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Sheba Select Slices In Gravy With Chicken

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3 Reviews
  • It looks like real food
  • It does not smell so bad
  • My cats are hungry after eating it
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    3 Reviews
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      17.09.2014 14:20
      Very helpful


      • "It does not smell so bad "
      • "It looks like real food "


      • "My cats are hungry after eating it"

      My cats like this very much but it is not filling

      WHAT IS IT?

      Cat food that comes in a tray and it is one serving in each tray.


      These trays are available in different flavours and this is chicken in gravy. The meal is made of small bites of chicken that are in a gravy that I think is more like sauce, the smell is not like chicken but I can smell chicken in it and it is more pleasing that alot of other cat food.


      I like that this cat food looks more like real fresh meat because I think cat food looks like mush alot of the time. The gravy does not look very pleasing but it smells quite nice so I can not complain about it and my cats like it. The chicken looks real and fresh and I am happy for that.

      I do not think this cat food fills my cats stomachs very good because they act like they are hungry after they have eaten it, I still buy this because they like the taste but I give them dry food a short time after also.

      I have got 3 cats so this is too expensive for me to feed them this food every day and I buy it once or two times a week only. My cats eat it all up very quick and I can tell they like it because of the way they lick their lips while they are eating and after also.


      This cat food is made by Sheba and it costs about 89p. I think that is expensive but it is made alot more affordable if you have only one cat.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      13.11.2013 14:28
      Very helpful



      Not one I would go out of my way to buy for my furry baby again!

      My cat Myrtle Rose is an extremely fussy eater. One minute she appears to be enjoying a certain brand and flavour of food to which this concerned cat mummy (because she barely eats at times) goes out and stocks up on it regardless of price for her to then decide that she doesn't like it at all. My mums neighbours cat is getting very fat cos that's where all unused cartons and trays go to, and believe me that poor cat gets tons of food lol!

      Sheba though is a brand that Myrtle seems to like usually. It isn't the cheapest cat food on the market but with Myrtle only eating very little usually anyway (she is a house cat so doesn't need as much energy as an outdoor cat!) she eats wet both dried food so I don't mind the prices of this. In any one day she will usually only eat just one small carton of wet food and around 59p a tray of this I can't really complain (she does have dried down all day by the way before anyone tells me off lol!).

      The Packaging:

      The food comes in a light gold coloured tray shaped much like a wonky 50p. The top layer is foil with a little section to grab hold of and its yellow and gold in colour and on that we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and then on the bottom of the tray other information listed includes feeding advice and nutritional information, the size is stated which is 100g and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given.

      The Meal And Myrtle:

      What you get is lots of sort of chunks of meat which I guess is the chicken though it doesn't really look like chicken to me as it has a sort of gooey appearance to it. Its a smelly food this one to me and is covered in a rich brown gravy and I am impressed by the portion size for my girl, though she will never eat all of it. I don't need to get bashing it up as it simply falls out of the tray and its ready to present to Myrtle who's usually going mental soon as she see's me go to her own personal food cupboard!

      Although Myrtle seems to enjoy the rich gravy which this has in abundance in this particular meal the chicken....does not seem to enjoy very much at all. She will munch on a very small amount of it along with lapping up the very last dregs of gravy but there is always some chicken lumps left in the bottom of her dish that she wont eat, sort of dry and licked. You can of course pop this in the fridge for a couple of days though I don't bother doing that as I don't personally want her stinky food in there to be honest (sorry Myrtle but I don't lol) and I just give her one portion of this a day anyway, usually of a morning. The feeding guide says to give about 3 trays a day (this is to an outdoor, adult cat) though of course you can mix and match with this food as I do.

      With only 4% meat I do think of this as junk food really for cats because personally I prefer a higher meat content in Myrtle's food so if she doesn't want to bother with it then in all honesty its no skin of my nose and I wouldn't want to eat it either it don't look nice to me! This flavour certainly doesn't tantalise Myrtle!

      Available from all good supermarkets and pet stores.


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        10.06.2013 16:52
        Very helpful



        Not one that I will buy again.

