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Royal Canin Calm Feline Dry Food

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 21:00
      Very helpful



      Don't know that it does much to calm cat's nerves, but he enjoys it all the same.

      My vet recommended this dry food to calm down my cat. My cat is not overly hyperactive, swinging from the ceiling or parting the night away. He's a bit skittish, and had traces of blood in his urine. The vet thought my cat was stressed, thus causing the blood. Apart from being skittish around new people and on the 5th November my cat seems pretty happy. He's affectionate at times, independent, likes the odd cuddle, head butts us if in the right mood, is forever rubbing his scent all over our furniture, loves lying in the middle of the room with the sun shining through the window and loves a good play session. Doesn't sound stressed to me, but we took the vet's advice and bought this dry food.

      I bought it from VioVet. It cost almost £19 for 2kg - ouch! It's pretty expensive for a dry cat food - £5 more per 2kg than the food I was using (applaws chicken dry food) but I do love my cat, and don't want him to feel stressed.

      The kibbles are a lot smaller than what I was used to, and my cat is the type to hoover up his food and then be sick, so I was worried this might encourage him not to chew his food and just swallow it. However this is not an issue and has only happened once or twice the whole time we've been using the product. The smell isn't very nice, but cat food never is, and it's certainly not the strongest smelling dry food I've ever used.

      As my cat gets a wet pouch and this food I only give him about one cup of this per day. This keeps him happy and satisfied. He really likes this food, probably more than the Applaws dry, and it does last me a long time. One bag does me 5-6 weeks. My cat even nudges the bag as I'm pouring - I'm convinced that he's figured out I might pour more if he bumps me! Cheeky git.

      Although I'm pleased that my cat enjoys his food, I don't see it having any difference on his behaviour (maybe the fact that I didn't see many signs of stress from him initially is the reason for this) He is still shy around strangers and hides if new people come into the house, and loud noises still spook him.

      Overall I think this is a good quality food from a reputable brand and my cat is rather fond of it. However I can't state that it's having a positive effect on his behaviour. The blood in his urine has ceased, but I don't know if this is down to this pet food of not.

      I would recommend this based on the fact that it's tasty for my cat, and because a bag lasts me a fairly long time, but as for the calming properties of it - I'm not so sure. It's also pretty expensive.


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