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Purina Pro Plan Cat Adult Optirenal Chicken & Rice

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Brand: Purina / Type: Food

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2013 21:02
      Very helpful



      My cat enjoys them :)

      I was recently lucky enough to be selected for a Purina campaign, I was sent 3 400g bags of Pro Plan Optirenal dry food for my male cat to try. Purina asked me to report back to them at regular intervals and to share our experiences with them including any differences in my cat general health, appearance and well being. I was was really excited to give this product to my cat and wondered if I would notice such improvements. He has already finished the first bag and is well into the second, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to review the product.

      There are a few varieties of Purina Pro Plan to purchase depending on the cats age and dietary requirements.

      * Optistart - Suitable for kittens 6 weeks - 1 year. Helps to support natural defences, healthy brain and vision development and supports intestine defences.

      * Optirenal - Specifically formulated to promote healthy kidneys.

      * Longevis - Geared toward older cats. Purina claim that this one has been "proven to extend lifespan and improve quality of life."

      Ranges are available for Adult, sterilised, delicate digestion and house cats, so there is something to suit every cat.

      I was sent the Adult Optirenal, I felt this was quite a fitting choice for my furry friend. Kidney failure is quite common in cats, something I know from experience having lost my female cat to kidney failure a few years ago, of course I would like to prevent this from happening to my male cat too. Optirenal contains a combination of ingredients - including amino acids, essential fatty acid and antioxidants - which Purina claim are proven to help maintain healthy kidney function in cats.

      Purinas Pro Plan Optirenal adult comes in a 400g plastic packaging, the brand logo and product name are clearly displayed on the front along with a white and grey picture of a cute cat. The ISFM logo is prominently displayed which shows that it has been recognised by the International Society Feline Medicine. According to the Purina booklet I received the ISFM are "the worlds leading organisation of veterinary cat experts dedicated to promoting feline health and medicine." Admittedly I had not heard of the ISFM before, but their involvement leads me to believe that Purina's claims about the Pro Plan range are valid.

      General information is given on the back in a variety of different languages, it all looks rather cluttered and the text is rather small, I can imagine some would find it rather difficult to read. A full list of ingredients is given, which I wont bother to quote. However, I do feel it is worth noting that this formula does contain vitamins A, C & E, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and natural prebiotics. A feeding guide is also given which shows the appropriate amount to feed your cat in a 24 hour period depending on the cats weight. All this information should be read thoroughly before use.

      Opening the bag is easily done by by tearing at the perforated edge, the bag can be resealed to keep the contents fresh, which I found convenient. No information is given as to whether the bag can be recycled or not, so I assume it cannot, either way I would prefer Purina to make this information available on their packaging.

      My cat has a mixed diet of wet and dry food. He is not overly fussy but does prefer wet food as his main food and dry as a snack. I tend to buy wet food in pouches as I hate tinned cat food, I will often get whatever brand is on offer and occasionally store brand. With dry food I have to be a little more careful as he has turned his nose up at a number of brands, I know now which ones he prefers and will tend to alternate these, again depending of what special offers are on at the time. Purina recommended I introduce Optirenal slowly by mixing it with his regular cat food, then decrease the wet food and increase the Optirenal. I did try this but found he still wanted his regular wet food, so my findings are largely based on him having a mixed 50 / 50 diet of his regular wet food and the Optirenal.

      The Optirenal looks like other "kibbles" I have fed my cat in the past. They are small in size and slightly rounded. Thankfully they are not overly strong in fragrance and whilst serving them I can barely detect their smell at all. Sniffing in the bag for the review I can say that they do smell quite meaty and fresh. I don't find them particularly unpleasant but being vegetarian I cant say I find them altogether appealing either. Still, its not me eating them its my cat, so I guess his opinions are the most valid and important. It is fair to say that Oprirenal has been a hit with him, in fact he absolutely loves them. He Immediatly recognises the "rattling" sound of the kibbles in the bag and comes running from wherever he is he is in the house, tail up in the air and meowing loudly in anticipation. These are quite crunchy and he seems to enjoy munching them all down before looking for any stray ones he might have missed around his bowl. Full marks for taste then!

      I have been feeding the Optirenal to my cat for a just a few weeks but have already began noticing a few differences in my feline friend. In the weeks before starting the campaign I noticed him being a little more lethargic - like his owner he is prone to the winter blues - he much preferred curling up asleep on the sofa to venturing out in the cold. He has certainly become more active and alert, yesterday he was chasing rolled up paper around the room for a good half an hour, something he has not done since he was a kitten. I have yet to notice any real difference in his coat. Of course I cannot be 100% sure that the Optirenal is helping to keep his kidneys healthy, for this I will just have to take Purina's word.

      With my pack I also received some free samples to pass along to friends and family. So far I have passed samples along to my Mum who has 1 cat and my sister who has 2 cats, both reported back that their cats really enjoyed it, but as the samples were only quite small neither of them noticed any real difference in their cats.

      I have been really impressed with Optirenal, I do feel they provide my cat with a nutritional healthy diet, he certainly found them delicious anyways. Unfortunatly they are not readily available in the major supermarkets, they can only be purchased from selected vets and specific pet food shops. Pets at Home stock most of the varieties, which is good for me as we have a store nearby. A 400g of the Pro Plan Optirenal adult is currently priced at £3.49, I think this is quite a reasonable price really, and I plan on purchasing another bag when my cat finishes his freebies.


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