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Pets At Home Complete Adult Cat Food with Salmon

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Brand: Pets At Home / Food Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      30.11.2008 16:52
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      a great cat food

      pets at home dry cat food is great quality and price.
      There is quite a lot of variety in the flavours they sell and for who it is suitable, they have kitten food, adult food and senior food so no matter how young or old your cat is they have catered for them.

      Pets at home complete dry cat food is available in 2kg bags which work out a lot cheaper than other brands and is a complete diet for your cat containing all the nutrition it needs including all vitamins and minerals.
      There is no need to feed any meat with this food and it is better for your cats health as dry food keeps there teeth healthier and is easy to digest.

      The best part of all though is my cat loves it so it cant be bad.

      The price is very reasonable for a high quality complete food.


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        04.11.2008 21:49
        Very helpful



        A great quality, cost effective food which cats love. No more Whiskas or Go-Cat kibble for Jet!

        *What is Pets At Home Complete Adult Cat Food?*
        This cat food is the own brand version food of the pet superstore Pets At Home- they make and produce a variety of canned, pouch and tray wet foods, treats and chews and complete dry food for cats and dogs. There is also a variety of complete foods for small animals, fish and birds.

        *The product itself*
        Cats can be funny creatures at the best of times, and when it comes to feeding they tend to eat what they want, when they want and where they want- and if you serve up something they disapprove of you will more than likely be given the cold shoulder until you give in and open up a can of tuna or defrost a few prawns and they become your bestest friend in the whole wide world again. That said, you may be in the lucky few who have been blessed with a cat who will any food and isn't particular about any brand, or, like me, and the majority of other cats owners I'd say, you have a cat which will only eat certain brands, types and flavours of food served at the correct temperature, right proportion of jelly to meat chunks and with only the desired amount of food dished up in the bowl- well, maybe not quite, but you get the idea- cats are fussy little sods.

        The people at Pets At Home have taken all these things into consideration and came up with this dry cat food, suitable for adult cats aged 1-7 years (kitten and senior versions are available for cats younger or older than that age range, and also a light version for tubby cats). It's a complete food which means if you wish you can feed this product solely to your cat and it will provide him with all the nutrition he needs to stay healthy. The two main ingredients in the food are human grade fresh meat or fish (total of 23%) and rice which makes it one of the premium brands of cat food, unlike Whiskas and Felix which each contain just 4% actual meat and the rest is made up of animal derivates- this food contains none, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives either.

        As all cat owners should know, cats can suffer with urinary tract infections especially when they are fed on dry food because most cats tend not be big water drinkers. This food has the added benefit of cranberry extract to help keep the urinary tract healthy and in perfect working order. It also contains natural taurine to keep the heart and eyes healthy and omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy and shiny coat, carefully balanced levels of calcium and phosphorous to keep bones and teeth strong and lastly added prebiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system. The food is wheat gluten free which means the food is suitable for cats with certain allergies or sensitive skin or stomachs.

        The kibbles are small and easy for adult sized cats to eat, they're a medium brown in colour and are shaped according to the flavour of the food with no real unpleasant scent. The crunchy texture of the kibbles and the chewing action required to eat them helps keep teeth clean, gums firm and breath fresh.

        The food comes packaged in silver thick plastic bags with orange lettering telling us the name, flavour and intended age range of the product. A small panel is also included above a picture of the food which tells us about the pros of feeding this product to your cat. The Pets At Home logo sits at the top as well as a small stamp which informs us the food is veterinary improved. On the reverse is all the usual information you'd expect to find such as ingredients, nutritional information, feeding guides and a contact address for Pets At Home.

        *Price & Availability*
        Being an own brand product this food is obviously only available at Pets At Home stores or on their website. It is available in chicken, lamb, salmon and tuna flavours and in the following pack sizes:
        2kg- £9.49
        4kg- £15.99

        It certainly sounds very expensive when you compare it to a bag of Whiskas that costs £9 for 4kg but you will end up feeding less per day as the food is very high quality so less is needed to fit your cats daily feeding requirements.

        (Pets At Home currently (early Nov 08) have the bags on a 3 for 2 offer so it may well be worth stocking up whilst you can if your cat enjoys this food)

        I find the pack sizes a bit awkward to be honest. There is no 950g pack for single cat households where the bigger bags tend to go stale before your pet is even half way through or no 15kg sacks for largely multi-cats homes who go through the smaller bags like there's no tomorrow. It would be handy if Pets At Home added other pack sizes in the near future, but in the mean time, we're just left with the two options.

        *My opinion*
        A couple of months back I was in Pets At Home with my trolley packed to bursting point so I was forced to hold my cats usual Whiskas food, whilst waiting in the long que I was reading the back of the bag and the ingredients list and it suddenly hit me why on earth was I feeding my cat this food. I personally wouldn't even dream of feeding my dogs Pedigree or Bakers so I asked myself the question why was I feeding my cat the feline equivalent. So back down the cat aisle I went to try and find a better food for Jet, skipping past the Felix, Go-Cat and the like I got to the premium range of cat foods and this Pets At Home brand instantly caught my eye as it was not something I had noticed before. I was drawn in by the claims on the pack and after checking the ingredients, to find a nice list of high quality ingredients I decided to try Jet on a bag. I was a bit disappointed that 2kg was the smallest pack size I could purchase as if he didn't like it then it would be a waste of money but gave it a go all the same, thinking the remaining food could be donated to the cat rescue if it didn't take Jets fancy.

        The next feeding time I dished up Jet a mixture of half of his normal Whiskas kibble and half of the new Pets At Home food, as to avoid stomach upsets caused by a sudden change of food and he didn't really seem all that bothered, he ate his dinner without really noticing the change and there was no unwanted effects where he toilet habits are concerned so with the next meal I served up just the Pets At Home kibble. I had purchased the salmon flavour so the kibbles were cute little fish shapes and a nice bland brown in colour, a nice reassuring and refreshing change from the brightly coloured Whiskas kibble, there was a fishy aroma as to be expected but nothing unpleasant and it captures Jets attention. After the usual few minutes of sniffing at his food he decided to tuck in and it was clear he enjoyed the food, crunching every last kibble until his bowl was finished, which is something that rarely happens so I was pleased I may have found a food which was not only very good for him, but what he actually thoroughly enjoyed too.

        I've had him on this food now for getting on for 2 and a half mouths and I have to say I'm really quite impressed with it. Jet is still enjoying it, he's a nice healthy weight, has a shiny glossy coat and his stools are firm, and I am pleased with the the fact the crunchy and strange shaped kibbles are giving his teeth a good clean as he eats his dinner. He is fed a mixture of wet and dry food and for his morning meal (wet) he will still have his old Whiskas or Felix tins, as to keep the cost down a bit and for a bit of variety, but for his evening meal (dry) I'll definitely not be going back to the cheap brands of dry cat kibble.

        Overall, a very good cat food with high quality ingredients and no artificial colours etc. I'll keep Jet on it until his current bag is finished but can't say it will become his permanent food as I'd still like to try feeds from the Hills and James Wellbeloved ranges before settling for something, but I'll certainly buy it again in the future.


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