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Purina ONE Adult Chicken & Whole Grain Cereal

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Brand: Purina One / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2012 17:48
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      My girls love them

      When it comes to feeding my cats I usually buy both meat and dry food, I usually buy them something like Go Cat dry food and will occasionally buy them Purina One crunchies as a bit of a treat. Cat are fussy little creatures and mine are no different so I normally stick to one brand, however Purina One is something that I know they love so when I recently took part in a trial of Purina One dry food I received money off coupons, the shop also had them on offer at the time meaning I was getting the bags of crunchies for free so stocked up on it, needless to say Daisy and Layla were extremely pleased. I know that they really enjoy the Purina so I purchased several bags of the different flavours, one of the flavours I purchased was Chicken with Whole Grains, they had had this in the past so I knew it was one of the flavours that they liked.

      The Purina One Chicken and Whole Grains crunchies come in a shiny square shaped foil bag, it has the Purina logo in the centre with the word One written in large letters in the middle. At the top of the bag is a pictures of a fluffy cream and grey cat with benefits of the crunchies written next to it accompanied with small pictures. Underneath the name of the product is written "Visible Health for Today and Tomorrow", all of the writing is in white, just beneath this is a large orange rectangle with the word Adult written inside along with the flavour of the crunchies written in several different languages. On the back of the packaging is information about the product including ingredients, benefits of the crunchies as well as a feeding guide, this is repeated in several different languages as well as English, the information is clearly written and easy to follow. The bag of Purina One opens by tearing off the top of the bag, there is a strip just inside which allows you to reseal the bag and keep the crunchies fresh inside.

      The Purina One Crunchies
      The Purina One Chicken and Whole Grain Crunchies look just like any other crunchies, they are dark brown and come in the form of small triangles, when you open the packet the crunchies do not exactly smell of chicken but they do have a meaty smell to them, this isn't overly strong and unpleasant as with some cat foods. The Purina One Chicken and Whole Grain crunchies are developed by nutritionists and vets using an Axtilea formula, this formula contains
      * Probiotics which are proven to promote a balanced gut micro flora
      * Antioxidants for assisting healthy cell function
      * Yeast which supports adequate immune response
      * It has triple actions to help support your cats natural defences
      * Contains the nutrients your cat needs with tasty high quality ingredients
      The Purina One Crunchies are designed to help keep your cat healthy by supporting various functions within your cat as well as those listed above, these include the following which are stated on the back of the packaging along with small diagrams
      * High quality ingredients helps better nutrient absorbency
      * They are proven to help tartar build up by 40%
      * Contain balanced minerals to promote a healthy urinary tract
      * Contain fatty acids and Omega 6 to support healthy skin and a shiny coat
      * Contains vitamin D and minerals to help maintain strong and healthy bones
      The Purina One Chicken and Whole Grain crunchies definitely seem to help maintain your cats health supporting them both inside and out. The crunchies are described as being suitable for adult cats, they are nutritionally tailored for cats between the ages of 1 and 7 years old, Purina crunchies are available for cats outside of these ages, however my two girls are aged 3 and 7 so these are ideal for them.

      Feeding Guide
      A feeding guide is also listed on the back of the packet, this states the recommended daily amount of Purina One that your cat should have, this shows the cats weight and the amount of crunchies that they should be having, this states
      * 2 - 5Kg cat - 30 - 65g of Purina
      * 4 - 6Kg cat - 65 - 100g of Purina
      * 6 - 8Kg cat - 100 - 130g of Purina
      This is just a guide line of how much food certain weight cats should be eating, personally I do not weigh out Layla and Daisy's Purina One crunchies and just put in the amount I know that they will eat, my two girls have totally opposite appetites, Daisy is a much bigger cat compared to Layla, however she is older and not always as active so she tends to eat less, however Layla is young and still very active and she eats so much food, she has a very large appetite for such a small cat so going by the guidelines on the back of the packet would not really be suitable for my girls, however this is useful for certain cats who have to have a strict diet.

      Price and Availability
      Purina One Chicken and Whole Grains crunchies are available in a variety of places including supermarkets and pet shops, we purchase our Purina from Tesco and most of the time buy the 300g bags, however they do come in three sizes, obviously the larger the packet the more expensive they are, the prices are
      * 300g bag - £2.09
      * 800g bag - £5.49
      * 1Kg bag - £10.86
      Purina crunchies are not the cheapest available, however they are of a high quality and are beneficial to your cats health so looking at it like that they are definitely worth the money, however my girls love these and a bag of Purina really doesn't last that long at all with them, especially with Layla who is eating on and off all day, so I do tend to buy these when they are on offer and stock up on them.

      My Opinion
      I have been extremely pleased with the Purina One Chicken and Whole Grain Crunchies, I can give these to my girls and know that they are helping to keep them fit and healthy, both Layla and Daisy have lovely shiny coats, whether this is a side effect of the Purina I'm not sure but they definitely have not had a negative effect on them.

      The crunchies are made from high quality ingredients all of which are designed to benefit your cat, these crunchies are a bit more expensive compared to some other brands, however they are worth the money due to all the health benefits that they have.

      Layla and Daisy love these crunchies, Daisy is happy to just eat crunchies during the day and just has a little bit of meat in the morning and at night, however Layla has always refused to eat just crunchies and we would always have to give her both wet and dry food together, however she will now eat the Purina One crunchies on their own without any meat. I would definitely recommend these crunchies to anyone with a cat and Daisy and Layla would recommend them too.


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  • Product Details

    Cat food for adult cats with tasty chicken reduces build-up of tartar by up to 40% helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduces symptoms of ageing.

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