. The packaging appeals to your sensible side by using words like "Veterinary formulated" "Clinically proven" and "Science plan" across the front of the pack.

      At around £14 for 1.5kg it was around the same price as a large bag of Iams, but I can appreciate that this is quite expensive in comparison to general cat biscuits - don't forget this is a "complete food" though.

      **The advice from the Pets at Home (who no doubt explain it much better than me!) website is as follows: **
      "Made with high quality ingredients including vitamins and minerals and a minimum of 11% egg and 14% rice, Hills Science Plan Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food is infused with:

      #Highly Digestible Protein and Carbohydrates - made with egg and rice, to support strong muscles and provide energy whilst being easy for your cat to digest;
      #Soluble / Insoluble Fibre - regulate and maintain digestive transit, and supports the intestinal wall;
      #Minerals - to help boost overall health; with added calcium to help keep bones and teeth strong;
      #Natural Fibre - for a healthy digestive system;
      #Taurine - to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure;
      #Controlled Magnesium - to support your cat's urinary tract;
      #Controlled Phosphorus - to maintain healthy kidneys;
      #Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids - for a shiny, healthy coat;
      #Anti-oxidants - boosts your cat's immune system, reduces cell damage and aids growth.

      The crunchy kibble will help aid your cat's dental health through the natural crunching process; promoting dental care throughout your cat's life. "

      -- sounds pretty good so far eh?!

      **How much should I feed my cats?**
      Apparently you should feed this food in the following measurements per day:
      Small Cats (2-3kg): 30-55gm;
      Medium Cats (4kg): 50-70gm;
      Large Cats (5kg+): 60-95gm.

      As ever, always leave fresh drinking water available to your cat(s).

      **So, what is it really like?**
      Well, I cannot really comment on whether it does do all that it claims; it's hard to tell in most inside-of-a-cat-instances and not being inclined to open them up or lab test them, I rely only on what I can see in my boys and their behaviour. What I can say however is that both of my fussy boys like this food - A great relief, having bought a HUGE bag for £14odd I rather had my fingers crossed they would actually eat it! And, yes, poorly-puss's tummy problems seem to have subsided after about 5 days on the new food. So, it seems it does do some good for their little digestive systems. As far as healthy coats go, I would say there has been a noticeable improvement; though they were not bad before, both boys are feeling softer and more glossy and smooth. I don't know to what extent it works, but I am slightly reassured by the references to veterinary testing and so on, giving you the impression that somewhere, at some point, people in lab coats have really been paying attention to makng this stuff work and all we need to do now is feed it to our felines!

      In summary:
      I would recommend this make to anyone with a sensitve-tummed cat. I continue to feed my two boys Hills Senstive Stomach cat food and they are both happy and healthy - Hurrah!


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