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Sainsbury's Favourites Cat Food Pouches

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Food Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2010 09:20



      good product

      My cat is unfortunately very fussy, so a good food product for him is very important to me. This product comes in a pouch variety so is easy to use and does not create the mess that tinned cat food does. In order to recycle the pouch, it needs to be washed out, which can create mess and is slightly annoying. However, my cat does find this cat food much more appetising than many other brands we have used previously. He is also a fussy eater, so I many happy I have found this. This food also provides him with a balanced food diet, which of course is essential for maintaining his nutritional balance. Sainsburys is also a respectable store, so can be trusted with providing its consumers with a high quality brand that is good for my cats health and wellbeing. Overall, I feel this product is definately worth the money.


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      29.11.2009 12:08
      Very helpful
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      A well-priced, decent alternative to branded cat-foods which provides many a happy meal for my cat.

      Sainsbury's - as a major British supermarket retailer - offer a wide selection of cat food (both wet and dry) from a variety of brands, including their own. This review is for Sainsbury's Cat Food Favourite Pouches (12 pouch box).

      Like most pet owners, I like to make sure my cat has the best of everything - and with a very fussy cat this isn't always easy to do! I feed my cat on a combination of wet and dry food (leaving a measured amount of dry biscuits out all day and giving a couple of pouches also, one for breakfast and one for dinner). There is a lot of debate over whether to only feed wet or dry or a combination of both, and I find that a combination is best - dry food is available to ensure my cat has some 'solid' food which is also better for their teeth, but wet food (including fresh/cooked meat and fish occasionally) can help reduce pressure on the kidneys/bladder (and my cat loves the stuff!).

      I used to feed my cat 'luxury' wet food brands which could often cost up to £0.80 per packet. Times have become harder for everyone and we're all starting to watch the pennies a little more so I thought - why not try an own-brand cat food that my cat would happily much through?

      The Favourite Pouches can be found in the Cat and Dog food aisle of larger Sainsbury's stores. They come packaged in a blue and white stiff cardboard multipack box, with white lettering and an image of a content-looking ginger cat on the front. The multipack costs about £2.46 per pack of 12 pouches (all in jelly), equating to around £0.21 per pack.

      Varieties and ingredients:

      The Favourites multipack comes in three varieties for each 100g pouch being:

      - 4 x Salmon in jelly
      (Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Fish and Fish Derivatives ( Salmon min 4%), Minerals, Various sugars, Oils and Fats, Derivative of Vegetable Origin, Coloured with EC Additives)

      - 4 x Trout in jelly
      (Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Fish and Fish Derivatives (Trout min 4%), Minerals, Various sugars, Oils and Fats, Derivative of Vegetable Origin, Coloured with EC Additives. )

      - 4 x Turkey in jelly
      (Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives ( Turkey min 4%), Minerals, Various sugars, Oils and Fats, Derivative of Vegetable Origin, Coloured with EC Additives)

      The cat food is formed of chunks in jelly, similar in look to other well known brands (such as Whiskas, Kit-e-Kat and Felix). Each pouch is colour-coded for easy reference (pink for salmon, purple for turkey and green for trout). The pouches are easy to open (with a tear indent at the top of each pouch) and the contents slide out easily.

      With the jellified cat food (as with many other jelly catfoods), the food slides out initially in a pouch-shaped lump and needs to be broken up into pieces before serving to your pet. There is a good balance of meaty chunks and jelly, giving cats a nice blend of textures. The cat food does not claim to contain 'real' meat pieces (and the chunks do look highly processed and not at all like real meat or fish pieces). The cat food does smell strongly, akin to most brands.

      The feline verdict:

      From the instant I put the first pouch's contents in front of him, my cat has loved every meal. He is quite a fussy creature (which had caused the inital switch from 'everyday' brands to luxury tins and pouches in the first place!) but really does enjoy every flavour of the Favourites pouches without complaint and no leftovers.

      I have made Sainsbury's catfood my only wet food choice now and often add more variety into the mix by giving the Sainsbury's selection pouches also (other meats and gravy varieties). By 'sorting' the cat food into different flavours for each meal, this has kept his interest (and appetite!) for the past 6 months with no issues and, by not mixing up the brands of cat food, has meant no upset tummies.

      All in all, if you're feeling the pinch or just want to try a different brand of cat food, don't be afraid of giving this Sainsbury's own-brand a go. I was initially sceptical and, although I can see that the ingredients do not indicate as high quality contents as some luxury brands (though this can be assisted by giving nutritious dry or separate meat/fish), my cat has loved every variety of Sainsburys favourites pouches and I have enjoyed seeing him happy at a reasonable price. Definitely worth giving them a go.


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