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Sheba Rabbit & Chicken Terrine

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Brand: Sheba / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2013 14:35
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      A nice tasty cat food but my cat prefers it more than my pocket does!

      My cat used to much prefer kibble over wet food and would often leave the wet food after eating the kibble from his bowl. A good 6 months ago we had an unexpected bill and while we had wet food in the cupboard we didn't have kibble. For the next few days he only had wet food, he then changed his habbits and now it's wet food he's after rather than kibble! I stil mix with kibble but quite often a lot of it gets left.

      The other day he'd ran out of wet food so I asked my ex to pick a couple up for me on the way home from work as I had to stay in the following day to sign for a package for him. I've always been in control of the shopping (we've just split) and often just buy a variety of tins which work out better vaue than these little pots or pouches. A tin will last me around 3-4 of tiggers meals and I'll keep it in the fridge inbetween those meals.
      So he brang these trays back all pleased at himself because he got 4 for £2- I didn't upset him by telling him £2 would of got me up to 4 cans (up to 16 meals)!

      The trays are a gold colour and the food is sealed my a golden foil which has the Sheba logo with the black cat on with the bottom telling you the flavour of the cat food with a certain colour assigned to that flavour.

      Upon serving I found that these pots aren't even really what I would consider one portion of wet food. Tigger however wasn't complaining and gobbled the whole lot up so I guess it must be tasty especially in the comparison of my sometimes cheap offerings!
      The back of the can suggests serving one tray per meal and that a healthy adult cat would require 2-3 of these trays a day which could get quite expensive! I suppose the upside is you don't have to store any cans in the fridge!

      Tesco are currently selling these trays for 65p along with an offer of 7 for £3 so if you reguarly buy Sheba thats quite a good offer!


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        06.09.2012 17:34
        Very helpful



        It is worth paying more for in our opinion..!

        Many of you who regularly read my reviews will be aware by now that I have a very elderly feline at home with me who suffers from a variety of health problems as a result of her old age. One of these is unfortunately renal failure which has a bunch of horrible side effects, one of which is nausea, and unfortunately as a result of feeling (or being) sick, my girl will often go off her food and lose her appetite.

        This of course is very worrying and is something I try to prevent as much as possible. One thing I have come to find with my girl is that she can become bored of the same food and treats very easily, and so I find I am constantly buying a variety of food to try and prevent her from becoming bored which of course makes her loss in appetite worsen further.

        I will also vary the 'format' of cat food, buying pouches as well as tins with some of the foil trays thrown in for good measure. This varied selection usually results in a rather hefty pet food bill but my girl is approximately 19 years old and comes from a background of abuse and neglect.... So I figure she deserves a retirement that is filled with love and yes, she is thoroughly spoiled...!

        One brand of cat food that I had not tried with my girl for a long time is the well-known "Sheba" brand, which presents its food in gold-coloured foil 'trays' that have a vague octagon shape and an attractive coloured foil lid on top. I think that the Sheba trays can be quite overpriced at times, although whilst shopping in a local (independent) pet store recently, I noticed that some of the Sheba trays were on a value-for-money offer so I decided to get some of them for my girl to see if I could tempt her appetite a little.

        As @ the time of writing (September 2012), Asda currently sell around 12 different flavour variations of the Sheba trays, and although the normal selling price is in the region of 60p per tray, this seems to have been reduced temporarily to 50p per tray. There is also a current promotional offer whereby any five of the trays can be purchased for the sum of £2 which works out at being better value. The Sheba trays are generally available in most larger supermarkets including branches of Tesco and Asda, and I find that the price can fluctuate greatly, so I would recommend taking advantage of promotional offers when they become available.

        Admittedly, 50 - 60 pence is not an extortionate sum of money, but when so many foods are offered to my girl on a daily basis, and considering also that the Sheba tray contains only enough food within to suffice for two SMALL snacks or meals for my girl - of which she can eat up to four or five a day - I'm sure you can understand how other 'supermarket-own' branded cat foods can often work out as being a more economical purchase.

        Anyway, I have recently bought a selection of the Sheba trays for my girl, and this review discusses my (our..!) experience of the "Sheba Tender Terrine with Rabbit & Chicken."

