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Purina Gourmet Gold Gravy Collection

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Brand: Purina / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2011 23:57
      Very helpful



      Great cat food that my cat seems to love

      This year my parents decided to go on holiday for a month and leave me looking after their rather fussy cat. I'd been told that its pretty hard to find him anything that he will eat and when I saw that this was on offer in Tesco, I thought that I would give it a go. Amazingly, my mums cat loved it and ate it up straight away, something that hasn't happend in a long time - he's 18 years old, on 2 different types of medication and uselessly fussy!

      So once my parents got back I thought that I would give this a go for my own cat - if its good enough for the fussiest cat in the world, then a 1 year old kitten should love it. So after a quick trick to Tesco, a few pots bought to see if Mylo would like it and lets see what happens!

      I have never seen my cat more excited before in my life! As soon as I put the food down his face was right in there - its the most piece and quiet that I've ever had with him!

      --Description and Taste--
      So this cat food comes in quite small tins, but its a decent size for a single portion - the lid has a ringpull on it so you dont need to use a can opener to get into it - quite useful for when cats see it and go mental! Its really easy to get the food out of the tin as well - I just use a fork and it can all come out in a few seconds (and its gone as quickly!). So the big question is how it tastes...now I'm no expert in cat food so I'll hand over to Mylo for this one..."meow meow meow, meow, meow meow". Unfortunately I dont speak fluent cat so take that as best you can!

      Now this isn't a cheap cat food - infact, it is probably one of the most expensive that you can buy, but its really worth it - my cat seems to love it! When I last bought it, it was 6 tins for £2. At that price, i costs about £10 a week to feed your cat purely this, but if you just want to give them one tin of this a day the price goes down a lot.

      I'm really glad that I got my cat on this food, he seems to really love it and never stops pestering me for it now. Its a good sized tin for a single portion and as you can see from above - it tastes nice as well! Yes it's not the cheapest cat food out there, but the convenience of having a single portion in one pot combined with how much cats love it makes it a great product!


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      02.09.2010 17:33
      Very helpful



      A great treat for Mew

      The other day I was looking in the cupboard where I keep all Mew's food, treats and litter and I found a box of Purina Gourmet Gold which I had completely forgotten about. I think I bought it a few months ago using a voucher but Mew had never got round to trying it so I thought it was about time we rectified the situation.

      The Price

      The current price in Asda is £4.34 for a small box containing 12 x 85g cans of cat food - 3 each of four different flavours. This means that each can would cost about 36p.

      The Box

      The front of the box has a photograph of a white cat looking wistfully at a plate with what we assume is Gourmet Gold cat food on it. I am always dubious and wonder if the food will be as good as the picture on the front of the box! The writing tells us that it is Purina Gourmet Gold Gravy Collection and that the box contains 3 x 85g cans of each of the following - chicken and liver, beef, duck and turkey and salmon and sole. There is also a guarantee of satisfaction which offers a complete refund if not totally satisfied.

      On the back of the box there is an advertisement for Gourmet Perle but Mew has already tried that one and it was the consistency of mush so he didn't like it!

      On the bottom of the box there are four lists of ingredients, one for each of the flavours of cat food. There is also information about how much of the food to feed to your cat. Three cans a day in at least two separate meals are advised for an average adult cat.

      The Can

      Each can is a round flattish shape with a ring pull lid. Each one has the picture of the white cat on the side and a coloured stripe around the base with the name of the flavour written on it. Each flavour has a different coloured stripe.

      The Food

      I opened the can with a certain amount of trepidation - as I said earlier we had tried Gourmet Perle and it was awful, Mew wouldn't touch it. When I opened the Gourmet Gold I was very pleasantly surprised - the food had proper chunks of meat in it and yes it did look like the picture on the box. The gravy looked rich and tasty and the whole thing smelled appetising too. I remember years ago when I was little we had a cat and the food for him smelled horrible!

      The Taste Test

      Well it is over to Mew for this one - appealing as it looked and smelled I wasn't about to taste it, not even for Dooyoo!

      By the time I had opened the can and put half of the food in Mew's bowl he was weaving in and out of my legs waiting to try his new food, he obviously agreed with me that the smell was good! Incidentally I just give him half a can a time as, if he really likes it, he will eat it all and sometimes he can make himself sick if he eats food too quickly.

      I put it down for him and he had his face in the bowl straight away and he ate all I had put for him and he loved it. He has now tried all the flavours and he loves them all especially the salmon and sole one!

      Although the recommendation on the box is to feed Mew three cans of this each day he just gets one can (served in two halves) every so often as his main diet is dry food - either Whiskas Complete or Burgess Supacat.

      In Conclusion

      I will definitely buy more of these once Mew has eaten all these. He loves them and they make a nice treat for him. He is a good cat and deserves a nice treat from time to time and Gourmet Gold fits the bill perfectly.


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