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Purina One Kitten Junior

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Brand: Purina One / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 18:42
      Very helpful




      When I got my kitten I knew that I wanted to feed him both wet and dry food and both which were of a decent brand so therefore should hopefully provide him with all the nutrients he needs and also allow him to be as happy and healthy as he can be. I had ordered him wet food but hadn't got him any dry yet when Purina sent me a voucher for £5 so I decided to have a look at their range. Purina are responsible for brands such as Purina One, Go Cat, Sheba and Gourmet.

      ==How much is it?==

      After looking on the website I saw that the dried Purina One looked like a fairly good dried cat food so I decided to purchase some of this for the kitten and see how he got on with it. I bought an 800g bag from Asda for just £3 (well I got two bags and after using the voucher I paid just £1 for both bags). The price does vary, at the moment this is selling for £3 in Tesco but around the £5.70 mark in Asda and Sainsbury's so it is definitely worth shopping around. You can also buy 300g bags but I haven't actually seen these myself but I think they retail somewhere around the £2.50 mark so it is much better value to buy the bigger bag. The only kitten food I've seen is Chicken and Rice flavour.

      ==The packaging==

      The bag is slightly different to that shown in the picture and instead of the green bag it is actually a metallic dark blue which looks quite sophisticated. Purina One also do dried food for adult cats and senior cats so each one is easily identified by a coloured band on each bag. The band for kittens is pink. The bag is opened by cutting off the top of the bag though underneath this there is a press seal which I have found really good for keeping the food fresh.

      ==How much your cat needs==

      The back of the packet gives feeding guidelines but don't worry about following these accurately as each cat is different and it depends on how much exercise they are getting, whether they are having other food etc. As a rough idea, an 8 week old kitten should have between 25g and 80g a day. My kitten tended to have between 25g and 50g but he also has wet food and he varies from day to day.

      ==Dinner time!==

      The pieces of food are brown in colour and a sort of pyramid shape which is good for helping cats teeth. They are quite small in size (maybe half of a centimetre wide) which make them easy for kittens to pick up and eat.

      The bag does recommend mixing water with your kittens food for a few weeks to allow him or her to digest the food better so I did do this for a while but last week the vet advised it was time he moved onto big boy food so he just has it dry now!

      I usually feed between 15g and 25g a couple of times a day. Sometimes he has more depending on how hungry he is that day and whether he's eaten a lot of his wet food etc.

      ==Does he like it?==

      Yes, my kitten loves this food and always runs to the kitchen when he hears me get the bag out! He likes to have about a quarter and then keep going back which is the good thing about dry food because you can leave it down for a few hours and it's still ok so less wastage than wet food. Initially, he did prefer this over his wet food but it seems now he's had a change of heart however no doubt next week he will change back! We only end up throwing away minimal amounts of this, probably about a third of how much wet food we throw away.

      It is very important that fresh clean drinking water is always left available for your cat, even more so when they are being fed dry food as it does not contain a lot of moisture and therefore your cat will need water alongside this to allow them to digest the food properly. I always like to see my kitten have a drink a few times of day for peace of mind as I would hate him to develop kidney problems later in life which his breed is unfortunately prone to.

      ==How long does a bag last?==

      The bag weighs 800g and we finished off our first bag yesterday on his 23rd day with us so it does last a while! I would say for cats only having dry food it would last a couple of weeks which I think is really good value for money for a leading brand in the more premium cat foods.

      ==What does it have in it?==

      I never list ingredients but after visiting lots of pet forums I have learned a few tips on what should and should not be in cat food so here is the ingredients list:
      Chicken (17%), corn gluten meal, dehydrated poultry protein, whole grain wheat (12%), animal fats, dehydrated pork protein, soy flour, corn, corn starch, pea protein concentrate, dried chicory root (2%), minerals, wheat gluten meal, autolysate, yeast (1%), fish oil.

      ==Will I continue to buy it?==

      My kitten does enjoy this food so yes I will certainly buy it again however I do plan to get him Royal Canin for the majority of his food so maybe he will enjoy a bag of this every couple of months or have one serving of this every few days or something. I do think it is a good food - it is a good quality, contains real chicken, is from a well known brand and can be found at what I think is a very reasonable price. If you are thinking from changing from wet food to dry or even just introducing dry alongside wet, do this gradually so you do not upset your cats system and mix with water for the first couple of weeks.


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  • Product Details

    Dry cat food for kittens with high nutrient contents for optimal healthy growth also suitable for pregnant and nursing cats with small kibble.

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