        It was whilst I was shopping in a local branch of Tesco recently that I noticed a few new 'additions' to the "Sheba" range of cat food. I made a few purchases from the range for my elderly cat, with this review outlining our experiences of trying the "Sheba Select Slices In Gravy With Chicken."

        I paid 50 pence for the small foil 'tray' of Sheba cat food, which is 100g in size. I feel this price is quite expensive, when the food is compared to other brands, but I do feel the Sheba brand is one of a fairly high quality. The Sheba brand is often subject to promotional offers and 'multibuy' deals, so I would recommend shopping around and keeping an eye out for such deals.

        The packaging is in keeping with most of the other 'dishes' from Sheba that I have purchased for my cat in the past, comprising of a flat, foil 'tray' that is a sort of octagon shape. The lid on top of the tray is made of thin foil, and this can simply be 'peeled back' to reveal the cat food inside the tray. I find opening the Sheba trays to be very easily, mainly because the end of the foil lid has a circular 'tab' on it that allows me to maintain a steady grip when opening the product. This is something that I can do by myself, even though I suffer with limited strength in my hands, as a result of reduced mobility.

        The 'Sheba Select Slices In Gravy' suit their name and description down to the ground, I think, based on appearances at least. The chicken 'Select Slices' resemble small pieces of what I would describe as 'shredded' chicken. Some of the pieces are surprisingly large, so I need to cut those in two as my cat is very elderly and has very few teeth to speak of! The chicken 'meat' is a pale colour, and I don't recall ever noticing any of the pieces containing fat or gristle, or both. Whilst the chicken meat has a sort of 'processed' look to its appearance, I can't deny that its quantity is quite plentiful, especially considering the small size of the foil tray. In fact, I can see on the reverse of the packaging that the tray contains "4% chicken" which is more than the last few similar trays of cat food I purchased from a supermarket-own range.

        The 'Gravy' that surrounds the chicken 'Select Slices' is quite light in its colour, being quite clear and with a sort of slight 'jelly' to its texture. This means that it 'clings' to the slices themselves, so I would imagine that each mouthful of this food is accompanied with a small helping of the gravy. The gravy does not contain so much 'jelly' that is has a solidified texture that I need to 'mash' to serve to my cat, and in fact I can almost 'spoon' the food into my cats bowl, although a few pieces will be stuck together and need separated.

        As with most cat food products, there is a strong smell present as the Sheba Select Slices food is being served to my cat. I find this to be quite 'meaty' rather than resembling chicken, which is perhaps down to the gravy contained in the tray. Nevertheless, I can only assume the smell is rather appetising, based on my cat's reaction, as she will often start yowling and 'shouting' as the food is emptied into her bowl.

        Alas, this is where the good news ends. It would appear that the Sheba Select Slices are not really to my old girl's taste. Whilst she will happily lick the gravy substance from most of the 'Slices' in her bowl, she doesn't seem particularly fond of the chicken 'meat' itself, and has really only nibbled the odd piece here and there. The rest remains largely untouched, until it has dried out and become rather disgusting in its appearance... and (I would imagine) its taste. It then ends up in the bin.

        For this reason, I have given the other trays of our "Select Slices" to my mum, who will offer them to her cat, as I think 50p per tray is far too much money to risk the food going in the bin. My mum's cat is really rather un-fussy so I do think she will appreciate the Sheba food more than my own cat. For my girl, however, it seems that she prefers the 'terrine' style of food that is available from elsewhere in the Sheba range, so this is what I will purchase for her in the future.

        On the plus side, I feel that the Sheba Select Slices have a rather 'delicate' ingredients list that suits my elderly feline down to the ground. Whilst some cat food products will be too 'rich' for her elderly stomach (often with rather drastic side effects where the litter tray is concerned!!), the Sheba Select doesn't seem to have anything too rich in its ingredients, with there being no unpleasant side effects apparent after consumption.

        Based on our experiences, I can only really award the Sheba Select Slices three stars out of five, in the product rating score. I find it's purchase price to be rather excessive, and my cat really didn't seem to like either the texture or the taste of the 'Slices' of meat contained in the trays. The gravy seemed to be a different story, however, which makes me think that my old cat may just be being a trifle fussy in her old age, and other cats might appreciate the 'shredded' pieces of meat a little more than she did.


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