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Hills Prescription Diet I/D Feline

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Brand: Hill's / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2010 23:34
      Very helpful



      A great food that i am sure help my cat survive being very unwell

      What is it?
      "Prescription DietTM Feline I/dTM is a highly digestible formula created specifically to help manage cats with Gastrointestinal Disorders" Hills website.

      In this review I am talking about the tin moist version of this food.

      It is a moist food that comes in small tins not dissimilar to the size of tuna fish tins. The tins come with a ring pull to open them it contains high levels of Antioxidants as well as other nutrients to neutralize and help with combating digestive problems in cats. They also claim it has a great taste which cats enjoy. The predominate meat with I/d is chicken though the food also contains pork and pork liver.
      The meat itself is a dark brown with a texture that is not dissimilar to a coarse pate. The meat is very moist and has no need of jelly or gravy to make it sloppy. I found when taking it out of the can it would quickly seep onto the spoon and the gap left in the tin would be filled fairly quickly. Smell wise I actually found this quite pleasant and whilst it didn't remind me of a chicken dinner it certainly smelt of meat of some description and more appetizing in smell than my cats normal Felix pouches.

      Our experience
      Hills Feline ID is one of those products I wish I had never of heard of but when I did use it I was glad it existed.

      To give you the background as to why I am reviewing this prescription cat food I need to let you know about one of my cats Sooty. She is 14 years old and was diagnosed at the beginning of this year with an overactive thyroid; she had lost a lot of weight and was constantly hungry. The vet had tried her on several different types of tablets for her thyroid problem and we were finding these didn't suit her that well and at times would give her loose stools. Unfortunately we whilst we were on holiday our cat sitter contacted us to ask if Sooty often got diarrhoea now the answer to this was a bit complicated as she did often have loose stool due to her thyroid but never diarrhoea. The cat sitter contacted our vet for advice and he advised her to stop the thyroid tablets and just give her a bland diet of chicken. This was on the Wednesday but by the time we returned home on the Thursday she was a little better and the vet just wanted to see her again the following week. She gradually picked up on the Friday and Saturday but on the Sunday night we were woken by her crying and howling I went to see her and she was collapsed on the floor after again having a bout of diarrhoea. We went to the vet straight away as soon as they opened and he wanted to admit her to be tested for everything and to put a drip up as he was very concerned about her. With the drip she picked up a bit and they started her on the I/d food as she was still passing very horrid diarrhoea. She stayed in the vets for three days on this food with some antibiotics and steroids. When she came home the vet wanted her to remain on this food for a further 2-3 weeks and if everything then settled down we would then change her diet again. When I collected her form the vets she looked a bit better and was certainly purring but she was still having some loose stools though no where near as often as when she had been admitted.

      I was advised by the nurse at the vets to give her a dessert spoon amount of this food several times a day so she initially had about half a can a day and to do this till we saw the vet in 2 days time. Well I have to say she literally gobbled this amount up each time she clearly enjoyed eating the food and liked the taste and would accept the antibiotics hidden within the food. It was really hard to not give into her and give her more food as she asked for it, but we didn't as we feared if we gave her too much she may relapse. The stools in this time were a bit soft but it certainly wasn't diarrhoea. Two days later at the vets we were advised to increase the amount to two spoons at each sitting and so she had a can a day in split amounts. We had to then take her back in two weeks time for review but if she had a relapsed back into diarrhoea to re contact them sooner. From this time on she came on in leaps and bounds and enjoyed her food and her stools gradually became more solid so that by the end of the two weeks she was passing these in her normal way and without any blood like she had been doing before being admitted to the vets and starting on this food. The food clearly linked into helping her body get used to eating and absorbing food this was demonstrated by how well her coat looked as it was soft and shinny again and her general appearance also improved during this three week period. Now in case you are thinking maybe it was the antibiotics she took. I can categorically say it wasn't as every battery of test she had to identify any infections or diseases came back negative and the vet's opinion in the end as to what had triggered this was that her body couldn't cope with the thyroid tablets and she had developed a sensitive stomach and digestive tract. She has now moved onto another food that is less intense than this but the vet has told us that if she gets any return of the diarrhoea she may need again to have this food for a while whilst her digestive tract recovers again.

      I personally credit this food and the excellent care she had whilst in the vets as saving her life that week and afterwards. I would definitely recommend this food for cats and if your vet suggested that you try your cat on it I would say the price is definitely worth it as it improved my cat's health no end.


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