        Removing the foil lid from the little tray was easy and fuss-free, thanks to the addition of a small 'flap' of foil being present at the bottom of the lid to allow an easy grip to be maintained. As soon as the lid was peeled back, I could see the meaty terrine contained within the tray was quite moist and it had a thin coating of clear jelly-like substance on its top surface.

        The 'terrine' is described on the Asda website in the following statement "Succulent chunks of Rabbit and Chicken in a loaf with just the right firmness and texture.." I think this statement sums up the description of the Sheba Terrine rather well, as I found the texture and consistency of the Terrine to be firm, without being hard, but neither was it overly soft. I found the texture was not runny or at all liquid, but neither was it very hard or difficult to 'mash' with a fork or spoon. The meaty substance looked quite moist, but there was no actual liquid escaping from the meat, instead being a succulent-looking 'shaped' block.

        I noticed this particular offering from the Sheba brand seemed to have a much stronger smell than some of the others, although this is not something that would deter me from repurchasing a cat food item again in the future. I have to confess that the smell was quite strong and unpleasant, although my girl obviously had a different opinion as the scent of her lunchtime snack wafted down to her feline nose, evident by the way she opted to curl her tail around my ankles, her interest in lunchtime suddenly piqued...

        This is always a good sign as far as I am concerned, as her appetite will often diminish greatly, much to my despair. Any interest in foodstuffs or treats is very welcome as far as I am concerned, so the bowl of 'mashed' up Sheba terrine was hurriedly placed in front of her before her interest waned...

        Returning a short time later, I could see that said bowl was licked clean, so I can only conclude that the Sheba Terrine was extremely delicious and highly appetising. The Sheba tray was given to my girl in two small portions, and the second portion was also heartily gobbled up by my old girl. Thus, I can only come to the conclusion that the food is very attractive to cats and appealing to their appetites.

        I suspect that one of the main reasons that my girl loved the Sheba Terrine so much is perhaps due to its soft, rather mushy consistency. It is fair to say that the quantity of my girl's teeth has diminished over the years, and with more dental work being carried out in her poor mouth last year, she now has very few teeth left. This means that she will often favour foodstuffs with softer consistencies as it is obviously very easy for her to eat. That's not to say that she won't nibble on the occasional biscuit or hard treat, but when it comes to bowlfuls of food, I'm confident in saying that if both dry and moist food were offered at the same time she would choose the wet food every time.

        The Sheba Terrine doesn't have a huge amount of jelly surrounding its meaty texture, nor is there much in the way of any sort of real 'chunks' of meat contained within it. Instead, a solidified 'chunk' of mushy meat is presented with a light jelly-like coating, although this is much less thick and 'robust' than that in similar foil trays or tins of cat food in jelly that I serve my girl regularly. I would suspect that the consistency of the terrine would allow it to be sliced or 'cut' for serving, but I tend to find that mushing it slightly with a spoon or fork breaks it up into bite-sized chunks which are ideal for my girls toothless old mouth!

        Due to the speed and enthusiasm witnessed when my girl wolfed her Sheba Tender Terrine, I can only assume that it is completely tasty and delicious, and it is something that I have already repurchased for her as a result. There is very little data provided on the packaging in terms of nutritional information, but to be honest this is not my main concern anymore, as my girl is pushing 20 years old, has come from an unfortunate background of abuse and is now facing fairly severe health problems in her twilight years. I therefore came to the conclusion long ago that she can eat whatever she wants to eat, and the Sheba Terrine seems to be tempting enough for her at the moment that she'll eat it ALL from the bowl whenever it is offered. This is NOT always the case with supermarket-own branded snacks and meals, so I am satisfied that the quality of the Sheba food is slightly superior and therefore warrants the slightly higher price tag.

        It only seems fair to award the Sheba Tender Terrine with Rabbit & Chicken full marks in the product rating score. It comes highly recommended from my feline companion, and also from me as I think it really is a high quality cat food that is worth paying slightly more for, particularly if you are trying to tempt the appetite of a poorly or elderly feline... excellent!


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      • Product Details

        A cat food terrine from the well known Sheba brand.

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